Week 2

10 Sep

Wow its sounds like you have had just as crazy of a week as I have. That is sad to here about Heidi but I know that the Heavenly Father has a plan for all of us here on this earth and that we will be able to live with Him again in the next life as we live worthy to receive those promised blessings. I love the plan of salvation because its just another gift that shows how much Heavenly Father really loves us. I have learned so much this week and it’s been really tough. We are teaching about 3 to 4 investigators per day and at times in can be a little overwhelming. But I have no need to worry because we really do have Him on our side and we are an army waiting to go out into battle. Elder Cobar and myself have been trying to work together as well as we can to help our investigators. The days feel like the never end but the weeks really do fly right by. We spend about 6 hours a day in the classroom as well as about 4 hours teaching and studying. I love it here. I am not going to lie I love being a missionary so much that I don’t really want to ever go home. Sorry angel mother. So to answer your question my p-day is on Mondays. I have gotten my flight information and I will be flying out a week from Tuesday. I can’t remember the date off of the top of my head. I am so excited to get out here. There are so many elders and sisters going to my mission. We were told we have the biggest group to ever leave the MTC a total of 25 of all of us. My gym time is really nice. I have been playing volleyball every day and I really like it. Our district is doing well and we are all striving to keep the spirit with us always. We had a fireside yesterday and then we watched a recording of Elder Holland’s talk to the MTC a few years ago. He basically yelled at us the whole time it was very intense. It really helped put everything into perspective. Oh I will give you more information of the flights in the letter because I don’t have my information with me. Yes I get to call you. Do not worry. Well my time is short I love you all and I will give you a better update in my letter to mom.

Love Elder Hansen

P.S. I stood right where they shot Sons of Provo in front of the temple. The sad thing is no one else has seen it so no one got how funny it was to me.

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