Week 3

17 Sep

Ha that sounds like you have had a lot of things to do this week. That is so crazy that Dallin is serving in PG and that he met Grandpa hahah that is too classic. Well I am itching to get out of the MTC. It’s less then 24 hours away. We will leave the MTC at around 8:00 and my flight leaves at around 11:30 so I will call you before then. I just bought a card that has 500 minutes on it so I have plenty of time to talk and what not. I am so excited to get out and do the Lord’s work. We had an amazing fireside yesterday. The speaker was the head of the proseliting division of the church. He talked about his best friend the Book Of Mormon. He talked about the play the Book of Mormon and showed us some clips form it. Its was horrible but it helped us understand what we are really going up against. He then showed us how the church has taken full advantage of the this opportunity to do publicity. He showed us a copy of the play bill from the play and on every other page the church has bought out a page to encourage people to read the book for themselves and visit Its was amazing. The church has also bought some billboards in Time Square to publicize the church as well as on most taxi cabs they have advertising. Apparently all the missionaries in the NY mission have become instant celebrities and they never have a shortage of questions about what we believe. The church is so smart to take full advantage of this opportunity to do missionary work. The Lord’s work will go forward because we have the truth all people need to do is try it for ourselves. We had this thing this week called in field orientation where we spent a whole day in work shops learning the ins and outs of missionary work. It really helped. I just want to get out there and do the work. I really hope they produce that MTC Fireside so that dad can watch it because it was so good I cant stop thinking about it. So I have about 4 hours to pack today which should be more then enough time. I just hope my bags are under weight. I think they will be because I have a scale in our room so I can take care of it all before I even get to the airport. I really wish dad was still in China right now because we had some of our zone leave this morning to where he was and it would be awesome if they all could have met my dad haha. I am really excited for them and I can’t believe they actually spent 12 weeks here in the MTC. SO everyone found out that dad works for Disney and they won’t leave me alone about it haah. Its all good. Elder Cobar keeps telling everyone that Dad owns Disney and I tell him no he doesn’t he just works in the audit department. haha they just dont understand. Well life is good here, I have to go but I will talk to you tomorrow. Love you.

Elder Hansen

I just wish that I could get some normal food in china, I dont like waking up and for breakfast you have some squid bollic on my plate.

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One response to “Week 3

  1. Grandpa

    September 19, 2012 at 2:40 am

    Elder Hansen, success to you as you embark in the service of your God. Remember, to work hard, live the mission rules and listen to your companion.

    Sincerely, Grandpa


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