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Week 9

Hahhaha okay those pictures you sent were down right funny. Sounds like everything at home is going well. We had good week. The highlight of the week was when we went on exchanges and I got to take over the area and Elder Peterson came along with me. The “California Dream Team” came back together and we spent a day doing work together. We had every single appointment fall through, story of missionary work. So we tracked everywhere! It was so much fun. I love the people who say no soliciting when we are not even selling anything. Apparently the Jehovah’s Witnesses went to court back in 2005 and won saying that proseliting is not soliciting. That’s what Elder Peterson told me is what happened. So now I won’t have to worry when people say they are going to call the cops on us because we are “harassing” people. So funny story this happened on Saturday night. We knocked on this door and this guy answered the door and he was dressed up in a Roman warrior costume. It caught Elder Peterson and I by surprise and so it was hard to talk to him because I kept laughing. He was laughing too so it was just really funny. He was about to leave to a party with his friends. We are getting very excited for our baptism coming up. It will be fun to see how Ella’s is going to turn out. Are there any other people being baptized on the same day? Sounds like Elder Redd and Elder Steadman had a really good mission. I am so excited to see how their lives turn out now that they are back and in the world full of women. Ha Lets see who gets married first. So we got transfer calls today! Me and Elder Snow are still together because I am still in training. But President told us something crazy. He just came back from a Mission President conference and they told us that they are increasing the number of Elders coming to this mission. We can have 190 missionaries and be full here, but now they are adding more numbers so now we will have a new max of missionaries. 250! is the new number. So we will have about 60 more missionaries coming in the next few transfers.

Well I don’t have much to say. I love you all

Elder Hansen

P.S. Thank you Dad for the formula. I need that every day.

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Week 8

Hello from Vancouver Washington.

This week has flown by so fast I can’t believe its already P-Day once again. So Wednesday was such a good day. We had zone conference and it was so amazing let me tell you. They really focused on teaching people not lessons. The first part of the day was President and Sister Greer teaching us all about that concept. It was very nerve racking when President calls up me and Elder Snow to go up and do a roll play in front of everyone. It was a role play of teaching a family the restoration and President and Sister Greer were the couple and we had to teach them. Very intimidating. The AP’s then taught us about how we should be more attentive in each lesson and how the spirit will be more stronger that way. We then had a really good lunch and then had some really good break out sessions. I cant wait until the the next one.

So Thurday was just another day of teaching and what not, but Thursday to Friday I went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders. So I went over to there area and I was with Elder Finn from Arizona. He is such an amazing missionary. Right when I got to the mission he was released from AP and moved back to zone leader. He has about 2 mounths left on his mission and it was such a good learning experience. One day I want to be just as good as him when it comes to missionary work.

Saturday was not too exciting. We had weekly planning which took up most of the afternoon and then we went teaching and helping people around.

Sunday was such an exciting day. As you already know and if you don’t I will tell you how cool of a day it was. Yes, we now have a new Bishopric here in the Meadows Ward. Brother McKell, which is now Bishop Mckell and his two new counselors were called. Yes, I did run into his parents, Brother and Sister McKell and it was really nice to see them! He is going to be a great new bishop and I know that he will do great things. It made me think of Dad and how much longer he will have left as a Bishop and also when he got called. I asked Bishop McKell yesterday how much weight he lost and he said he thinks he actually gained waight since he knew. So a little different then dad.

So to answer your question I did get the package you sent me. Thank you so much for it and let me tell you it is quite a bit of candy. I might hand most of it out at the ward party if we get permission to go to it. We have to be in at 6:00pm that night but maybe we can still go to the ward party.

The ward party after Stake Confrence sounds like it was a big success. I love the temple, its a place where you can go to seek guidence and revelation to help you. About Ella and Alex, I think you should have gotten a picture because that is so going to happen you —  just wait and see. That is going to happen as well.

So guess what. Ella isn’t the only one being baptized on Nov. 10th. We are having a baptism as well. Grace our nine year old we are teaching is going to be baptized on that same day! So I guess I will sort of be there at her baptism as well. How exciting is that!

Well it seems like everything is going well at home. I love you all and I hope you have a wonderfull week. Just remember that we have a loving Heavenly Father who loves us all and he has given us a plan that we can all follow to have hope and love. I invite you all to read your scriptures and say your prayers each day and thank our Father in Heaven for all the many blessings that we are given. I am so grateful for our Savior Jesus Christ and all that he has done for us. We all need to strive to be just like him in every single way.

Love Elder Hansen

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Week 7

First off I would like to wish Happy Birthday to Ella!!! I am so excited for you and I am so happy that you are taking the first step in your life of baptism. I can’t wait to see how it all went. It’s too bad I can’t be there to see it happen.

So you wanted a funny story right! So I actually have a really funny one for you that happend a few days ago. So we had dinner with one of the members of the ward named Patti. She is so sweet and really nice to us. She is a recent convert of about 1 year and a half or so. So we were having dinner and Elder Snow starts cracking his knuckles. She yells at him and says that you need to stop that or your fingers will end up like mine. So later on that night we were teaching one of our investigators Grace the 9 year old girl. We were teaching her about the commandments and about the law of chastity and also the word of wisdom. So when Elder Snow was talking about addictions and bad habits he talks about how he cracks his knuckles and and how bad it is. So at the end of the lesson we commited her to obeying all the different things we taught her and what not and she said yes. And then she said to Elder Snow, Will you stop cracking your knuckles! It was so funny because he got called out and had to commit to stop doing that. It was so funny.

The next cool thing that we are doing is we are teaching a man by the name of Baz!!!! He is Jewish and he has lived in Israel and he is really interested in what we believe. So we stoped by later that week to talk with him and answer his questions and what not and we go in there and he has dates and almonds ready for us. He is so cool. I told him about my friend from home who is Jewish and about all the things I have done with him and his family. It was so cool. He is having us over for dinner tonght! I am so excited. Shout out to Alex Howard and The Howard family. Thanks for having me over to all your many different things and the things that I have learned form you.

We just came back to the temple! It was awesome. I loved it and I really needed a temple trip. We went to the Portland temple just about 30 minutes away from where we live. We get special permission to go once every other transfer. I really loved the marble, it blends in to what the landscape looks like. I will send you pictures that I took.

Well Abigail if you want rain, come to Vancouver Washington we have lots of it. The rain really hit this week and hasn’t let up since. It’s been spotty since I have been here but now it’s here to stay. It was really cool once we got out of the temple the cloud broke just enough for the sun to come through and I will send you the picture of what I got.

Maddy has a solo you say! That is awesome. I hope she is loving choir and some of those shows do take forever. I remember going to one of Alison’s in the mall. That never ended. Well it sounds like everything is going well at home. I am very impressed with Ella and how she is already half way to her black belt. She could be a black belt before I come home. Them maybe she will ATA with me. There is actually an ATA building here as well and every time I see it I think of Ella.

So about the weird things that I have had to eat. We ate at this one house the other day and it was nuts. The kids would just stick their hands in the meal and they were crawling all over the table. I was so grossed out by the whole thing. The family lives on a lot of land and so they have chickens in their back yard. We walk in the house and there was a box in the corner of the room and so I go over to see what was in it and there were baby chickens. So at one point of dinner there was a baby chicken walking on the table like no big deal. I was squirming in my skin.

I am just serving in 1 ward right now. As of now I don’t know of any ward activities for Halloween but I am sure there is one in the works. We are actually not allowed out on the night of Halloween. We have to be in by 6 pm or something like that.  Well I wish you all a good week and I hope everything goes well.

Love Elder Hansen

This is The Beast’s father. (The beast is a big spider in our backyard in California)

This is what I have on every day now. It’s a good thing though. I stay somewhat dry hahaha

Elder Snow and myself at the temple

Here is the picture of the Angel Moroni at the Portland Temple. This is an amazing picture.

Elder Snow and myself at the temple

Ha I found these things in our apartment. It’s going to be my Halloween costume.

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Week 6

Conference was on a whole other level when you are a missionary let me tell you. You see things in a differnt perspective as a missionary. The whole time I thought about if only some of our investigators would of shown up and listened most of their questions would have been answered. About the age change I would just like to say, this is a perfect example of modern revalation. We are really setting up for war or the final days. We went to the stake center for conference and I am not going to lie a kind of liked it better then staying home. It helps me feel the spirit more.

My favorite talk was from President Eyring. It hit me and it motivated me to be way better then what I am. About Elder Holland’s talk, you got the way dulled down version of that talk. He gave the same talk in the MTC in his true fashion and let me tell you we all wanted to crawl up in a hole and die. He really speaks with passion and it truly shows how converted he is to the gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s true though, we all need to leave our net and do his will.

Ha well of course Ella wants every animal in the world. Tell her if she likes spiders I can send her a big jar of them because for some strange reason there are so many spiders everywhere!! Like the spiders here trump “the Beast” in size and web design. Let me know what she thinks about that. Disneyland sounded like a lot of fun. For a while I kept thinking about Disneyland and the atmosphere. I don’t quite know why but I did. I am really excited for her to be baptized. I have learned so much about how important baptism is. Tell her that I am so excited for her to follow her Savior Jesus Christ and doing the right thing.

This week has been kind of slow becuase we had a few down days due to conference and what not. I actually went on an exchange with Elder Peterson and he kept saying we are now the California dream team going to the streets of Washington. We actually found a new investigator that day it was really good. Well about Mike who was one of the people that we put on date. He told us his wife does not like the idea of him getting baptized. So he dropped us. He said give him a few weeks to think about everything. Kind of a bummer. We will continue to pray for him.

I actually got a handed down bike that I am riding right now. It needs a lot of work, but it’s better then buying a bike. So I will keep you posted if I need a new one or not. Well I am so gatetful for all the support. Oh that Carl quote came through my mind the other day because we were getting a ride from a member and the clouds lifted and boom! we could see Mount Saint Helens and also another volcano. So I guess we are a lot closer then we thought. It’s about a 45 minute drive away or so. I thought about his quote about him and the volcano.

It’s so exciting about the Durfees. I will come home and there will be more then just puppies there. It’s so cool that Heavenly Father trusts us with his children. Is there anything I can do for anyone at home? If I could give anyone advice add these three simple things and you will see major changes in your life. Read Scriptures, Say your Prayers, and Go to Church. It’s that easy yet so very very important. Think of it this way. In D&C 29:34 Heavnely Father never gives us commandments on a temporal level. Everthing he has us do will help us through the eternity.


I love you all so very much. Thanks for all the help and support you give to me.

Love Elder Hansen

P.S. Sarah put down that handcart and wipe the dirt from off of your face!

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Week 5

Hello here from Washington. Okay so first off the scripture that I want on my plaque is 2 Nephi 31:21. This is THE way and there is none other way… Sorry I forgot to send you that last week. Okay and about the picures, I sent some last week and my emal said it sent them but apparently they never got to you because today it said it never made it. Sorry I will try and send it again. Elder Snow and myself are working so hard every day its crazy. We leave as soon as we can and we are not making it into the apartment again until 9:30 each night and we are usually biking as hard as we can to get there. I have really started to love everyone here. I have just been thinking about how each of us are our Father’s children and that I want to help each and every one of them back into the fold. We had the opportunity to have a workshop put on by President and Sister Greer on The Doctrine of Christ. It was so amazing and they are such great teachers. I have really enjoyed how often we have been able to see them and how much help they are to each elder in the mission field. I challenge each of you at home to really find out what the Doctrine of Christ is and then go through chapter 31 of Second Nephi and try and find each character of that gospel and highlight it. Count how many there are and then let me know what your answers are. Here is a hint. Check the 4th Article of Faith and you have the first 4 princples of the gospel. The work here is booming. Elder Snow and myself have found 5 new investigators this week alone and 3 of them are on date to be baptized in the coming up weeks. Its so amazing how many miracles there have been in our lives. Prayer is a very powerful tool in our lives. I want each of you to make that connection stronger with our Heavenly Father and you will see things happen in your life that come from God. Funny story from this week. My second day here in the mission field we tracted into a Russian man and he spoke enough English to communicate but its hard at times. So we stopped back on Satuday and we saw that he was putting up a fence in his back yard. After much convincing he let us help and after that he was so open to us and he really likes us comming by. We then taught him about the Book of Mormon and showed him and how you can put it in Russian and he can look over that any time he wants. Its always good to hear about the family back home. I am glad that Alison is doing well as well as Jeff. Break sounds fun I hope you enjoy the few days off that you get. I was thinking if you could send me anything I would love my duffle bag. It’s way easier when we do transfers. Other than that I am fine. Oh one more thing. We had the primary program yesterday in our ward here and it just brought me back to the time when Alison and I would sit and laugh at all the kids. Yet the things they say and teach are so true. Simple yet very important. Well I hope you all have a good week I love each and every one of you.
Elder Hansen
P.S. I will be sending mom a letter, Sorry for missing a week and there will be more detail on things.

Elder Hansen and his companion Elder Snow

The pictures help a lot with how this part of the state looks. Cloudy all day and amazing sunsets by night. I love it. The part of the city I live in is not like our home at all. Really run down and tons of apartment complexes.

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