Week 5

02 Oct
Hello here from Washington. Okay so first off the scripture that I want on my plaque is 2 Nephi 31:21. This is THE way and there is none other way… Sorry I forgot to send you that last week. Okay and about the picures, I sent some last week and my emal said it sent them but apparently they never got to you because today it said it never made it. Sorry I will try and send it again. Elder Snow and myself are working so hard every day its crazy. We leave as soon as we can and we are not making it into the apartment again until 9:30 each night and we are usually biking as hard as we can to get there. I have really started to love everyone here. I have just been thinking about how each of us are our Father’s children and that I want to help each and every one of them back into the fold. We had the opportunity to have a workshop put on by President and Sister Greer on The Doctrine of Christ. It was so amazing and they are such great teachers. I have really enjoyed how often we have been able to see them and how much help they are to each elder in the mission field. I challenge each of you at home to really find out what the Doctrine of Christ is and then go through chapter 31 of Second Nephi and try and find each character of that gospel and highlight it. Count how many there are and then let me know what your answers are. Here is a hint. Check the 4th Article of Faith and you have the first 4 princples of the gospel. The work here is booming. Elder Snow and myself have found 5 new investigators this week alone and 3 of them are on date to be baptized in the coming up weeks. Its so amazing how many miracles there have been in our lives. Prayer is a very powerful tool in our lives. I want each of you to make that connection stronger with our Heavenly Father and you will see things happen in your life that come from God. Funny story from this week. My second day here in the mission field we tracted into a Russian man and he spoke enough English to communicate but its hard at times. So we stopped back on Satuday and we saw that he was putting up a fence in his back yard. After much convincing he let us help and after that he was so open to us and he really likes us comming by. We then taught him about the Book of Mormon and showed him and how you can put it in Russian and he can look over that any time he wants. Its always good to hear about the family back home. I am glad that Alison is doing well as well as Jeff. Break sounds fun I hope you enjoy the few days off that you get. I was thinking if you could send me anything I would love my duffle bag. It’s way easier when we do transfers. Other than that I am fine. Oh one more thing. We had the primary program yesterday in our ward here and it just brought me back to the time when Alison and I would sit and laugh at all the kids. Yet the things they say and teach are so true. Simple yet very important. Well I hope you all have a good week I love each and every one of you.
Elder Hansen
P.S. I will be sending mom a letter, Sorry for missing a week and there will be more detail on things.

Elder Hansen and his companion Elder Snow

The pictures help a lot with how this part of the state looks. Cloudy all day and amazing sunsets by night. I love it. The part of the city I live in is not like our home at all. Really run down and tons of apartment complexes.

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One response to “Week 5

  1. Grandpa

    October 8, 2012 at 3:44 am

    Elder Hansen, it sounds like your mission is going well. If you work hard and listen to the Spirit you will always be led to those seeking the gospel. I enjoyed general conference, it seemed the talks were all pointed in my direction. You heard that worthy 18 year olds can now go on mission’s. Maybe, when you become a train


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