Week 6

09 Oct

Conference was on a whole other level when you are a missionary let me tell you. You see things in a differnt perspective as a missionary. The whole time I thought about if only some of our investigators would of shown up and listened most of their questions would have been answered. About the age change I would just like to say, this is a perfect example of modern revalation. We are really setting up for war or the final days. We went to the stake center for conference and I am not going to lie a kind of liked it better then staying home. It helps me feel the spirit more.

My favorite talk was from President Eyring. It hit me and it motivated me to be way better then what I am. About Elder Holland’s talk, you got the way dulled down version of that talk. He gave the same talk in the MTC in his true fashion and let me tell you we all wanted to crawl up in a hole and die. He really speaks with passion and it truly shows how converted he is to the gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s true though, we all need to leave our net and do his will.

Ha well of course Ella wants every animal in the world. Tell her if she likes spiders I can send her a big jar of them because for some strange reason there are so many spiders everywhere!! Like the spiders here trump “the Beast” in size and web design. Let me know what she thinks about that. Disneyland sounded like a lot of fun. For a while I kept thinking about Disneyland and the atmosphere. I don’t quite know why but I did. I am really excited for her to be baptized. I have learned so much about how important baptism is. Tell her that I am so excited for her to follow her Savior Jesus Christ and doing the right thing.

This week has been kind of slow becuase we had a few down days due to conference and what not. I actually went on an exchange with Elder Peterson and he kept saying we are now the California dream team going to the streets of Washington. We actually found a new investigator that day it was really good. Well about Mike who was one of the people that we put on date. He told us his wife does not like the idea of him getting baptized. So he dropped us. He said give him a few weeks to think about everything. Kind of a bummer. We will continue to pray for him.

I actually got a handed down bike that I am riding right now. It needs a lot of work, but it’s better then buying a bike. So I will keep you posted if I need a new one or not. Well I am so gatetful for all the support. Oh that Carl quote came through my mind the other day because we were getting a ride from a member and the clouds lifted and boom! we could see Mount Saint Helens and also another volcano. So I guess we are a lot closer then we thought. It’s about a 45 minute drive away or so. I thought about his quote about him and the volcano.

It’s so exciting about the Durfees. I will come home and there will be more then just puppies there. It’s so cool that Heavenly Father trusts us with his children. Is there anything I can do for anyone at home? If I could give anyone advice add these three simple things and you will see major changes in your life. Read Scriptures, Say your Prayers, and Go to Church. It’s that easy yet so very very important. Think of it this way. In D&C 29:34 Heavnely Father never gives us commandments on a temporal level. Everthing he has us do will help us through the eternity.


I love you all so very much. Thanks for all the help and support you give to me.

Love Elder Hansen

P.S. Sarah put down that handcart and wipe the dirt from off of your face!

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