Week 7

17 Oct

First off I would like to wish Happy Birthday to Ella!!! I am so excited for you and I am so happy that you are taking the first step in your life of baptism. I can’t wait to see how it all went. It’s too bad I can’t be there to see it happen.

So you wanted a funny story right! So I actually have a really funny one for you that happend a few days ago. So we had dinner with one of the members of the ward named Patti. She is so sweet and really nice to us. She is a recent convert of about 1 year and a half or so. So we were having dinner and Elder Snow starts cracking his knuckles. She yells at him and says that you need to stop that or your fingers will end up like mine. So later on that night we were teaching one of our investigators Grace the 9 year old girl. We were teaching her about the commandments and about the law of chastity and also the word of wisdom. So when Elder Snow was talking about addictions and bad habits he talks about how he cracks his knuckles and and how bad it is. So at the end of the lesson we commited her to obeying all the different things we taught her and what not and she said yes. And then she said to Elder Snow, Will you stop cracking your knuckles! It was so funny because he got called out and had to commit to stop doing that. It was so funny.

The next cool thing that we are doing is we are teaching a man by the name of Baz!!!! He is Jewish and he has lived in Israel and he is really interested in what we believe. So we stoped by later that week to talk with him and answer his questions and what not and we go in there and he has dates and almonds ready for us. He is so cool. I told him about my friend from home who is Jewish and about all the things I have done with him and his family. It was so cool. He is having us over for dinner tonght! I am so excited. Shout out to Alex Howard and The Howard family. Thanks for having me over to all your many different things and the things that I have learned form you.

We just came back to the temple! It was awesome. I loved it and I really needed a temple trip. We went to the Portland temple just about 30 minutes away from where we live. We get special permission to go once every other transfer. I really loved the marble, it blends in to what the landscape looks like. I will send you pictures that I took.

Well Abigail if you want rain, come to Vancouver Washington we have lots of it. The rain really hit this week and hasn’t let up since. It’s been spotty since I have been here but now it’s here to stay. It was really cool once we got out of the temple the cloud broke just enough for the sun to come through and I will send you the picture of what I got.

Maddy has a solo you say! That is awesome. I hope she is loving choir and some of those shows do take forever. I remember going to one of Alison’s in the mall. That never ended. Well it sounds like everything is going well at home. I am very impressed with Ella and how she is already half way to her black belt. She could be a black belt before I come home. Them maybe she will ATA with me. There is actually an ATA building here as well and every time I see it I think of Ella.

So about the weird things that I have had to eat. We ate at this one house the other day and it was nuts. The kids would just stick their hands in the meal and they were crawling all over the table. I was so grossed out by the whole thing. The family lives on a lot of land and so they have chickens in their back yard. We walk in the house and there was a box in the corner of the room and so I go over to see what was in it and there were baby chickens. So at one point of dinner there was a baby chicken walking on the table like no big deal. I was squirming in my skin.

I am just serving in 1 ward right now. As of now I don’t know of any ward activities for Halloween but I am sure there is one in the works. We are actually not allowed out on the night of Halloween. We have to be in by 6 pm or something like that.  Well I wish you all a good week and I hope everything goes well.

Love Elder Hansen

This is The Beast’s father. (The beast is a big spider in our backyard in California)

This is what I have on every day now. It’s a good thing though. I stay somewhat dry hahaha

Elder Snow and myself at the temple

Here is the picture of the Angel Moroni at the Portland Temple. This is an amazing picture.

Elder Snow and myself at the temple

Ha I found these things in our apartment. It’s going to be my Halloween costume.

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