Week 9

30 Oct

Hahhaha okay those pictures you sent were down right funny. Sounds like everything at home is going well. We had good week. The highlight of the week was when we went on exchanges and I got to take over the area and Elder Peterson came along with me. The “California Dream Team” came back together and we spent a day doing work together. We had every single appointment fall through, story of missionary work. So we tracked everywhere! It was so much fun. I love the people who say no soliciting when we are not even selling anything. Apparently the Jehovah’s Witnesses went to court back in 2005 and won saying that proseliting is not soliciting. That’s what Elder Peterson told me is what happened. So now I won’t have to worry when people say they are going to call the cops on us because we are “harassing” people. So funny story this happened on Saturday night. We knocked on this door and this guy answered the door and he was dressed up in a Roman warrior costume. It caught Elder Peterson and I by surprise and so it was hard to talk to him because I kept laughing. He was laughing too so it was just really funny. He was about to leave to a party with his friends. We are getting very excited for our baptism coming up. It will be fun to see how Ella’s is going to turn out. Are there any other people being baptized on the same day? Sounds like Elder Redd and Elder Steadman had a really good mission. I am so excited to see how their lives turn out now that they are back and in the world full of women. Ha Lets see who gets married first. So we got transfer calls today! Me and Elder Snow are still together because I am still in training. But President told us something crazy. He just came back from a Mission President conference and they told us that they are increasing the number of Elders coming to this mission. We can have 190 missionaries and be full here, but now they are adding more numbers so now we will have a new max of missionaries. 250! is the new number. So we will have about 60 more missionaries coming in the next few transfers.

Well I don’t have much to say. I love you all

Elder Hansen

P.S. Thank you Dad for the formula. I need that every day.

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