Week 10

05 Nov

Hey, Its glad to see all is well at home. This week has been slow but yet still rewarding. I actually have a very funny story. So we are teaching a less active lady. She is an older lady and struggles with a few things about the gospel. So apparently she sprained her arm working so her boss sent her to go to the doctor. She is on some sort of pain killer that makes her really sleepy. So we were teaching her and she was doing well for a while and then all of a sudden she fell asleep on us. It was so funny. She started snoring right as I asked her a question. She fell asleep faster than Dad does. I mean like half a second I kid you not. She starts snoring right away. So I look over to Elder Snow and we had no idea what to do. So Elder Snow asks a question really loud and then she woke up and we kept going. We were having a hard time teaching after that because we were trying not to laugh. I felt so bad after because she was trying so hard to stay awake and just could not do it. Next time we go back to teach her we will be a lot more active with her and teach using objects and things like that to keep her awake.

Its great to hear that Madeline is doing some missionary work. I am actually kind of sad the missionaries were not talking to her right away. I am glad that you helped them to overcome their fears and talk to someone haha. Elder Snow and myself jump at every person we don’t know at church. Most of them are just visiting… kind of annoying at times.

So the baptism is a go for us here. I am excited! I will send pictures next week. I have not taken that many lately because we have been very busy. I am so grateful for all the things that we are blessed with. I am so thankful for the Book of Mormon. It is such an amazing thing to have. I have learned so much about the power that the Book of Mormon has and how it can answer any question and ease any concern. When we humble ourselves and feast upon all the words of Christ and pray and build that personal relationship with Christ is when the spirit will be with us and all will be well.

We had dinner with the Sharp family last night and they are so awesome. He is the former bishop before Bishop Bacon who was just released. He and his wife get missionary work because they brought friends over who are not members! It was so great. I hope there will be a time that we can teach them and see miracles come from it. Bishop Mckell is doing great. Yesterday in ward council he was doing a great job of getting all the ward business taken care of. I am excited to see what happens in the next few months.

So to answer your question this is how P-Day goes. We get up clean the apartment, study, then we go to the church to email and then after we go to the WinCo across the street for some shopping. Then we come back to the church and play B-ball in the Gym and also write letters and hang out there on the stage for the rest of the day. Its very nice. Then we go home around 5 and shower and then get to work. It’s a good break,  I really like it.

Love you all at home. Thanks for the email.

Love Elder Hansen

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