Week 11

14 Nov

What a crazy week we just had! First off the baptism was amazing. It went very well and everyone felt the spirit so strong. She was so happy to get into the water because she just wanted to get her clothes wet. So we had to wake up at 5:30 in the morning to go fill up the font. We set up all the chairs and prepped everything. The service started at 10:00 and it was a success. Here is the thing though — the night before we got a call from our Zone Leaders (right before we were about to go to bed) saying that something happened on the east side of our mission so one of the zone leaders had to fill in for someone who was going home now. So President Greer wanted us to be in a 3-way companionship with Elder Fenn, the other Zone leader. So we are now covering 3 wards and trying to work out three different areas that have a lot of people we are teaching. So after the baptism the APs came and picked up Elder Dreager and took him to the east side and Elder Fenn was now with us. That made Church nuts because we had to schedule each ward and had to make sure he was with his ward mission leaders so that we could go to our ward. But things are now looking up because he got a call from President and he is getting a new companion today so we will be back to normal.

The work has picked up so much in the past week. We have been seeing a lot of good things happen in the Meadows Ward. I am excited to see how everything goes down and who will keep progressing. I know that this is the Lord’s work and its His will not ours. I love it out here and I don’t ever want to come home. I wake up every morning ready to get to work. I love the scriptures so much and I am trying as hard as I can to learn them forwards and back. Heavenly Father is really helping me learn and grow. Elder Snow is doing great. He is always on his game and we are working really well together.

It sounds like everyone is having a great time at home. The freak show is always a fun thing to go and do. I will always remember the days when we would go down there and do all of that.

We have a packed week coming up this week. We have specialized training tomorrow and interviews with President Greer. And then on Wednesday we have Elder Piper from the 70 coming to visit us and we are going to be in meetings all the next two days. I am so excited to have him come and speak to us. I will learn so much more and I know that it will be an amazing learning experience.

The work has gotten to the point now where days are meshing together and you don’t really know what time or day of the week is. It’s making time fly by and I don’t know how I feel about that. I have seen so many miracles here and I know there is more to come. We are seeing the ward really starting to come to us with people ready to hear the gospel. Its great. We will be teaching a family tomorrow that was a friend of a member here in the ward and it’s going to be really good. She is a seeker of truth. We also found out that some elders have been teaching a 14-year-old boy who lives in our area and he is on date already for the 25 of November. They are going to hand him off to us this week I think so be ready for another baptism.

I am excited to see how this friend that Maddy has progresses. I am proud of all of you to have the lessons at our house. That is the perfect teaching opportunity. Well I must go we have lots of things to do still! Love you all.

Elder Hansen

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