Week 14

03 Dec

Why hello there. Sounds like Christmas is in full swing at home. It is not really quite here yet in Washington but it is getting there. We got to help a member hang up her Christmas lights which was fun and I got way into it. Even though it was only one strand of lights across the house I made sure it looked as good as it possibly could. She is like our mom out here and she takes good care of us. Her name is Patti and she is so good to us. She gives us rides places when we need them and she feeds us when no one signs up for dinner and stuff like that. She is also a quilter and she wants us to come over some time and quilt with her which should be fun. Plus, then I will know how to fix my own quilt when it starts to rip apart and what not.

The baptism was quite an adventure let me tell you. SO the zone leaders were down in Kennewick for their ZLC so they had some other missionaries give us a ride up to the church but they got lost trying to find our apartment and they came 1 hour late to pick us up which means we only had an hour and a half left to fill up the font before the baptism started. So we were running back and forth with buckets filled with water from the kitchen as the font was filling up so that we could get as much water as we could in there before the service started. It was so funny because we had 3 serving carts full of pitchers and buckets and a big cooking pot full of water and we were dumping it in as fast as we could as the font was filling up as fast as it could. It got filled and the service was great! The spirit was so strong and he was so happy to finally be baptized after like 4 years of looking into the church.

I am so happy that all is well at home. I know that as you continue to do all that you can to bring others into the gospel the stronger the spirit will be. I pray that all goes well with the heart surgery and that Brother Kramer comes out a winner.

Love Elder Hansen

P.S. Yes I got the Jam and drivers license and it’s so good! I just have one question whatever happened with me and my jury duty?

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