Week 16

18 Dec

First off, sorry my E-Mail is a bit late. We got a call from the zone leaders on Wednesday of last week and they told us we had a temple trip and so our P Day would be moved to Tuesday so that we could go. I hoped none of you freaked out at home. So it sounds like Christmas is starting to pick up at home. It’s been kind of mellow here in Vancouver. We just got our first dusting of snow on the ground and it’s more like cold slush everywhere not real snow. So yes it’s cold here. On Sunday night we were walking around talking to people in the strongest rainstorm I have ever been in. We were about an hour walk from our apartment when a big gust of wind decided to destroy my umbrella and so at that point Elder Mellies and I decided that we just didn’t care any more about trying to stay dry and we just got soaked. It was quite fun because about 20 minutes later or so we talked to this guy by the name of Bandana Peter and he was really funny. He was super drunk and you could smell the alcohol on him but we gave him a Book of Mormon anyways in hopes that when he sobers up he will read it and want to learn more.

Thank you for the Birthday/Christmas Package! So birthdays in the mission are just as dad explained it. It’s just another old day doing work. There was nothing too special and I like it that way. I was thinking about birthdays a few weeks ago and I thought to myself — why do we even have birthday parties for your birthday? All you did was sit in a nice warm place for 9 months and then put up a fight to come into this world. I think the mothers should be thrown a party because of all they work they go through to bring kids into the world that won’t even like them for like 18 to 20 years and then decide that they should of listened to them and start liking them again. Am I right on that one?  Sister Greer agreed with my theory. They called me and talked to me yesterday to wish me a Happy Birthday.

So about my new companion. His name is Elder Mellies and he is from North Ogden Utah. So yes the companionship is back with a Utah Elder. It was nice to have Elder Crandell because he and I were not from Utah so people seemed to be more inclined to talking to us because we were not from the mother state and were normal. He has been out 16 months and he is a good worker. He wants to go into sales after his mission and is currently at Weber State in Utah. He plays the trumpet and is in the marching band.

So about Christmas Day. We will be spending it at a member’s home and they have skype so we will be able to do that. I am not sure what time that will be at quite yet. I will let you know on Monday and so we can be ready. Plus I can also call you that day and say when I am ready and then we can link up and talk then. So the final deets are yet to come. We don’t quite have an idea of what the family’s plans are for that day. Oh and we get to talk for an hour — President said we have had the time extended. So that will be good.

Sounds like all is going well at home. Maddy seems to be getting a lot of chances to share her talents. Make sure she is singing properly so that she does not kill her singing voice. That would be no good at all. I hope Abby starts feeling better. That’s never fun to be sick. I have come up with 2 options for Midget. 1 he can come and stay with me for the Christmas Season, 2 He can come and stay with me. So I think that sounds like a good plan to me. There is a family in the ward that has a dog that looks and acts just like Midget that we have had dinner a few times with and I get really excited when I see them on the dinner calendar because that means I get to play with the puppies. The father is a former bishop and reminds me a lot of dad.

Well, I am glad all is well and I am excited to see you in just a week from today. Get ready to talk!

Elder Hansen

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