Week 17

28 Dec

We got to talk to Elder Hansen on Christmas day! It was a fun time had by all. Here is the email he sent a few days before:

It sounds like you are all having a very very very fun Christmas. So about the video chat tomorrow. We were thinking that we would skype around 6 pm if that works for you. I will be able to call tomorrow and set up exactly what we are doing so that will be nice as well. We can work out all of the bugs then. So it looks like you went down to see the freak show in Hollywood which seems like you had a good time. Was it live or was it a video? I don’t really want to say much more so that we have more things to talk about. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. Say hi to all who you see and don’t forget Christ in Christmas. You will get a phone call tomorrow some time later in the afternoon to set up our connection and what not. I love you all Merry Christmas. Eat lots of tri tip for me while you are there.


We were able to talk with him for an hour. We talked about the work, how his Christmas was, and his everyday life activities. He told us that he shops at Winco, eats cereal for breakfast and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch every day (we even asked him if he gets bored of eating the same thing every day and he said “nope!”) and then goes to a member’s house for dinner. He hasn’t gained any weight which he was really proud of. His mission president’s wife said that most elders gain, on average, 20 lbs during their mission.

He said that they walk everywhere because they get too wet riding their bikes. He also said that it rains there every day and he hasn’t seen the sun since he’s arrived. It is hard to imagine that as I sit here typing this in sunny California!

He also told us what they do on p-day. They wake up, do their studies, go and do their weekly emails, go to Winco, and then go play basketball. He said the play with their zone, which is about 20 people.

We also learned that his area is all within a 2 mile radius and that there are 70 apartment complexes within his area boundaries. Therefore, the majority of the people in his ward live in apartments.

He told us that they gain most of their investigators through tracting. They do get some through member referral, but his experience so far has found more fruitful investigators by knocking on doors.

Unfortunately, we had a few technical difficulties during our Skype session. The Skype kept freezing, so we had to talk on the phone and just let the video be a whims of it’s will. It got to a point where either he could see us on the video or we could see him, but never at the same time. We got to talk to him, though, which is all that matters. Here are a couple of pictures of our Skype time:



We loved being able to talk with him! It seems that he is happy and doing well. It has been sad to not have him here with all of us for Christmas, but there is no other place we would rather him be đŸ™‚
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One response to “Week 17

  1. Grandpa

    December 31, 2012 at 6:20 pm

    The peanut butter sandwich’s sounds familiar. When I was out, we called them ” Salvation Salve”. It brought back a lot of memories. It sounds like you are enjoying your mission. May the Lord bless and guide you to those who are seeking truth. Have a great New Year. Love, Grandpa


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