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Week 22

Hello from Pasco, Washington. Let me tell you one thing — there is a joke in the mission that Pasco is the promised land… It really is. We as a zone on average find 30 new investigators a week! Its awesome. Yes, I am over 3 wards and yesterday was very very very awesome We got to the church at 7 am and did not leave the church until 4:15 pm or so. I have totally changed. I have gotten used to being in church clothing all day every day. It feels weird when I am not really. So, my companion is Elder McCleve. He is from Chandler, Arizona and he has been out for about 18 months. He is so awesome and we really connect with the spirit when we teach. One blessing that we have for serving in Pasco is we share our area with the Assistants. Man they are awesome. We see then about every other day and we help teach their investigators when they have to go do stuff around the mission. Which is all the time — they are never home. I think Jeff would love it here. So many Spanish speakers. There are only about 3 companionships that just speak English and so we spend all of our time in the ritzy part of town where all the non-Spanish speakers are. Pasco is interesting that way, very very rich and very very poor. We live with the Knight family and they are awesome they have one son who is moved out, one on a mission and one who is a senior in high school. They are awesome and Brother Knight is on the Stake High Council. He loves feeding us food so we never have to go shopping and he loves to make us milkshakes. He asks if we want one every night we walk in the door.  It’s so funny. It is like a desert here but in the winter it’s still kind of rainy. It’s been cloudy all day every day since I have been here. So on p-day we do the same thing. Shopping, email and then we go and play ball at the church. We have a car which is nice… We kind of need one because our area is so big. Life in Pasco is quite an adventure. I will have to send pictures next week because we are emailing at the library and I don’t know how to work these computers. So I see that you found some pictures of me ahah. FYI the Elder in the gray suit is Elder Peterson from V2 it was nice to see him again. Well, my time is running out. I only have 30 minutes to email here at the library. So I love you all! Oh yeah — I met someone here who knows Liz. I dont know who it is but she came up at church and told me that she knew her. So yeah.

Love Elder Hansen


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Transfer Day

On transfer day all of the missionaries meet at a halfway point in the mission and the Relief Society there feeds them lunch. Here are a few papparazi-like pictures of Spencer 🙂




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Week 21

Well, I am getting transferred! I leave on Wednesday and I am heading of to Pasco, Washington (its in the tri-cities). I will be covering 3 wards. That is so many wards! I will be in church all day on Sunday but it will be a lot of fun. We have had a good week. I am glad that you liked the pictures. I have more I will try to send. So its a bitter sweet moment when you have to leave your first area, but I am excited for the change. It’s okay that I have to leave the work that I have started because I am leaving them in good hands. Elder Mellies promised me that he will keep the work going. I hope that is the case.

So it sounds like life is going well at home. The girls are back in school which I bet they Love… Midget looks like he really like his new bed. I don’t understand why he got it because he sleeps everywhere. I like the idea of walking places with the family. We should do that when we get home. You grow to love walking when you do it all day every day. When I get home we are all going to run a triathlon together so get ready.

I am glad that Alison and Jeff made it home. I love how Ella now has more Chinese Culture. Hahaha that so funny. This week has been weird. We haven’t had too much to talk about.  Oh, I got to go disc golfing today. It was a lot of fun. We went with Bishop McKell, one of his counselors and the executive secretary. It was fun and I hope we built member trust. Elder Mellies lost one of the discs in the water and we got it out. I love how I was the one who had to reach in and get it as Elder Mellies just kind of held my foot as I almost fell in. Talk about companion unity. He was the one that lost it but it’s whatever hahahah.

We had a wonderful lesson with Rebekah last night and she is going to be baptized on the 9th of February. I am so excited for her. Well, sorry this week is short. I don’t really have much to say. See you in Pasco.

Love Elder Hansen


So to answer your question about how we got to the waterfalls. We had members take us. It’s out of our mission but we get permission to go so we have to have members take us.


My district


Rest in peace Elder Fenn. I am going to miss him. He is going home this transfer.

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Last Moments in California

Here are some pictures from the day that Spencer left to enter the MTC. These were taken at the Burbank airport in Burbank, CA.


Last bowl of cereal at home!


Last picture with “The Midge”


Spencer, Brother Power, and Jeremy Fairbanks (who was leaving on his mission the same day)


He was SO excited!!


They had to rearrange his bags because his suitcase was too heavy

DSC_0619 DSC_0620 DSC_0621 DSC_0652 DSC_0653 DSC_0659 DSC_0660 DSC_0662 DSC_0663 DSC_0664

Off to the MTC they go!

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Week 20

This week has been so amazing. We had an amazing start of the week by going and seeing such a cool waterfall. If I knew how to spell it I would, but I will send you pictures in a bit. So some of the highlights this week happened yesterday. So do you remember Cody the 14 year old we baptized a few weeks ago? Well, he was able to come to church this last week. He has not been feeling well the last few weeks. So he was able to receive the Priesthood. Well guess what? He wanted me to confer him the priesthood! What a humbling experience. The spirit was so strong and I will never forget this experience. We also killed it this week. The Lord has blessed us with so much success. We found 3 new investigators. I am so excited to see this work progress.

So we currently have 4 people on date for baptism in February. It’s just going to be a crazy month. But I might be transferred next week so I am kind of worried.

Another highlight this week was we had interviews with President. He said that I had been in this area for a long time but that does not mean that I will get transferred so I still don’t really know what is going on. One thing the president asked me is ,”Why do you work so hard Elder Hansen?”  I said a few things but after it was all over the question was still on my mind. So after thinking about it for a long time I realized that the reason I work so hard is because I really love my Savior with all of my heart and I want to do his will and his will only. I am so proud to be a member of His restored gospel and to wear His name on my chest every day.

It sounds like the baptism was a success! We are excited to see the work progress no matter what area it is in. We are teaching a girl by the name of Rebekah. She is in high school and she is so ready to be baptized. She is going to baptized on the 9th of February. She is going to seminary every day as well as church each Sunday. She is what Elder Pieper calls the elect. We are so excited for her.

Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas break. It’s always a little sad when its over but it will be here again before you know it.

Well I need to send lots of pictures so I am sorry that this letter is so short.

Love Elder Hansen


Me and Cody (the boy he ordained)


Lewis and Clark Zone waterfall trip







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Week 19

Hello from The WKM!

This week has been very very rewarding. We found 4 new people to teach!!! The Lord is really blessing us for our efforts. So because of the new year we now start church at 9:00. So we had early meetings. I don’t mind them one bit, but my companion on the other hand was not to thrilled haha. He got over it though. We are getting along just fine. Working hard and doing all that we can to help the work in this area progress.

Sounds like all is going great at home. I am so happy to see that Willy finally got baptized. I remember him coming to church way back when I was home. It sounds like you had a big challenge on your hands to get him fully under, but sounds like you got him under just fine. I know my last companion had a similar story where he had to have 4 Elders help baptize someone he was teaching. The Lord always helps with that.

We had a zone training meeting on Saturday and it was really good. The Zone leaders told us about some ways that we can find people through who the members home and visit teach. So we are going over every night for dinners asking how there families are doing and if there is anything that we can do to help. We have been able to find a lot of part member families to go and see. We are excited and we know this works because the spirit is leading the way to help find the children of our Father in Heaven who are read to receive the Gospel.

This P-Day is going to be really fun. We are planning on hiking up to one of the amazing waterfalls in the mission and I cant wait to do that. I am really loving the landscape here in Washington. Well at least the west half of the state. So green and full of trees. The rain is something that you defiantly get used to. I don’t really even realize that its dumping on us anymore because you just become immune to it.

We have been flooding the earth with the Book of Mormon. One of the goals of the Meadows ward mission plan is to have each member be able to help flood the earth. My companion and I are currently working on setting up member visits so we can help prepare them to do so. Any way that we can help member get involved with missionary work we will do. We plan on role playing with them some different way of how to give it to there friends. Its going to be great. I have such a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon. Its is my favorite book on the whole earth and when you teach with it, It brings such a strong spirit. Elder Pieper from the 70 said that we need to stop teaching and let the spirit to that job. So he said we need to always be teaching by the spirit. I was actually thinking about this idea during my personal study. As missionary’s we are set apart and have a special calling to do this work. But when we are done and relieved the power is gone so to say. But the power of the Book of Mormon will always still stand so when you teach from it you will always be teaching power and authority because those are the words of the prophets.

I was thinking this week about if there was one thing that I could go back and destroy form off the face of the earth it would be cigarettes. I hate those things with a passion and it is such a spiritually draining habit to get into. Its what a lot of the people we teach struggle with and they cant seem to kick it. I know its hard to brake and addiction, but I know that with Heavenly Fathers help they can do anything they put there heart to.

Well my time is running out. It was good to see Alex and Brittani (Alex has a full beard now that is crazy)

Love Elder Hansen

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Week 18

Its nice to see that everything is going well at home. It was really nice to see you all but the next day was back to work as usual. We had a really good week. We found 2 new investigators which was awesome. I have realized something while on my mission. That we teach people who are really down on there luck and are very very humble. It makes me so sad at times but its the Lords work we are making their lives better.

So we had a really funny story. So yesterday before church we were walking around and talking to people and we were flagged down by this man walking by and he wanted to just talk to us. He went on a huge rant about how at church if you want to get fed you need to sit in the first 3 rows! It was so funny.

So we are working with a less active member by the name of Jackson and we had one of the best lessons I have ever been in on my mission. We were teaching about the plan of salvation with an emphasis on the Atonement. He told us his experience he had with the Atonement and he was feeling the spirit so strong. It was so amazing as he retold this story about the Atonement in his life and you could see his testimony growing. It was so awesome and we were both in tears. I love the spirit and I cant wait for him to come back in full activity.

So we actually do a lot of service. We helped a recent convert the other day do his yard work. mowed lawn, weeded and just cleaned up the yard. It looked so nice after we were done. I am starting to love yard work.

Okay so I have a few pictures that I will send I hope you like them.

DSCN0318 DSCN0340
These gloves are so warm and one of my favorite things
We actually had sun yesterday!!! It was awesome. Here is Mt St Helens!! and a few sunsets to show what my area looks like.
DSCN0349 DSCN0353-1DSCN0352 
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