Week 19

09 Jan

Hello from The WKM!

This week has been very very rewarding. We found 4 new people to teach!!! The Lord is really blessing us for our efforts. So because of the new year we now start church at 9:00. So we had early meetings. I don’t mind them one bit, but my companion on the other hand was not to thrilled haha. He got over it though. We are getting along just fine. Working hard and doing all that we can to help the work in this area progress.

Sounds like all is going great at home. I am so happy to see that Willy finally got baptized. I remember him coming to church way back when I was home. It sounds like you had a big challenge on your hands to get him fully under, but sounds like you got him under just fine. I know my last companion had a similar story where he had to have 4 Elders help baptize someone he was teaching. The Lord always helps with that.

We had a zone training meeting on Saturday and it was really good. The Zone leaders told us about some ways that we can find people through who the members home and visit teach. So we are going over every night for dinners asking how there families are doing and if there is anything that we can do to help. We have been able to find a lot of part member families to go and see. We are excited and we know this works because the spirit is leading the way to help find the children of our Father in Heaven who are read to receive the Gospel.

This P-Day is going to be really fun. We are planning on hiking up to one of the amazing waterfalls in the mission and I cant wait to do that. I am really loving the landscape here in Washington. Well at least the west half of the state. So green and full of trees. The rain is something that you defiantly get used to. I don’t really even realize that its dumping on us anymore because you just become immune to it.

We have been flooding the earth with the Book of Mormon. One of the goals of the Meadows ward mission plan is to have each member be able to help flood the earth. My companion and I are currently working on setting up member visits so we can help prepare them to do so. Any way that we can help member get involved with missionary work we will do. We plan on role playing with them some different way of how to give it to there friends. Its going to be great. I have such a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon. Its is my favorite book on the whole earth and when you teach with it, It brings such a strong spirit. Elder Pieper from the 70 said that we need to stop teaching and let the spirit to that job. So he said we need to always be teaching by the spirit. I was actually thinking about this idea during my personal study. As missionary’s we are set apart and have a special calling to do this work. But when we are done and relieved the power is gone so to say. But the power of the Book of Mormon will always still stand so when you teach from it you will always be teaching power and authority because those are the words of the prophets.

I was thinking this week about if there was one thing that I could go back and destroy form off the face of the earth it would be cigarettes. I hate those things with a passion and it is such a spiritually draining habit to get into. Its what a lot of the people we teach struggle with and they cant seem to kick it. I know its hard to brake and addiction, but I know that with Heavenly Fathers help they can do anything they put there heart to.

Well my time is running out. It was good to see Alex and Brittani (Alex has a full beard now that is crazy)

Love Elder Hansen

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