Week 22

29 Jan

Hello from Pasco, Washington. Let me tell you one thing — there is a joke in the mission that Pasco is the promised land… It really is. We as a zone on average find 30 new investigators a week! Its awesome. Yes, I am over 3 wards and yesterday was very very very awesome We got to the church at 7 am and did not leave the church until 4:15 pm or so. I have totally changed. I have gotten used to being in church clothing all day every day. It feels weird when I am not really. So, my companion is Elder McCleve. He is from Chandler, Arizona and he has been out for about 18 months. He is so awesome and we really connect with the spirit when we teach. One blessing that we have for serving in Pasco is we share our area with the Assistants. Man they are awesome. We see then about every other day and we help teach their investigators when they have to go do stuff around the mission. Which is all the time — they are never home. I think Jeff would love it here. So many Spanish speakers. There are only about 3 companionships that just speak English and so we spend all of our time in the ritzy part of town where all the non-Spanish speakers are. Pasco is interesting that way, very very rich and very very poor. We live with the Knight family and they are awesome they have one son who is moved out, one on a mission and one who is a senior in high school. They are awesome and Brother Knight is on the Stake High Council. He loves feeding us food so we never have to go shopping and he loves to make us milkshakes. He asks if we want one every night we walk in the door.  It’s so funny. It is like a desert here but in the winter it’s still kind of rainy. It’s been cloudy all day every day since I have been here. So on p-day we do the same thing. Shopping, email and then we go and play ball at the church. We have a car which is nice… We kind of need one because our area is so big. Life in Pasco is quite an adventure. I will have to send pictures next week because we are emailing at the library and I don’t know how to work these computers. So I see that you found some pictures of me ahah. FYI the Elder in the gray suit is Elder Peterson from V2 it was nice to see him again. Well, my time is running out. I only have 30 minutes to email here at the library. So I love you all! Oh yeah — I met someone here who knows Liz. I dont know who it is but she came up at church and told me that she knew her. So yeah.

Love Elder Hansen


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One response to “Week 22

  1. Liz Smith

    January 29, 2013 at 5:05 am

    Hi Spence! I’m pretty sure that was Camie Wilson now Jenkins. She lived just 4 houses down from us. We were in the same ward and one of my best friends since kindergarten! I saw she posted on FB that her kids had a snow day today, so the is exciting if you got to have some snow. Tell Camie hi from me a s tell her to feed you. She can tell you how cool I was way back when. Love and miss you!! Xoxo


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