Week 23

04 Feb

Two emails this week! The first to his mom and second to his dad! 🙂

Hello again. Yes to answer your question I did get the package. It was funny, Elder McCleve and run every morning and we ran by the mail boxes on the street and said, “Wow, we have totally forgotten to check the mail.” So we went home real quick and grabbed the key and found 3 weeks worth of mail in it this morning. It was quite a funny experience. So the sun comes and goes. It depends on the day really.

Its exciting to hear that Alison is getting close to having the kid! I hope everything goes well. So the Knights are an awesome family. We live upstairs in one of their bedrooms with its own bathroom. We share the kitchen because they don’t let us buy our own food. We have to eat their food. They are so awesome. Sister Knight works in the temple and Brother Knight works for Anderson Hay company… I think it’s the biggest hay company in the world or something like that. Brother Knight is awesome. He has been a bishop, and now he is on the Stake High Council so the only time the tv is on is when we come home and he is watching the BYU channel or something along those lines. He loves to make the missionaries milkshakes which is cool. I have yet to get one because we always come home supper stuffed from dinner and it never sounds good to me ha. That is why we go running every morning.

I love being a missionary. When I have the opportunity to do so I will serve as many missions as I possibly can.

I love the Book of Mormon so much. I can’t read it enough. It’s so good and answers any question that you possibly could have.

We had a very funny week.  So there is a member of one of the wards who lives in a mission in downtown Pasco. He brings friends all the time to church and on Saturday we were able to teach 2 of them the Restoration and they loved it. The brotherhood of the lessons was so strong and they both wanted to learn more so the best is yet to come.

We currently have one person on date for baptism. His name is Dominic and he is supper funny. When we invited him to be baptized he was like Hummmmmmm… sure. (he is only 11 years old) Then we said that we would be holding a baptismal service on March 2 and will you prepare yourself for that day and he sat there for a second like he was checking his planner and he said yeah why not! it was super funny. I love that little kid.

I am so grateful for all of the support and love that you give me. I pray every day that all is well at home.

As for the bike. It’s with me here in Pasco because I might need it later on in my mission. I hope I get into a walking area again becasue I loved it.  It was so nice because you got to talk to so many people. I am grateful for President Greer and all that he does for me.

Well, got to go. I don’t have much time left.

Elder Hansen WKM


Hello Dad,

Life is going great here in the WKM. I love it here in Pasco. Amazing Mexican food all the time. Beautiful sunsets and of course lots of people to talk to… well sort of. They are all in their houses so we just go and knock on everyone’s door to find them.

Sounds like you have had a very good Sunday.  I love going to church while on my mission because you receive so much strength and guidance for yourself and for the people that you teach. We had 5 people come to church this week and they loved it. All the wards are currently going through their Ward Confrences and so we get to see the people form the stake all of the time which is really nice.

I know exactly how you feel when you can’t quite decide what you sould speak on. It’s like Heavenly Father is giving you the yellow light — meaning that you get to decide because either topic will uplift and edify someone in the congregation.

I love the temple so much. I can’t wait untill next transfer when I get to go again. I can’t wait because I hear the Colombia River Temple is amazing.

I am also so grateful for the growing testimony that I have of the Book of Mormon. We were doing some finding last night and we ran into some pastor. Right when he introduced himself — Elder McCleve and I both look at each other because we knew this was not going to be a good lesson. He invited us in and we make some small talk and then he went and grabbed his Bible and wanted to share with us one of his favorite passages. He then wanted us to share one of our favorite passages. We went straight to the Book Of Mormon and read in Either 12 on faith. He then disagreed with what we were saying and went on a huge rant on why we were incorrect about faith with works. He kept saying that all we need to do is have faith to be saved over and over. Elder McCleve and I smiled and let him talk. After a while he let us talk again and we just bore testimony of what we knew to be true. He didn’t agree but he was nice about it. He kept going back to different verses in the bible that talked about faith and things of that nature. I then said you’re right. You will make it to Heaven by faith alone. But to live with Heavenly Father we need to follow the example that Jesus Christ sent for us. He didn’t quite understand but didn’t give us enough time to explain more before we ran out of time and had to get going. The conversation wasn’t bad at all. We sat and listened and smiled. I felt such compassion for this man. I felt kind of like the sons of Mosiah who got to the point that they were shaking in fear for the people who would not accept the gospel. We find people like this all the time.

I am just so grateful for the 42 principles found in Preach my Gospel. President Greer told us that we don’t just study these principles on our mission. These principles are here for the rest of our lives because they are the principles of the gospel and the sooner we internalize these principles the sooner we can more fully live the gospel. I can testify that the 42 principles in Preach my Gospel are true and that no matter how much people will try and disprove these principles they can’t because they are the gospel. I gained that testimony last night when all that Elder McCleve and I taught were some of the 42 principles and we answered this man’s questions in one or two sentences simpley, calmly and clearly and he could not disprove them because they are the truth. I can testify that Jesus is the Christ and that these things are true.

I love you and am so grateful for your example.

Elder Hansen WKM

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One response to “Week 23

  1. Sheila Hansen

    February 4, 2013 at 10:51 pm

    It is a very small world…I ship hay for Anderson Hay every single day from Utah. I deal with people at their corporate office in Washington all the time. I don’t know who Brother Knight is, but I do know that he is working for an awesome company. Sounds like Brother & Sister Knight are real good people to allow the missionaries to live with them and to feed them food and shakes. Keep up the good work Elder Spencer Hansen.


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