Week 24

11 Feb

Hello from Pasco Washington,

This week has been very very good. We had a zone training meeting this week and the zone leaders said that we are setting a new goal for investigators found in a week. In Pasco we usually find at least 30 new investigators a week, but they felt like we could show the Lord our faith and bump up the work. So instead of finding the dirty 30 we are now looking for the filthy 40!!! Last night the zone leaders texted us and said that we were about 18 away from our goal and so we needed to work hard and pray for miracles to happen. Well they came through. We did it! At the last minute, around 8:45 or so Elder McCleve and I found 3 new investigators and then we had about 6 left to find. Then about 5 minutes later we got another update and the Zone Leaders found a family of 6! We were so excited and the Lord really blessed us by helping us find the last few we needed to get our goal.

We had a very good Sunday as well. We were able to help the Olivo family, a family of 5 who were baptized about a week before I got into the area, receive the Priesthood. We gave the father the Priesthood and then he was able to ordain his two younger sons as well. The spirit was so strong and I was so happy to see this gospel really bless this family. They are so awesome and their youngest son will be baptized at the end of this year when he turns 8. He can’t wait and he is counting down. They are already really excited to go through the temple. They plan on going down to San Diego to do it.

We have been teaching a group of people from a local mission. Its a homeless shelter type thing for people who are trying to get back on their feet. We have been teaching a man by the name of Edger. He is so funny and is drinking in the gospel. He reads the Book of Mormon and loves it. He keeps telling us that he hasn’t gotten an answer that it is wrong so he knows it is true. We taught him the Plan of Salvation yesterday which he loved. I like to teach the Plan of Salvation with the example of you are in school and judgment is like your parent teacher conference on how you lived your life and what grade you get. We then say that the three kingdoms are A+ B+ C+ and how we lived our life is what grade we get. Edger then said, “What does it take to get the a A+, like what all do you have to do?”  We then taught him the Doctrine of Christ and reviewed the Priesthood authority of God. We then invited him to be baptized and he accepted! He said he wants to get the A+ and he is going to do everything in his power to get there. We are so excited for him. His baptism will be on March 9, 2013. At the end of the lesson he said that he wasn’t going to be coming to church this Sunday because he was going to say goodbye to his old pastor and we got kind of worried. He then said that we need not to worry.  Nothing he says to him will keep him from knowing that these things are true hahahah. It was so funny.

So I finally have some pictures to send — I hope you like them.

The houses that we work in are very big. Pasco is really interesting. It’s either super big rich houses on the Colombia River, or really poor places in downtown Pasco where all of the Hispanics live. Everyone here works in the farming industry in one way or another and they have big trucks and lots of tractors. The weather is fine. It’s warming up which is nice. I don’t really got home sick. If I do I stop and tell myself to remember Him and then I go back to work. So it’s not that bad. I hope all keeps on well at home.

Love Elder Hansen


DSCN0443-1 DSCN0448 DSCN0450

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