Week 25

21 Feb

Oh how blessed I am to be a missionary at this time in this land. We are all so blessed with everything that we have. I am so grateful for the blessings of this restored gospel at this time.

So this week has been quite an adventure to say the least. Last week I went on an exchange with the zone leaders. They cover downtown Pasco which is all Spanish speaking. It was a very funny experience trying to teach people who do not understand English and you hardly understand any Spanish. (since being in Pasco I have picked up on a little Spanish just because you need it to communicate with some people around town.) So during this exchange I learned something about the Hispanic culture. If you don’t eat the all of the food that they give you, they get really offended. So we got a call form a family right before dinner. They said that it was their turn to feed us today. The thing was that we had already parked outside the dinner we thought we had and they had prepared us a dinner at the last second. The family said that they had prepared a lot of food. So we reworked our schedule and we now had 2 dinner appointments that night. So during the first dinner they made this really good soup with chicken and veggies. So I ate all of the food in the bowl and there was still a little liquid in there but I was full so I didn’t want anymore.  Then when the mother of the family left the room one of the zone leaders said you better drink that or she will get mad. So I quickly drank it all and so then I knew that whatever she gave me I needed to eat all of it hahah. So we came out of that dinner supper full. Then we went to our next dinner about 45 minutes later and guess what? We had so much food sitting there waiting for us. Two giant tortas fried with some liquid with pulled pork. They were so big and so we ate and ate and ate. I have never had so much food in my life. It’s out of control. I now know why the Spanish Elders gain so much weight. They are fed so much food. So that is the funny story for the day.

We had Stake Conference this week and it was so good. We had an awesome new member fireside before conference and it was a time for all the members who had been baptized in the last year to talk about the church and their story. The spirit was so strong. I have learned something about this gospel. It brings everyone eternal happiness. It’s something that will help every single person on this earth.

We are currently teaching two people who will be baptized on March 2. They are so ready to hear the gospel and they eat it all up.

During Stake Conference President Greer was asked to speak. He talked to everyone about the 42 principles found in Preach My Gospel. I love Preach My Gospel so much. I know that the 42 priniples need to be studied by everyone. These priniples are principles that will help us in our eternal life.  I know that to be true. I have been making a big effort on internalizing these principles. They are so helpful because they have been written by the Brothern and are inspired of God. I love the Book of Mormon so much.  I know it to be true as well.

Love Elder Hansen

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