Week 27

06 Mar

Hello from Pasco

To answer your questions —  no,  I did not burn anything. Since there was no 29th in the month of Feb, I am still at 5 months and will stay at five months for the rest of my mission. I like that idea.

So I am now serving with Elder Westover. He is from PG Utah! I tried to tell him that I have family that lives there but when he asked what part of PG I could not tell him because I don’t really know haha. Elder Westover has been out for about 28 months now. He has a crazy story. He was born with bad hips so when he was about 17 months out on the mission he had to go home and get both of his hip sockets redone. He has since come back out and only has 3 months left on his mission. He is a great missionary and knows that making friends and loving the people you teach will open the door to missionary work.

The work here is going great. As I said before we had a baptism last Saturday and it was so awesome. Taylor (12) Dylan (10) were baptized. They were so much fun to teach! They loved learning about the gospel. They even took notes when we taught so that they could remember all that we taught them. They were sad when they found out that Elder McCleve had to leave. But we pulled a little surprise with President’s permission. Elder McCleve was able to come back to baptize Taylor. I was given the opportunity to baptize Dylan. It was such an amazing experience. It’s something that you can’t describe. The feeling of helping people want to join the church. The night before the baptism we went over to introduce Elder Westover and to do a final prep for baptism. I started off with the question of why did you want to be baptized? They both sat there for a second and then Taylor said, “I am ready to make my commitment to God.” What 12 year old says that haha. She was so excited when she saw Elder McCleve walk around the corner of the chruch building. I was so happy that it was a memorable experience. Then on Sunday they wanted me to confirm them a member of the church and help them recieve the Holy Ghost. It was awesome but something interesting happend to me. Right before the blessing I had a weird flash back type of thing where my mind remembered a part of the Book of Mormon. It was when Alma was baptizing all of those people in the Waters of Mormon. I then had a feeling/prompting that said ,”This is the same work and this is exactly the same thing/feeling they had as you have when finding teaching and baptizing!” I now have a greater understanding of Heavenly Father’s plan for us.

We also had an amazing experience yesterday. We were invited to go to a special meeting called Hastening the Work. It consisted of President Greer, Elder Mains and Elder Risenmay form the 70 and 8 stake presidents form the east side of our mission. They invited missionaries, bishops and their counselors, Relief Society presidencies and their counselors, WML and that was it. There were so many keys flying aroud that room it was out of control. They talked about what we can do as stakes and wards and missionaries to help the Lord keep the work going. It was so awesome. They had a Q and A session and it was so cool to see all of these inspired men ask questions. They talked about how the missionaries should never be knocking on doors because the members should be the one finding people to teach. They said since eventually every ward will have Elders in their ward they need to keep the Elders productive on the thing they were called to do. I thought it was such a good meeting. Elder Mains form the 70 said that when they look at growth in the church per stake — the stakes that have a higher baptism and confirmation rates are stakes that have a Stake President and all of the Bishops unified and are misisonary minded. So dad, be missionary minded and make sure the ward knows that they need to keep to their baptismal covenent and share the gospel with everyone. A Relief Society prez asked a question of how moms with children can share the gospel if they only have member friends and they only go to the grocery story. Elder Mains said that we need to put down our wall of fear and doubt and talk to everyone you can about the gospel.  It does not have to be much. Just plant the seed.

They also talked about how when you fellowhip someone, make sure they investigator is going to the ward they live in. If need be have the fellowshipper go to the ward where the investigator lives in. So make sure that happens also hahah.

So those pictures you recieved I am glad that you liked them. Yes I gave her your email mom. I knew you would love those pictures because I know you don’t think I take enough of them. So are you happy now?

Well,  thats all I really have to say today. I love you all. Remember to read, pray and study the 42 principles each day. I was acutally thinking about the 42 principles the other day. I already have every FHE Lesson planned for the rest of my life. I am just going to teach one of those principles each time its my turn because that is all you need to know. So I suggest you all do that as a family while I am gone.

Love Elder Hansen WKM




RIP Elder Tuttle =(


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