Week 29

19 Mar

Meetings, Meetings, Meetings, Exchanges, Exchanges, Exchanges… That is what happened this week. So much sitting and getting dumped on by the spirit. I love meetings as a missionary. They are always so good and so full of the spirit. I always learn what I can improve on as a missionary to help my investigators progress and truly accept the Gospel for themselves. On Tuesday we had a Zone Training meeting where the Zone Leaders gave a wonderful training. One thing I learned was how we can use the ward council more in our efforts in the area as well as how hope plays such a huge role in the lives of us as missionaries as well as in the lives of our investigators. Then on Wednesday Elder Westover and myself went to another training meeting. It was so awesome. 6 hours of learning form President Greer and the assistants. They are truly inspired men and you can really learn a lot if you prepare for the meetings that you are invited to. They talked about how we need to make sure we create good mission culture now. We talked about the good culture that the WKM has and then the bad culture that we are trying to eliminate here in the WKM. President and Sister Greer said something that was really cool to me. They said that we aren’t just trying to create good culture for the WKM, we are creating good culture for 2 missions. So go out there and do all you can to help the culture grow to prepare for the avalanche of new missionaries and new missions coming in the next few transfers.

So to answer your questions, the 42 principles are found in Preach My Gospel Chapter 3. These are the lessons that missionaries learn and teach. The amazing thing is, these are more then just lessons, these 42 principles are the gospel and the church. So internalize them.  That way we all know what we really believe and are founded upon. What it all boils down to is the Doctrine of Christ. So after my many hours of meetings that I had this week we had a lot of exchanges to go on. First we needed to exchange with members of our district. That went from Wednesday to Thursday. I went with one of the elders in the district to his area. It was good. They cover a lot of farmland so it was fun to see all this cool countryside. After that exchange we had some weekly planning to do which took a little while. I then had exchanges with the Zone Leaders who are the Spanish elders for a lot of Pasco. So I had round two of a TON of food mixed in with some Spanish and an amazing miracle that happened. We had an appointment with a young man who spoke English. It was so cool because a few days earlier he said that he wanted to meet with us because he finally got an answer and he wanted to be baptized. So we went over there and the first thing he said was that he wanted to be baptized. It was so awesome and you could see in his eyes that he was ready and the spirit was there. We then went back and the rest of the night I did not understand most of what was said, but I am starting to pick up on the language — it’s really cool. We went over to this lesson and Elder Evens, the zone leader I was with, was able to let me teach a little bit. I could tell what he was teaching. We went by this referral that they received from their BML. We started teaching the restoration. I could tell what was going on through body language and some of the words I could recognize.  He then looked over at me and asked if I would teach about the Savior’s Earthly ministry and some of the things he did. The spirit spoke to my mind and heart and I would say a line or to and then Elder Evens would translate for me. It was awesome to see that even though we were speaking different languages, the spirit was still the same. It was awesome. I love being a missionary and having this sacred calling.

So I came back to my area after that exchange for like 3 hours or so and then repacked my bags because I was going on exchanges with the APs. I always learn so much from going on these exchanges. It’s nice to talk with other missionaries and see how they like to teach different things. I am so grateful for these experiences. Missionary life is quite an adventure to say the least. Well I have to go. Glad to see all is well at home. Make it a goal to talk to one person this week about the gospel!

Love Elder Hansen WKM.

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