Week 30

26 Mar

Hello from Pasco Washington,

Well this week has been a fast one that is for sure. I don’t like it one bit but hey, what am I supposed to do about it.

I am glad to hear that all is well at home. Ella, you crack me up with all that you do. Oh mom before I forget, can you send me that Easter Crescent roll recipe thing? I know I won’t get it until next week but I wanted to show a family we are teaching it for a FHE we have in the next few weeks. One thing that I have loved about missionary work is the opportunity we have to teach new families how to hold a FHE. Thanks to my wonderful parents who have been faithful at doing it each week. I can now teach others how to have a fun time and yet always have the spirit to be with them.

We are currently teaching a few really awesome families. We are teaching this one family and we went to see them last night because they didn’t come to church earlier that day. She said that she was too tired and couldn’t make it. She let us in and we started talking and teaching. We were talking about baptism and her 2 little daughters seemed really really interested in what we were talking about. So I pulled out the gospel art book that I have with tons of pictures of the Savior and other stories from the Book of Mormon. So at that time Elder Westover tackled some of the mother’s questions while I had these two little children captivated as we looked at all the pictures. Each page the 5 year old girl would ask if that was a good or bad guy hahah. I then got to talk about each picture and the story that followed it. It was so much fun. I then asked the older daughter who is 8 years old about baptism. I showed her the picture of Jesus Christ being baptized and then a few pictures about a little boy and girl being baptized. She was so intrigued by this. I then asked if she wanted to be baptized and she got so excited haha. I love this little family. It’s such a blessing to see the gospel change peoples lives in so many ways.

So Easter is coming up and I am so excited. President and Sister Greer have asked us to read a list of chapters they have picked out of the Book of Mormon to read in preparation for this amazing weekend on the Atonement. I will send you the list so that you all can read and learn from the spirit the things that you never knew about the Atonement. These next two weekends are going to be so awesome. I am so excited for conference it’s not even funny. I am starting a countdown.

So it sounds like your temple trip was quite an awesome experience. I have been wanting to go to the temple so bad. We get to go in like 2 weeks!! What’s cool about the tri-cities is that they are all set on hills. So you can see each city from where you are. So I can see the temple in Kennewick from my area here in Pasco so I think about it each day. I have been counting down to go! So close I can’t wait. So all is well here. This week is going to be good we have some good appointments set and I know that when that is the case its going to fly right by. It’s not cool but like I said, what can you do. Well, my time is up here. I love you all. Here is the list of chapters I invite you to study and grow a greater appreciation from*. One thing I love is that without the Doctrine of Christ there is no Atonement and without the Atonement there is no Doctrine of Christ. I know that Jesus Christ lives and has provided each of us a way to return home and live with him again. I am so grateful for this calling to proclaim that message to the world.

Elder Hansen

*Chapter                                             Author

2 Nephi 2                                           Lehi

2 Nephi 9                                           Jacob

Mosiah 3                                            King Benjamin

Mosiah 15                                          Abinadi

Alma 7                                               Alma

Alma 34                                             Almulek

Alma 36 & 42                                       Alma

Helaman 14                                       Samuel

3 Nephi 9 & 27                                  Jesus Christ

Ether 12                                              Moroni

Moroni 7                                            Mormon


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