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Week 35

Hello form Pasco Washington,

So this week has been so amazing. I would first like to express how much I love my Savior Jesus Christ and how grateful I am for the Atonement that He gave to each of us here on this earth. I know now more the ever the truthfulness of this gospel and how much it changes peoples lives. The other day we had a few hours of no appointments which happens about every day haha. So we like to do different ideas of finding. I was going through the area book the night before and saw that we had a stack of about 20 different families who were dropped for one reason or another. So we decided that we were going to work down that list and see if we could restart the fire within some of the people.

We stopped by a members house to see how they were doing and to get an appointment with them to do a member visit to help them get more actively involved with missionary work. When we were walking up to the house we decided to first stop by the house right next door to them who were some former investigators. We went and knocked on the door and a man in his early 30s answered the door. We started talking and were started to get to know him. We could sense right away that something was wrong. He didn’t really want to talk, but he said that he had missed his mens group the night before so and he said that he could use a little ministering to hear the word of God. So we kept talking to him at the door and we found out that his wife had just up and left him the day before and that he had to now take care of his 3 little kids. Its was so sad, yet we knew that we could help in some way. He said that the didn’t have much time to talk because he needed to clean his house because he was having his family come over later that night and he had a lot of work to do. So we asked if we could help him clean his house which I guess was the right question because sure come on in! I guess he had never had anyone ask if they could help clean his house. So we spent the next 2 hours helping him clean his house and just listening to him as he told us everything that was on his mind and how he had no idea what to do. We stopped cleaning and just started talking. We talked about how prayer is going to be the best thing he could do at this time. We testified about how prayer will help him and all he needs to do is ask God what He wanted him to do. We told him that he needed to pray for guidance on the things that he needed to do to help him and his family in this trying time. Right when we said that the spirit hit him like an ton of bricks and you could just tell. He started to tear up and he said hold on one minute. He then wrote that down on a piece of paper and then started to really ponder on the words which he taught. We then prayed with him and he said that we could come back in a few days if we wanted to! We were so overcome with joy because he had had a mighty change of heart. Right before we left he said that 2 months ago he would not have let us in the door. Oh how the spirit can really help someone have a mighty change of heart.

So thanks for getting my personal driving record in!! Right before we got to the library we got a message form Elder Cockerhem informing me that I was the one to be doing the driving! I think Elder Crewse was really happy about that Ha. So about the pictures. I tried to send them last week but something went wrong I guess and they would not connect to the computer or something. I will try again but I can’t make any promises. I might just have them printed out and mailed home if it doesn’t work.

Sounds like Abby is quite the performer! Good for her! I am glad that one of us here in the family was able to make it in the big times of show biz. I tried one and had all of my hopes and dreams crushed by a devastating rejection by the elementary school haha. But we all press on and endure and grow and change.

I got the package you sent and the jam came safe and sound haha. Sister Knight thought it was funny that you sent me jam but hey it’s amazing so I don’t know what she is talking about haha. I told her she needs to try it and that they could have as much of it as they want. I hope they do. They spoil us so much its not even funny. We are so blessed to be here in Pasco. Oh and the conference CDs are the best. I think that they are a good way to end the day after planning.

So the weather here is very close to California. Very dry, very hot, but on top of that its very windy. So much wind it’s out of control. Apparently that is why this area is so fertile. The wind just blows all the good stuff around and then things grow. That is what all the farm people tell us. I think mom would love it here actually because the crops are starting to grow and its all rolling hills and tons of fields everywhere. Its awesome.

Well I don’t know what more to say for this week. I love you all and I know that this is the Lords work!!

Love Elder Hansen WKM

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Week 34

FIRST THINGS FIRST!!!! I NEED YOU TO SEND ME MY PERSONAL DRIVING RECORD FROM THE DMV! The driving coordinator gave me a call the other day and wanted to know if you had gotten that in or not. It’s super important. Apparently I have been driving without permission for the whole time I have been in Pasco…hahah so now Elder Crewse is my personal driver hahah.  He doesn’t mind and it’s also a great way to learn the area and its easier on my part because I just punch the address in the GPS and that is it hahah it’s nice.

So life is going well here in the Pasco.  Guess what?  We had 2 baptisms this last weekend. On Saturday we were able to see a little boy named Steele get baptized by his dad who has been less active for most of his life. His wife Kylee is not a member who we have been working with very slowly to introduce into the church. It was so awesome to see the last few weeks the blessings that this family has seen from them coming to church and feeling the spirit again. Then yesterday we were able to see the Egan family get baptized! They are such an awesome family. We have been working with them for about 4 months or so now. They started being taught right before I got into the area and they have now made the amazing decision to be baptized. It was super exciting. Brother Egan has been less active for most of his life and has now gotten back into church, received the priesthood and then later that day baptized his wife and 2 of his 4 kids! It was a sweet moment and the whole time I was thinking about how proud Heavenly Father must be with his children following the example that his only begotten Son has made for each and ever one of us. One of the daughters, Destiny, right before she was about to get baptized while standing in the water was looking up. After the baptism the bishop pointed something out in his welcome to the ward talk. He said that after Jesus Christ was baptized everyone who witnessed it also looked up in the same fashion and saw that the Heavens had opened and that they saw the Holy Ghost descend like a dove upon Jesus Christ. I know that this was true. I know that baptism is the gate that we all must enter if we are to reach the Kingdom of Heaven that we are all striving to be in

In other news Elder Crewse is doing great. It has been somewhat of a hard adjustment but he is learning a lot and is starting to really get out there and teach. We have been working together to better understand the 42 principles so that we can become better teachers in the gospel and help all people around find the gospel of Jesus Christ. So it’s a good thing that you asked about pictures because just before we came to the library I bought a card reader so I can finally send you more pictures so, yes I will send you pictures not to worry. It sounds like your trip was a lot of fun seeing the new baby! It’s always exciting to have a new addition to the family. I bet they have been thinking a lot about Heavenly Father’s plan for each of us because I know that I have been.

Abby: I am glad Abby is having an awesome time with her drama class. It seems like a lot of fun. The plays are awesome. They are a lot of fun. Just remember to always keep your standards no matter what play you are doing because some plays and directors out there are less than caring about who you are and what you do and all that jazz. So remember who you are and what you stand for.

Maddy: Keep up the hard work! Keep getting good grades now. You will never regret working hard and doing the right thing. How is Choir going? I was thinking about you yesterday as we were driving home a few nights ago while listening to Motab. I could see you singing in that one day. You really should keep on singing.

Ella: That chair you made was super cool! I could of never figured out how to make something like that. Just remember to put some googlie eyes on it and you have got yourself some fine art.

Midget: Why don’t you write me every once and a while?

Well that seems to be all the news that I have this week. I pray for you every night. Oh and yes I would love it if you would send that soundtrack to me as well!

-Elder Hansen WKM.

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Week 33

Well, I am not going to lie its kind of weird that I am officially an uncle. I am so happy though –it’s way awesome! Congrats, you are now Grandparents… how does it feel? Oh and that means that grandma is now a great grandma!  Ha that’s got to feel weird as well. So anyways to answer your question — my new companion’s name is Elder Crewse. He is from Arizona and this is his first area. Yes, that means I have had my first son. So you’re not the only one giving birth around here Alison haha just kidding. Elder Crewse is excited to be here in Pasco because he feels comfortable around hispanic people because he is from Arizona ahah. I wasn’t actually going to tell you that I had a son but the assistants told me that I had to. They said that your family would be happy that you are training and also that you have just been made District Leader. SO there you go I said it.

So we have seen so many new missionary miracles since Elder Crewse has been here. We have gotten 2 solid referrals and we are very excited to start teaching them. I finally think I am starting to understand what it means to truly love the people. It makes work so much more fulfilling when you cross that threshold and just jump head first into missionary work. I can’t get enough of it really.

Oh before I forget I actually have a request for you mother — something that you can send me in the mail. I would really like the Mormon Messages on DVD. I know that they have them at different church book stores. A lot of my companions have had them and they are so good for teaching different things and also dinner thoughts. Oh and I would also love conference on CD so that we can listen to them as we drive around. That is not as pressing though.

One thing that I have loved learning about and doing on my mission is testifying of our Savior Jesus Christ. A goal that I have made is to make sure no matter what kind of teaching I am doing —  weather its tracting or teaching a lesson to family members I always testify of Jesus Christ. He is the center of our message and our church and the more we become like him, the more obedient we will be. I loved President Monson’s talk about obedience. I have learned so much about blessings and things that come from obedience. One of my favorite quotes that I learned in the MTC was this “When obedience ceases to be an irritant and becomes a quest, at that moment, God will endow us with power.” it’s so true what this quote is. I know it to be true and when we are exactly obedient we will see miracles happen in our lives.

So tell Maddie that I am very mad at her. I want to see Newsies so bad! It’s super good. My last companion and I had the soundtrack. We would listen to it on the way home every night. It would get us pumped up the planning for the next day. Very lucky you are.

Well, I don’t have much more to say this week. I do know that the Savior lives and we truly can be forgiven of our sins

Love Elder Hansen.

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Week 32

Well conference was so amazing let me tell you! I loved it so much and the spirit was so strong and I learned so much from these inspired men. I feel like I don’t have much to say. This week has been kind of the same as last week. Some highlights were yesterday we had an amazing Fiesta with some of our investigators. There was so much food! Tamales, carne asada, rice, beans and tons of guacamole and to top it all off we had Queso Pastel and Tres Letches. The fun thing about being in Pasco is that I have been able to pick up on some Spanish. It’s been fun to see and learn this language. During this Fiesta yesterday we played with all the little ninos. It’s so funny because they all fell in love with us and by the end they were calling Elder Westover and myself teo. So I guess I am already an Uncle sorry Alison.

I will be getting a new companion on Wednesday. I think I find out Tuesday night who he will be. But in the mean time I am going to be in a tri-panionship with some other elders in my district as I wait for my new companion. So these next few transfers will be an adventure for sure but I know that Pasco will be my home for at least 12 more weeks or so. That will bring me right up to the July 1st date and so there still might be a chance that I am sent over to Vancouver but who really knows.

I would just like to say that I know the Savior lives and that he loves each and every one of us here on earth. I am so grateful for prophets and apostles who lead and guide us each and every day. I know that when we are obedient and be good girls and boys we will see miracles happen in our lives. I testify that when we accept the call to come on a mission we will become who Heavenly Father wants us to become because the mission is the place where we can truly be shaped and tested if we let it. Follow the Spirit with exactness and do all that you can to spread this gospel with everyone you meet.

Love Elder Hansen WKM

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Week 31

Temple Extravaganza, Hello from Pasco!

It has felt like such a long week yet it has flown by so fast. This transfer is coming to a close. We find out on Saturday who will go and who will stay. It’s always an exciting time. So it sounds like you have had a wonderful week. Easter was very good to me as well. We had dinner with a family who are from Hawaii and they made the best chicken, burgers and anything else you could imagine and there was a lot of it. I felt horrible after because I had so much to eat. I just wanted to lay on the floor and groan like Alison used to do when we were little kids. The one thing I didn’t have too much of is deviled eggs. I had a few and I have to admit  Alison’s still reign supreme over anything I have had here in Pasco.

So funny story. Yesterday we helped a lady with some service.  She is about 75 years old and is the funniest lady ever. She grew up Baptist her whole life and about 3 years ago she was baptized  She loves the church and now works in the temple. So she had us and another set of missionaries over helping her with her yard for the start of spring. The thing is, she loves missionaries a lot. She kind of hits on them from time to time. Its super funny. She called Elder Westover “precious” and it makes me laugh all the time. So anyways she loves to feed missionaries and so while we are working in the yard she asks if we were hungry and Elder Westover said yes and he is really hungry for some steaks… Next thing you know we are cutting steaks out of freezed dry packages and having some steak for lunch.. It was so amazing. We then had to go to war and kill a lot of wasps that lived in her yard. It was quite an adventure to say the least.

So to answer your question, yes I have recieved the packages. I just picked up the one from the ward today at the mission office because it’s right by the temple. I loved it and yes I will send a thank you letter as well. So how hot is it down there. It seems like a lot of people have been asking me that recently? This week has not been all that eventful so I don’t have much to say. I am really really excited for conference. It’s going to be a spiritual powerhouse that is for sure. President Greer keeps reminding us about “Prophetic Priority.”  Meaning that see what the prophets and apostles main focus is and make that your focus. So keep that in mind as you listen to these inspired men.

We went to the temple this morning! It was awesome! It was the first time in the Colombia River WA temple and it was beautiful. It’s got to be up there as one of my favorite temples. I love going to the temple as a missionary because as part of our callings it seems like we just get guidence and direction from the spirit like crazy! I learned so much today and I can’t wait to apply the teaching of the spirit to the people that we contact and teach.

Well that’s all the news I have this week. I thank you so much for the love and support and prayers. I seem to always remember my family when I am having a rough time and when things are hard. Then the work becomes not so hard. Jesus Christ lives and I know that to be true. Read the Book of Mormon each day.

Elder Hansen WKM

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