Week 31

03 Apr

Temple Extravaganza, Hello from Pasco!

It has felt like such a long week yet it has flown by so fast. This transfer is coming to a close. We find out on Saturday who will go and who will stay. It’s always an exciting time. So it sounds like you have had a wonderful week. Easter was very good to me as well. We had dinner with a family who are from Hawaii and they made the best chicken, burgers and anything else you could imagine and there was a lot of it. I felt horrible after because I had so much to eat. I just wanted to lay on the floor and groan like Alison used to do when we were little kids. The one thing I didn’t have too much of is deviled eggs. I had a few and I have to admit  Alison’s still reign supreme over anything I have had here in Pasco.

So funny story. Yesterday we helped a lady with some service.  She is about 75 years old and is the funniest lady ever. She grew up Baptist her whole life and about 3 years ago she was baptized  She loves the church and now works in the temple. So she had us and another set of missionaries over helping her with her yard for the start of spring. The thing is, she loves missionaries a lot. She kind of hits on them from time to time. Its super funny. She called Elder Westover “precious” and it makes me laugh all the time. So anyways she loves to feed missionaries and so while we are working in the yard she asks if we were hungry and Elder Westover said yes and he is really hungry for some steaks… Next thing you know we are cutting steaks out of freezed dry packages and having some steak for lunch.. It was so amazing. We then had to go to war and kill a lot of wasps that lived in her yard. It was quite an adventure to say the least.

So to answer your question, yes I have recieved the packages. I just picked up the one from the ward today at the mission office because it’s right by the temple. I loved it and yes I will send a thank you letter as well. So how hot is it down there. It seems like a lot of people have been asking me that recently? This week has not been all that eventful so I don’t have much to say. I am really really excited for conference. It’s going to be a spiritual powerhouse that is for sure. President Greer keeps reminding us about “Prophetic Priority.”  Meaning that see what the prophets and apostles main focus is and make that your focus. So keep that in mind as you listen to these inspired men.

We went to the temple this morning! It was awesome! It was the first time in the Colombia River WA temple and it was beautiful. It’s got to be up there as one of my favorite temples. I love going to the temple as a missionary because as part of our callings it seems like we just get guidence and direction from the spirit like crazy! I learned so much today and I can’t wait to apply the teaching of the spirit to the people that we contact and teach.

Well that’s all the news I have this week. I thank you so much for the love and support and prayers. I seem to always remember my family when I am having a rough time and when things are hard. Then the work becomes not so hard. Jesus Christ lives and I know that to be true. Read the Book of Mormon each day.

Elder Hansen WKM

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