Week 38

21 May

Big news in the WKM!!!!

So we had transfer call on Saturday and there were a lot of big changes that happened to the mission. There is only 4 weeks left before the iron curtain comes down. So what President did was call 2 more assistants to go over to the west side and prep for the new mission president! So Elder Drager, who was part of my district, was one of the assistants being sent over to the west side with a new assistant who was called and guess what — my dad has been called as the new assistant to the president so he is now part of my district and we are going to be serving together in the same area! That means we have half of the posterity in the same area! This is going to be the best 4 weeks ever. Elder King, his companion, actually was allowed to extend his mission so that he can train up Elder Snow to help with the transition. He only has 4 weeks to do so and I hear he is very nervous. BTW an extention hardly ever happens any more in the misison world. They want us all to go home as soon as we can so that they can get the new missionaries out. The Lord is pushing his work along more and more every day! Elder Crewse and I are still together for at least 4 more weeks! That made me so happy. Well we kind of knew that was going to be the case because we are still in training. Well, he is really training me ha. He is an awesome missionary! We are getting a lot of work done and seeing so many miracles. These next four weeks will be a big push to get as much work as we possibly can! We also finally heard what the new mission boundries are going to be for the WKM. We are recieveing 4 new stakes that are part of the Spokane mission. This is very exciting because one of my “roomates” for college (he was always over at our apartment because he was the only pre-missionary in the apartment next door to us) lives up there. Hopefully I get transferd up there and get to see how he is doing. I don’t know if he has gone on his mission yet. So we shall see. I am on the bubble though! At the end of the next 4 weeks where ever I get transfered to is the mission that I am going to be in! So we shall see about that as well.

Sounds like you are having a blast visiting Alison and Jeff and the Durfee family.  Life seems to just keep plugging along at home. Dad got some new glasses I see. I might be joining him soon. I need to get ahold of Sister Greer because I keep getting headaches every moring in our 3 hours of studying. I think my eyes are going bad again. So we will see what will happen with that as well. Sounds like Missouri is hot and bug infested as usual. Poor Abby, hope you start to feel better soon. So it’s funny that you mentioned Lewis and Clark because the first zone that I was in was called the Lewis and Clark zone and when you drive down the gorge they have signs everywhere of them discovering things as they floated down the Colombia River.

The baptism went great! The spirit was strong and they over came their fear of people and were baptized. I am so proud of everything that the Lord does for us. So where did you find that video of me? That was kind of creepy because I had no idea someone was filming that! Weird. Well I hoped you loved it. That song made all the sisters who made lunch for us cry so I guess we did something right. That zone conference was amazing! The Greers had just come back from a mission president seminar and guess who showed up at the seminar to do most of the training. The one and only Elder Holland. The zone conference was all about HIM. They talked about the work that we do is always all about Him and we must never forget that for a second. It was awesome. Well I guess I have rambled on enough as well. I am happy to see that all is well with the family. Keep up the good work and remember to open your mouth and share the gospel with every nation kindred tongue and people.

Love Elder Hansen WKM

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