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Week 43

What a crazy week it has been for me here! Getting into a new area is a good learning experience. There are so many things I have to learn and my new companion Elder Paxman is teaching me so much. He has been out a long time. I am grateful for this amazing experience. SO Elder Paxman is from St. George, Utah. He is awesome. I am serving the the Willow Brook and Meadow Spring ward in the Kennewick Washington stake. Its a good change from pasco to here… not as much time I have to spend at church. That was getting old not going to lie. We live with the assistants in a town home so its always good. I am living with my dad (my first companion), Elder Snow again so its fun to talk about the good old days in Vancouver. The people in these wards are really missionary minded. They always want to come to our lessons with us which is such a blessing. We are teaching a lot of people and finding so many more. Its because Elder Paxman is such a good missionary we get into every door. We are so blessed as missionaries at this time. The Worldwide broadcast was amazing. I loved every minute of it. I am turing into Dad for sure because the whole time during that meeting I had a huge smile on my face just like Dad does at church. I guess its not a bad thing. I love this gospel so much that it can only put a smile on my face.

We had a temple trip today. Its was awesome I love the temple so very much. The temple here in Kennewick is very small, yet it fits just right in this town. This is why we didn’t email yesterday because we had P-day on Tuesday. Its been raining a lot here which I find very funny. I feel like Heavenly Father is telling us that since you did not get sent west, I will make sure you are truly grateful for the weather you have by having it rain for a few days or so. President Wear is coming in sometime this week. It was cool because since we live so close to the office we have the responsibility of running various errands that they need us to do. So a few days ago we were given the task of picking up his new mission car from the dealership. We were asked to inspect, and make sure everything works properly. Then we took it back to the office and that is where it sits at this time. This is a very exciting time for all of us here in the WKM.

Its sounds like Abby and Sammi had a good time at EFY. I love EFY I  am so glad that I went. They are so lucky that they get to go twice! I hope they get more out the second time then the first time. Ella seems to love being on summer break. I wish I could be her age again. Building things that seem to never work because they don’t quite have enough tape.

So I pray for you all, I hope you get out there and find people for the missionaries to teach because that is truly what our mission in this life is. We need to make sure missionary work just become part of something we do every single day of our lives.

Love, Elder Hansen

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Week 42

Hello from the WKM!!!  Guess what I am staying here in this mission! But I am being moved. I am just doing a quick river hop over to Kennewick so is won’t be too far of a transfer. I am excited for the change though.

So some exciting business. I met a spy the other day! And I am not kidding, he was a real spy. He was actually a spy catcher, but none the less he was one as well. We were eating dinner the other night with some members and they had their parents over for dinner as well. They all start mentioning things that made me wonder what they were talking about — so I asked what they were talking about and then the truth came out about how in the 80’s he was a spy for the United States!! I immediately started asking any and every question I could think of. He told some crazy stories that is for sure. Something about how he was required to carry on him an oosie and a hand gun of some sort wherever he went. He then told us a story of how he was down in South America and how he was in an apartment complex that was shaped like a u and he started hearing gun shots and so he and his partner had to jump out of the window and away and then there was a fire fight from the drug lords they were looking for and the local police. I then asked him if all the spy movies out here were really like the real work and he said sort of not really, but I feel like he was hiding it so I think they are a lot alike really. He then showed me his Diplomatic Immunity card so I knew it was true. The question came up if he ever killed anyone and he didn’t give us a strait answer so I am assuming he did but didn’t really want to talk. So yeah crazy stuff.

So you wrote Elder C’s mom… Kind of weird not going to lie but it’s all good. It sounds like everything is going well at home. I am sure that Ella is happy that she is out of school. Thanks so much for finding some shirts —  that is going to be much needed. These short sleeve shirts don’t unwrinkle so I look like a slob everywhere I go. So this week was a very sad moment for the mission. We had specialized training with President and Sister Greer and it was basically a final goodbye for them. So they gave their final testimonies and taught a little bit and that was it really. They are just waiting for their replacements to come in and then off they go. All I know is that one of the wards that I will serve in will be the ward that the mission president will go to. That is one plus. No more 10 hours of church. That was getting very very old to say the least. Everyone here in Pasco is getting read for girls camp as well. It seems to be the talk of the town. It sounds like they are going to have a lot of fun as well.

Everyone here is ramping up for the mission split, new mission presidents, and also this meeting coming up this week! I am very excited for that. I know President Wear will be there as well. So maybe we will see him on the big screen. Its going to be awesome. I know I am so very excited. I am also excited to see all the new things that will be implemented and the things that they are going to say.

Well I don’t have much to say. I pray for you oft and I feel the love and support every day. I love you all.

Elder Hansen WKM!!!!

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Week 41

Hello There!!

So this week has been very very interesting to say the least. The mission is ramping up to be split that is for sure. We now have 6 assistants serving here in the mission. One came from the Portland mission and the other from the Spokane mission and let me tell you their heads are spinning to say the least. Having to learn all of these new areas and missionaries and policies and things along that line. Yeah it’s out of control. This week has been awsome with so many blessings in between. We were able to find 3 new investigators this week. They all seem genuinely interested so we are so excited to help them gain all that the restored gospel brings.

Thank you so much for the package that you sent Me. The Clif bars were very good and the talks are always amazing. So, I guess I should say, Happy Birthday Mom!! I hope my card has come already. I sent it off in plenty of time for you to recieve it. So I hope you know I never forgot your birthday. Sounds like Abby had an awesome birthday as well. It sounds like she got lots of attention as well which I bet she liked. It’s weird to think that Alison is already turning 23. I had a weird flash back earlier in the week about us “reading” Little House on the Prairie and only looking at each page to see if there was a picture. I was also thinking of the time when we would watch Bill Nye the Science Guy and play out in the back yard. Good times those were. Wish I could go back to those times. Yet I would not be in any other place at this time then on a mission. I really don’t want to leave ever. Sorry mom… I don’t think I am coming back. Life is so much easier here then anywere else, yet it’s not at the same time. I just hope I am doing all that I can to help Heavenly Father get his work done.

So it sounds like you have also been feasting on the spirit. It’s the best thing in the world isn’t it!! I remember going up to Big Bear and doing all that. It was so much fun! I like how they had the kids come with a question. That is what we teach our investigators about church. Come with a question and you will find an answer and it’s too true.

The past few days my thoughts have been on the topic of how to truly build faith in anything and also how to not have our hearts fail us. It’s been very very interesting. I have come to the simple 1 word answer of how we truly and the only true way that we build faith in anything. It’s called OBEDIENCE. When we are obedient to all of the commandments we will grow our faith. It’s the only way. We have been teaching a lot of people about this the past few days and I know that it is true. When we hold true to the covenants that we make at baptism we will be able to have the spirit to be with us which means we are keeping true to our covenants. So I challenge each of you to study what you lack faith in, and live it. It will fall under any or all of the commandments that we are asked to keep. If you don’t know what all of them are ask the missionaries or study out of Preach my Gospel chapter 3 lesson 4. Find what you don’t quite live up to and live it with all of  you heart and watch your faith grow. I know that this is true. I know that our Savior lives. I have been really falling in love with our Savior’s teachings in the New Testament. I know that they are true as well.

Love Elder Hansen.



Wow sounds like miracles are happening in the Valencia 3rd ward for sure. I am excited to see the blessings that come from all of these spiritual feasts that are happening. It’s going to be amazing for sure. I just hope I will be able to work at an efy when I get home. That is my dream and my other dream would be to be a seminary teacher. Anyways, this week has been good. We have been getting a lot of work done and doing a lot of finding so that we can find the people who are really interested in the gospel. I know this is short but I love you. Next time I email you I will know what mission I am in. SO stay tune.

Elder Hansen


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Week 40

Revenge of the skunk!!!

So a few weeks ago the neighborhood where we live has discovered a skunk living under the shed of someone’s house!! The past few weeks everyone has been getting very upset about how this varmint as Brother K would call it, has been tearing up the yard of so many people’s homes. So last night we when we got home for the night we were talking with the K and how they wanted us to go and kill this skunk for us hahah. Elder C and I were really down for this adventure even though they were really joking with us. So we go to bed and the next day we wake up, do the normal routine and head out at 10 to go wash the car like we do every P-Day. We then smell something horrible in the air. The smell of skunk was in the air and it was horrible. Then Elder C told me that Sister K told him this morning while he was eating breakfast that Brother K went out this morning and killed it. I started to laugh really hard and so we wanted to see this skunk for ourselves. We were looking everywhere and then we saw a bag next to the trash can by their house so I go over and start kicking it with my foot and then Elder C said let’s just open the bag to see what’s inside…. Bad Idea haha.  He opens it and we look inside and then the smell intensifies and it was horrible. Yes there was the dead skunk hahah so note to self, don’t go looking for dead skunks they still smell really bad. The thing is we don’t know how he killed it. We think he shot it, but we don’t know with what gun because we never herd a gun shot this morning. So funny story for the week

This week has been good. We had some really good lessons. Found some new people to teach and saw some miracles. I love doing missionary work. This last week we had a very good district meeting on a quote that Elder Holland said at the last mission president seminar. It was ” The Book of Mormon is a book of revelation for those seeking revelation”. It was so cool to see how much revelation is really in the Book of Mormon. It also teaches us exactly how to receive revelation. I am so grateful for the Book of Mormon. I know its true and I invite everyone to read it.

Sounds like all is well at home. Summer is in full swing here as well, and graduation just happened for all the schools up here as well. I don’t remember graduation being such a big deal, yet everyone up here would not meet with us because it was graduation and there was just too much going on… Like what? But anyways thats my little rant for the day. I know that our Savior lives and that he loves each and every one of us here. I know that when we follow the Doctrine of Christ we will be able to truly endure to the end. I am so thankful for repentance! I know it’s not a bad thing at all when you have to repent. It’s an amazing gift and everyone should know that no matter how far you have gone down the road of life, all things can be made right through the atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ. I know that when we truly study the scriptures each day (not just read but study) you will be given the strength that you need to overcome any and all things and that the Lord will be able to preform miracles through you.

The other day we met with a family who at first seemed to really be interested in what we were sharing. So the dad especially really wanted to meet with us.  So we came back a few days later and we sat down and he said that he had a lot of questions for us. So he started to pull up any and all anti that he could find for us and then tried to prove to us that the Book of Mormon is not true… Impossible to do but he tried. Elder C and I were just sitting there and listening to him try to disprove the Book of Mormon. He would ask us questions and we would continue to respond over and over to him the very same answer. Have you read the Book of Mormon.. If not read it and pray to know it is true. That is all we are here to do is invite you to do that. We continued to bear simple but strong testimony of its truthfulness and the spirit was so strong!! I love being a missionary, it can be very hard a times, but it’s the best thing ever. One of the best blessings that we as missionaries get to have is to get a very small glimpse, and I mean very small, of some of the things that the Savior went through his whole entire life. I could not even imagine how hard that must of been let alone to still love the people so much that He gave his life for them. We are so blessed to be able to have someone who would do that for us. I know that all this is true. I don’t ever want to give this up ever. I love you all. Have a great week. Remember that I pray for you every day and I know that this gospel will bless and unify our families if we live it to its fulness. I ask that everyone read and ponder the words of the Book of Mormon and ask if it is true.

Elder Hansen

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Week 39

Hello form Pasco!

Sorry you didn’t get an email yesterday. The libraries all over the United States were closed due to the three day weekend. So this week has flown by that is for sure! It was funny yesterday — we were about to head out to go to work right after our P-Day was over and the Knight’s were having a bunch of people over for a bbq and what not. So as we were walking out Brother Knight saw that Elder Crewse had a few letters in his hand that he was going to put in the mailbox on our way out. He said “Elder Crewse you pulling any mail out of the mail box lately?” I quickly answered and said “yes at least 1 letter a day” ha they thought it was funny. Then Sister Knight said that she was very upseat at her son who is in North Carolina on his mission because he didn’t write her this week and she told us never to miss a week writing your mother okay! We then explained that He couldn’t Email today because all of the libraries were closed and she had a stunned look on her face and then she said, “that’s right, I totally forgot about that… now I am going to have to take all that back about what I said to him haahahha” it was funny! It was a very funny conversation. So I am glad you didn’t send an angry letter about how I need to write you more often.

Guess what!? I got to hold a chicken for the first time in my life! It was awesome. Apparently having chickens as pets is normal up here in Pasco because it seems like a lot of people have them here — people who live in neighborhoods  just like ours at home. So I thought to myself, I need to hold a chicken because I have never done that before! I took a picture with it and whenever you send my 1st sd card back i can send this new one down!

The work here is going amazing. We have been doing a lot of finding this week. We are looking for people who actually are ready to hear what we have to say. I know they are out there we just need to find them!

That is exciting that graduation just happend. Everyone here is ramping up for it as well. To tell you the truth I don’t remember ever being that excited about gradutiaon. I was just happy school was over… ha. But anyways the work goes on.

Sorry about my email this last week. I guess I need to explain what everything means and what not. So I will do better from now on. I am so grateful for everything that I have been blessed with here on this earth. I am so grateful for the knowledge that I have a Father in Heaven who loves us and wants us to be successful in this life.  He has given me such an awesome family who stays strong in the gospel and truly loves one another. Keep up the good work everyone at home. Go out and open your mouth and share the gospel with everyone that you meet.

Congrats Maddy on getting into jazz choir that will be way fun for you and haha you have to stay until 3… take some fun classes like art or something like that.

Love Elder Hansen


Letter written to his dad: This is the story I think you were talking about. I have it as one of my Mormon Messages on the dvd that you sent me! It’s way good. I need to read the story when I get home. I have a growing book list of things I need to read when I get home. Like all of the apostles books and so on. That will keep me busy for a while.

So this week has been very very interesting. It is such a blessing to be able to help so many different misisonaries and members and most of all investigators in this area.  By the end of this transfer I would have spent just about 6 months here in Pasco and it’s been the best ever. It’s given me a lot of time to find people and also fall in love with the people that I serve.

I had an amazing experience the other day when I was on an exchange with Elder K — one of the members of the district. He only has a few weeks left until he goes home and he was having a hard time with that. So he asked me what he could do to be better. I thought to myself, “really, you are one of the best missionaries ever — you are doing everything you can do to be the best”. So I thought to myself some more and asked what he thought he struggled with. He talked about his prayers and how he felt like they could be better. As he said that I thought about a scripture in the New Testament that has been on my mind a lot lately. It’s when Jesus Christ is teaching and he talks about how when we serve ourselves and think of ourselves and do everything that we can do to help ourselves we will lose ourselves — but when we lose ourselves in the work and name of Christ we will find ourselves. I have been thinking about that and so I then talked about how I struggle with my prayers at times but how when I feel my prayers are the best is when they are all about other people. It must of hit him hard because he said you know what Elder Hansen you just answered the question I have had for a long time. It’s such a blessing to be able to help others in so many different ways.

The Lord  will always provide a way for us to get His work done and I know that to be true. When we heed the call and take up the cross and walk in his way we will be able to be found spotless at the last day. So the question I ask everyone is, what is it that you can do to better pick up the cross and walk in the Savior’s foot steps.

Love Elder Hansen

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