Week 40

06 Jun

Revenge of the skunk!!!

So a few weeks ago the neighborhood where we live has discovered a skunk living under the shed of someone’s house!! The past few weeks everyone has been getting very upset about how this varmint as Brother K would call it, has been tearing up the yard of so many people’s homes. So last night we when we got home for the night we were talking with the K and how they wanted us to go and kill this skunk for us hahah. Elder C and I were really down for this adventure even though they were really joking with us. So we go to bed and the next day we wake up, do the normal routine and head out at 10 to go wash the car like we do every P-Day. We then smell something horrible in the air. The smell of skunk was in the air and it was horrible. Then Elder C told me that Sister K told him this morning while he was eating breakfast that Brother K went out this morning and killed it. I started to laugh really hard and so we wanted to see this skunk for ourselves. We were looking everywhere and then we saw a bag next to the trash can by their house so I go over and start kicking it with my foot and then Elder C said let’s just open the bag to see what’s inside…. Bad Idea haha.  He opens it and we look inside and then the smell intensifies and it was horrible. Yes there was the dead skunk hahah so note to self, don’t go looking for dead skunks they still smell really bad. The thing is we don’t know how he killed it. We think he shot it, but we don’t know with what gun because we never herd a gun shot this morning. So funny story for the week

This week has been good. We had some really good lessons. Found some new people to teach and saw some miracles. I love doing missionary work. This last week we had a very good district meeting on a quote that Elder Holland said at the last mission president seminar. It was ” The Book of Mormon is a book of revelation for those seeking revelation”. It was so cool to see how much revelation is really in the Book of Mormon. It also teaches us exactly how to receive revelation. I am so grateful for the Book of Mormon. I know its true and I invite everyone to read it.

Sounds like all is well at home. Summer is in full swing here as well, and graduation just happened for all the schools up here as well. I don’t remember graduation being such a big deal, yet everyone up here would not meet with us because it was graduation and there was just too much going on… Like what? But anyways thats my little rant for the day. I know that our Savior lives and that he loves each and every one of us here. I know that when we follow the Doctrine of Christ we will be able to truly endure to the end. I am so thankful for repentance! I know it’s not a bad thing at all when you have to repent. It’s an amazing gift and everyone should know that no matter how far you have gone down the road of life, all things can be made right through the atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ. I know that when we truly study the scriptures each day (not just read but study) you will be given the strength that you need to overcome any and all things and that the Lord will be able to preform miracles through you.

The other day we met with a family who at first seemed to really be interested in what we were sharing. So the dad especially really wanted to meet with us.  So we came back a few days later and we sat down and he said that he had a lot of questions for us. So he started to pull up any and all anti that he could find for us and then tried to prove to us that the Book of Mormon is not true… Impossible to do but he tried. Elder C and I were just sitting there and listening to him try to disprove the Book of Mormon. He would ask us questions and we would continue to respond over and over to him the very same answer. Have you read the Book of Mormon.. If not read it and pray to know it is true. That is all we are here to do is invite you to do that. We continued to bear simple but strong testimony of its truthfulness and the spirit was so strong!! I love being a missionary, it can be very hard a times, but it’s the best thing ever. One of the best blessings that we as missionaries get to have is to get a very small glimpse, and I mean very small, of some of the things that the Savior went through his whole entire life. I could not even imagine how hard that must of been let alone to still love the people so much that He gave his life for them. We are so blessed to be able to have someone who would do that for us. I know that all this is true. I don’t ever want to give this up ever. I love you all. Have a great week. Remember that I pray for you every day and I know that this gospel will bless and unify our families if we live it to its fulness. I ask that everyone read and ponder the words of the Book of Mormon and ask if it is true.

Elder Hansen

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