Week 42

18 Jun

Hello from the WKM!!!  Guess what I am staying here in this mission! But I am being moved. I am just doing a quick river hop over to Kennewick so is won’t be too far of a transfer. I am excited for the change though.

So some exciting business. I met a spy the other day! And I am not kidding, he was a real spy. He was actually a spy catcher, but none the less he was one as well. We were eating dinner the other night with some members and they had their parents over for dinner as well. They all start mentioning things that made me wonder what they were talking about — so I asked what they were talking about and then the truth came out about how in the 80’s he was a spy for the United States!! I immediately started asking any and every question I could think of. He told some crazy stories that is for sure. Something about how he was required to carry on him an oosie and a hand gun of some sort wherever he went. He then told us a story of how he was down in South America and how he was in an apartment complex that was shaped like a u and he started hearing gun shots and so he and his partner had to jump out of the window and away and then there was a fire fight from the drug lords they were looking for and the local police. I then asked him if all the spy movies out here were really like the real work and he said sort of not really, but I feel like he was hiding it so I think they are a lot alike really. He then showed me his Diplomatic Immunity card so I knew it was true. The question came up if he ever killed anyone and he didn’t give us a strait answer so I am assuming he did but didn’t really want to talk. So yeah crazy stuff.

So you wrote Elder C’s mom… Kind of weird not going to lie but it’s all good. It sounds like everything is going well at home. I am sure that Ella is happy that she is out of school. Thanks so much for finding some shirts —  that is going to be much needed. These short sleeve shirts don’t unwrinkle so I look like a slob everywhere I go. So this week was a very sad moment for the mission. We had specialized training with President and Sister Greer and it was basically a final goodbye for them. So they gave their final testimonies and taught a little bit and that was it really. They are just waiting for their replacements to come in and then off they go. All I know is that one of the wards that I will serve in will be the ward that the mission president will go to. That is one plus. No more 10 hours of church. That was getting very very old to say the least. Everyone here in Pasco is getting read for girls camp as well. It seems to be the talk of the town. It sounds like they are going to have a lot of fun as well.

Everyone here is ramping up for the mission split, new mission presidents, and also this meeting coming up this week! I am very excited for that. I know President Wear will be there as well. So maybe we will see him on the big screen. Its going to be awesome. I know I am so very excited. I am also excited to see all the new things that will be implemented and the things that they are going to say.

Well I don’t have much to say. I pray for you oft and I feel the love and support every day. I love you all.

Elder Hansen WKM!!!!

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