Week 43

25 Jun

What a crazy week it has been for me here! Getting into a new area is a good learning experience. There are so many things I have to learn and my new companion Elder Paxman is teaching me so much. He has been out a long time. I am grateful for this amazing experience. SO Elder Paxman is from St. George, Utah. He is awesome. I am serving the the Willow Brook and Meadow Spring ward in the Kennewick Washington stake. Its a good change from pasco to here… not as much time I have to spend at church. That was getting old not going to lie. We live with the assistants in a town home so its always good. I am living with my dad (my first companion), Elder Snow again so its fun to talk about the good old days in Vancouver. The people in these wards are really missionary minded. They always want to come to our lessons with us which is such a blessing. We are teaching a lot of people and finding so many more. Its because Elder Paxman is such a good missionary we get into every door. We are so blessed as missionaries at this time. The Worldwide broadcast was amazing. I loved every minute of it. I am turing into Dad for sure because the whole time during that meeting I had a huge smile on my face just like Dad does at church. I guess its not a bad thing. I love this gospel so much that it can only put a smile on my face.

We had a temple trip today. Its was awesome I love the temple so very much. The temple here in Kennewick is very small, yet it fits just right in this town. This is why we didn’t email yesterday because we had P-day on Tuesday. Its been raining a lot here which I find very funny. I feel like Heavenly Father is telling us that since you did not get sent west, I will make sure you are truly grateful for the weather you have by having it rain for a few days or so. President Wear is coming in sometime this week. It was cool because since we live so close to the office we have the responsibility of running various errands that they need us to do. So a few days ago we were given the task of picking up his new mission car from the dealership. We were asked to inspect, and make sure everything works properly. Then we took it back to the office and that is where it sits at this time. This is a very exciting time for all of us here in the WKM.

Its sounds like Abby and Sammi had a good time at EFY. I love EFY I  am so glad that I went. They are so lucky that they get to go twice! I hope they get more out the second time then the first time. Ella seems to love being on summer break. I wish I could be her age again. Building things that seem to never work because they don’t quite have enough tape.

So I pray for you all, I hope you get out there and find people for the missionaries to teach because that is truly what our mission in this life is. We need to make sure missionary work just become part of something we do every single day of our lives.

Love, Elder Hansen

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