Week 44

02 Jul

The changing of the guard is complete! President and Sister Wear are here and ready to work. They flew in on Thursday and let me tell you they looked just as green as the new missionaries that come in each transfer hahah. It was awesome to see his excitement for the work. We were actually the first missionaries to meet them because of my sneaky companion. We ate lunch with Elder Cockerham one of the office senior elders who likes to take us out to lunch and Elder Paxman was able to get some key information from him. The sad thing was I was not even aware of what he was doing. He somehow got out of Elder Cockerham all the info he needed to know of when President and Sister Wear were coming. We found out that their flight was delayed by 45 minutes and that they will be running a little late all day. After lunch we went and helped some of the sisters in the zone paint their new apartment that they were moving into and then went and did some finding… apparently over by the mission home… Elder Paxman had this all down to a science. We were there around 12:45 or so and there was actually a potential investigator that lived right down the street from their house. They weren’t home so Elder Paxman was looking in the area book for the next person to try. About 3 minutes later or so guess who comes pulling around the corner. The Greers and the Wears and they saw us right away because we drive a 12 passenger van everywhere. They pulled over and got out. President Wear jumped out of the car and ran up and gave us both a big hug and shook our hands and then Sister Wear came as well. He was so very excited to see us and President Greer talked about how awesome we were to him.  Which was a lie, but anyways. He was so happy and then they needed to go. So we said our goodbyes and and before they left I asked if there was anything we could do for them. He quickly responded, “No, because I don’t have a clue what to do myself right now!” It was so funny.  Then he said, shaking my hand very rapidly kind of like Elder Calhoon from The Best Two Years,  “just Go Find Teach Baptize and Convert!!!!!”  and then sent us on our way. It was so funny. Later that night when the Assistants came home they gave us so much crap about how we totally snaked their opportunity to meet him first it was really funny. Apparently later that day Sister Wear was in tears at the mission office because she was so overwhelmed with things that she needed to do and didn’t know how to do it. So please pray for them both as they try to take over an entire mission.

So I got the shirts!! They were awesome thanks so much for them. Just in time too because it decided to get really hot this week. They fit just fine and they are just what I needed.  But I don’t need any more candy.  I am so sick of any and all food ever.

Sounds like your week at Girl’s Camp was a success. I am glad everyone enjoyed it. I hope they had a good testimony building experience. That is what it is all about. Well my time is short.  Thanks so much for all that you do.

Love Elder Hansen WKM

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