Week 45

09 Jul

Well, This week has gone by way to fast let me tell you. I really have no idea where it went. We had a lot of things to do this week. Our fourth of July was a blast that is for sure. We are so blessed to be here in Kennewick. So close to everything so we get to see and do things that most missionaries don’t get to. So we had to be in by 7 on the fourth of July and so earlier that week we got a call that President and Sister Wear still needed some help unpacking all their stuff into the mission home so us and the assistants were asked to help. We get a text thought that we are not to come in our suits, but in service clothing. So we decided that we were going to surprise the mission president by “thuggin out” all for of us came with backwards hats ready to do some work. President opened to door and just started laughing it was so funny. It was funny as well to see him in a shirt and jeans ahaha. We then started unpacking a bunch of stuff and helping him put his collection of books on the shelves in his office. He has quite a bit let me tell you. He loves reading and has read so many books. He was telling us all about how his job was working for Deseret Book and what not it was very cool. I want to get so many books to read when I get home. So after we were done helping him and his wife get all of the last few things done we asked him if he wanted to play bocce ball with us… It was a long shot, but he had never played before and he said sure. So for the rest of the night we all played bocce ball in his backyard and just talked about life. It was so awesome. We then had ice cream and brownies which were good as well. They seem to be fitting in very well and starting to get their feet underneath them. They are so much different form the Greers but the spirit is still the same and the work will still go forth. President is filled with so much love and he keeps reminding the mission that we need to remember to just be happy and teach with joy. Sometimes missionaries forget what they are doing and it becomes very robotic. He wants us to stop that right away so we are all doing better about that.

We had a baptism on Friday it was awesome!! Their names were Austin and Maddy and they are 12 and 13 years old. It was so cool because a lot of the family came to watch from out of town because the next day they were having a family reunion. Their parents are members. The mom has been her whole life but was not very active and has since come back to church. The dad was baptized about a year ago and then the two kids followed right behind them! It was so awesome because the dad was able to baptize them which was so cool to see. Then on Sunday their Grandpa confirmed them and that was really cool because most of the family was there as well. Then the next thing you know after the sacrament a member of the stake Presidency said he had a one more thing to do. They then released the 2nd counselor and they called their grandpa to be the new one to take his place. The family had no idea it was so cool to see their reaction. It was a good Sunday also because president decided to come to his own ward it was so funny. The ward was talking about putting them on the focus family list because he didn’t come to his “home” ward the first week they were there. He was so happy to see the confirmation and he was noting but smiles.

Things sound like you had a wonderful time at the cabin. Paul sounds like he was him normal self as usual. I wish I could of seen that. Next time…. So I hope Maddie has a good time at efy. Tell her to take advantage of this spiritual experience. Feast upon that time of spiritual growth. Don’t get caught up too much in the throws of cows (Crush of the Week) and dumb drama and really learn what it means to live this gospel. What the gospel really is and how you can grow and progress and endure to the end.

Well thats all the time I have. Love you all

Elder Hansen WKM

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