Week 46

18 Jul

So the other day we get a call form the senior missionaries over housing that they want to meet us all in the mission office to talk about some things…. That’s never a good call. So we get to the office and Elder Rose said that it was time for our apartment to get a nice revamp. So he said what we need to do is to move everything out of our house into the garage so that they can clean the apartments and paint the place. The thing is this–our house is a town home full of nothing but bunk beds for all the new and departing missionaries to sleep in when they come in and leave. So that meant that we needed to move all of those bunk beds, plus pack up all of our stuff so that we can live somewhere else for the week while they do the work. So on Friday we spent most of the day doing exactly that. We moved 7 bunk beds, 4 or 5 dressers, 4 recliners, a couch, 4 desks, and so much other stuff that were not on the list. It was quite an adventure to say the least but when it’s all done the place will be much nicer. So that was the crazy story for the week.

We also had MCL this week. (Mission Leadership Council) We went over a lot of policies that are being changed and we discussed things that they were trying to agree on for the mission from the different policies that were brought from the missionaries from the former Spokane mission. We learned about the new dress standards for the elders and sisters — it’s awesome. They are getting away from back packs and having all the missionaries get side and sholder bags. So — I need you to send me something — I need my side bag sent to me when you get the chance. I was very happy about that. If you want to know the other dress standards of the church, they are on the church’s website and you can look at it all. So there are some big changes going on in the mission.

Well we just found out that we are having what is called a mid-transfer transfer… We are both staying but some of the other missionaries in our zone are getting sent up to the north part of our mission and some of the northern missionaries are coming down here to serve.  It’s going to be really cool to see the integration.

So it sounds like everyone at home is having a blast. I hope all is well. We are seeing a lot of success here in this area and we are being very blessed in every way. We see the Lord’s hand in our lives and are so blessed to see it in the lives of so many other individuals. We are so happy to be in the mission at this exciting time for the work of the Lord. He is really pushing the work forward and we need to all understand that he needs our help. Each and every one of us. Keep the faith. Live the Gospel of Jesus Christ every day and remember that it is really all about HIM. Without Him we can do nothing.

Love Elder Hansen W.K.M.

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