Week 47

27 Jul

Quite and interesting and eventful week to say the least…

So to start things off we are officially moved back into our apartment. It looks nice, yet a lot looks the same not going to lie. They cleaned the carpets but, they don’t look much different. I guess its impossible to truly hide the damage 7 years of elders could do to a single apartment. Other than that everything looks good and everything is back to normal.

About the bag, I just need you to send me the bag that I used from school. That is the side bag I was talking about. Okay so to start off this interesting week. We have been living in the mission home this past time as our place has been flipped and so we have been blessed to be around President and Sister Wear a lot. It’s been awesome. I have learned so much from him. He is on the go all day every day. I have learned so much of how much a mission president really does. I have gained so much love for him as I have seen him up late into the hours of the night and then we wake up and he is already awake doing more things that he needs to get done. It’s been quite a blessing to see.

So we got a call a few days ago from a lady in the ward. I answered and said hello and the lady sounded very upset. She then said that her dog was hit by a car earlier in the day and that see needed some help digging a grave for it. (Mind you this lady is in her 70’s) So we went over a couple hours later and she and her friend were inside just sniffling holding back tears as they told us the story. The sad part was when we pulled the car over on the outside of her house I opened the door and there was the dried up pool of blood on the ground. I then followed the trail of blood to see what all happened. SO anyways we get there and she got out a shovel and we tried to dig the grave in her yard but, there were so many roots in her yard from her plants that it was out of control hard to dig up. We finally got through the first layer of dirt and the rest was no big deal. We then dug it deep enough so that we could get the box where the dog was placed in from the vet and started to lower the box in the ground. It was so sad, the two lady’s there started to really cry and I just thought this is probably how Alison is going to be when Midget finally kicks the bucket… Sorry but you know its true. So then we had the job of making sure the box was deep enough in the hole. Elder Paxman said it was good but I was still a little worried. I was then the one to fill the hole back in. It was like the Joseph Smith movie when they had to lay their brother Alvin to rest and each of the family members took turns dropping dirt on his grave sight. Only I was the only one doing it and I was just tossing on the dirt on top but it was the same idea anyways.

So the next story I have is the kid we met yesterday by the name of Jackie. We have been trying to get in with Jackie for a long time because we have had these potential investigator sheets that date back to 3 years ago that we have been working through. So we had stopped by earlier in the week and his mom came to the door but he was not home. She told us to try by another time. So we tried back last night and low and behold Jackie was home. So I need to back up. So when His mom opened the door she was Asian. So the rest of the week we kept saying that we needed to get in with Jackie Chain we needed to get in to Jackie Chain. So anyways Jackie opens the door and he is 18 years old so it was really easy just to strike up a conversation about anything that we has into. When we pulled over in front of his house there was this nice new Lexus sitting in the driveway. We were joking saying that must be Jackie’s car. So we started talking and getting to know him and Elder Paxman asked if he was called Jackie Chan at all in school and he said yeah my whole life really but I have been used to it since about 3rd grade of so. He even said it would throw a lot of teachers off when they would call out my name in the roll. We then asked, Wait is your last name Chan, and he said yes that is my last name. SO no joke his name really is Jackie Chan. It was so funny so we talk a little bit more and he tells us that that Lexus out there is really his car and he got it a few days ago. We were shocked we asked how in the world he got the money for that car and he said that he got all the money from selling his collection of 200 pairs of shoes. We were stunned. He then is like come here I will show you. He takes us up to his room and shows us pictures with him and all of his shoes! It was out of control. He kept a few of his favorite pairs but other then that he had sold them all to some company in LA where they buy vintage shoes and sell them themselves. So these shoes he has are not the average shoes. He has been collecting them for like 6 years or so. He has the classic vintage Michel Jordan shoes. He even has the model from the movie Space Jam that are worth like 600 dollars. Out of control. We are planning on teaching him more the next time we go over because we didn’t have much more time that night. He is way cool.

It sounds like everyone sure had a fun time in Utah. I hope you all learned a lot in the different places where you were and got a greater understanding of the gospel and how you can live it more in your life. I am truly grateful for all the gospel has done for me in my life and how it helps me to grow every single day. Keep the faith. Know that with our Savior Jesus Christ we can do all things and without him we can do nothing. Nothing is ours. Its a blessing from our Father in Heaven and I know that to be true.

Elder Hansen W.K.M.

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