Week 48

31 Jul

It sounds like everyone is truly loving summer vacation. The beach looks like it always does. Fun and relaxing.  So this week has been good. We had a zone conference this week and it was getting us ready to start giving powerful church tours to any and all who want to get a tour of church. We are very excited and have our first church tour on Tuesday with one of the people we are working with in our area. Her name is Debra and she is really excited to learn more about the gospel it’s awesome.

So yesterday we had dinner with a member of the Meadow Springs ward. It’s famous and it’s called Taco Sunday!!! They feed the missionaries once a month and its always on a Sunday and its always Taco Sunday! They have a competition on how many tacos an elder can eat and they have a plaque and everything! The record is from Elder Williams who went home a long time ago and it was 14 that he ate!! It was crazy. They tried to get us to eat as much as we could but there was no way that was going to happen. We get fed so much as missionaries it so crazy! I luckily have not gained any weight yet… but who knows what will happen. The members do us good here and there are no complaints about that.

We also had probably the weirdest sacrament meeting I have every been in in my life yesterday it was so funny. So they have just recently re-organized the counselors in the Bishopric and so the 2nd Counselor has been having a rough time conducting. I feel for him, but he just kind or struggles constantly looking back at the Bishop for help and guidance. It’s so good though. Anyways to yesterday for some reason both the Bishop and the 1st Counselor weren’t at church so he was there leading the meeting all by himself. Luckily the Stake President decides to join the meeting and so the meeting starts and everything is going well. Elder Paxman and I realize that they only have 2 speakers that were up there. So the third one never showed up. So for the last part of the meeting the 2nd Counselor just starts calling people to bear their testimony up on the stand. Then while someone was speaking some lady walks up to the stand and walks over to the 2nd Counselor and starts talking to him. Then he points to the door and they both just get up and walk out of the meeting. At that point the Stake President had some priceless looks on his face it was really funny. So at this point the meeting is already like 7 minutes over and so the last speaker sits down and everyone is getting ready to sing and then the 2nd Counselor get up and is like, ” we will have one final speaker come up and share her testimony.” So that same lady gets up and talks for like another 15 minutes or so… She talks about how she used to live in the ward and that she moved up to Canada and how its hard to get to church and what not. Then she just ends the testimony with thank you so much to the missionaries and thanks so much for all you do, and then just walks down and sits down at her seat. Then the meeting was closed. So we were in sacrament meeting for like 15 minutes longer then we needed to be. It was so funny.

So I was on an exchange the other day was some spanish missionaries. They are always doing so good with the work. I love going on spanish exchanges because its something different and I can never understand what they are saying. Anyways its so cool how the spirit works. Every time we go on exchanges at different points in the lessons they always ask if I want to teach and they translate. I love doing that. It’s always one of the more powerful teaching experiences that I have. I seem to always teach much more simpler and they spirit is always so much stronger. It just goes to show that no matter how fancy or eloquent your teaching my be, the spirit will always be stronger when you teach simply and nothing but pure doctrine. I always need to remember and take note of that as we go about our days teaching and preaching the gospel.

I love you all so much. I am so grateful for the love and support that you give me each and every day. Tell Maddy to look for how much the gospel of Jesus Christ is talked about and taught while she is at efy. Its the absolute most important thing for any and all of us to understand.

Love Elder Hansen.

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