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Week 52

A week in review of all the things that I have learned this week!

So I think it was on Wednesday we swung by the apartment to grab something this week and found the Assistants watching something on their computer that President asked them to watch for an upcoming training they had. It was a session with Elder Bednar about his new book that has just been published. He and his wife were interviewed by some lady from Deseret Book about the things that were contained inside obviously. The Assistants were just ranting and raving about how amazing it was and how later that night when we all get home we need to watch it because its was “changing their mission”. So none the less we were excited. The day went on and we got home and finished planning and things along that line and sat down and watched the interview and they were not kidding, changed everything about how I am going about doing missionary work. Elder Bednar talked about the way the Apostles teach and show the way. He broke down the formula of how each of us need to learn by the spirit. There is a quote in Preach My Gospel that states that the understanding of true doctrine changes behavior faster then a study of behavior can change behavior. He tied that all back in to teaching and learning. This is what he said. He taught us that when anyone breaks a commandment or has any question about the gospel that they don’t quite understand or anything along that line there is always a way that we can find an answer. We first need to understand what doctrine we, or the people we are helping, don’t understand, then understand the principles that follow that they need to understand that will help them and then show them the application. Then at that point the ball is in their court. It’s up to them at that point whether or not they will act on the thing that we share. Elder Bednar says that we know the answer to a lot of questions, we just need to be reminded of an answer by the spirit. It’s hard at this point to talk about all the things he shared but what is most important to understand is that formula of Doctrine, Principle, Application that the Brethren use in each and every thing they do. The said they get questions all the time from people that say how can I understand the Atonement of Jesus Christ in my life. This is the answer they always give which I thought was awesome. They always say that if they want to understand and truly understand the atonement in any way shape or form you need to read the Book of Mormon as many times as you possibly can looking for all the times it talked about the atonement in 6 months and then at the end of that six months try to write what you learned about the atonement on a single piece of paper and then you will have a better understanding of the atonement in your life. They understand the doctrine of seeking personal revelation from the Book of Mormon, searching and studying the scriptures to find greater knowledge of things and also answers to questions and that is also part of the application.

It’s kind of confusing to put into words so sorry if that didn’t really make sense

Anyways this week flew by. It feels like just yesterday we were having P-Day. I don’t know were the week went. It was full of trainings, teachings, baptism interviews and baptisms and teaching people. Elder Hatch is an amazing missionary. I am learning a lot from him. He just loves everyone and everyone loves him back. He is an amazing addition to the Kennewick Zone. We are seeing so many miracles here. I love this work so much I can’t even tell you in words how much this work means to me. I also know this work is real and that we all need to remember to get out there and share this gospel with those around. Well I am having a hard time getting any of this out. Got a lot on my mind. Well got to go.

Love Elder Hansen

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Week 51

What a crazy week we have just had. As you know we had transfers this week and let me tell you we were running all over the place helping out behind the scenes for the assistants as they tried to keep under control the 38 new missionaries we received on Tuesday. We were moving boxes and all around and getting cars where they needed to be as well as supplies for the new areas that the cars were going in. On Tuesday night we were in charge of entertainment for these new missionaries as President interviewed each of them to decide what area they were going to serve in and who their trainer was going to be. We played Preach My Gospel Jeopardy and it was so funny to see these new missionaries get out of the quiet lost shell that they were in and see their true self. They were very competitive it was really funny. We asked the question of how many of you were 18 and almost every single one of the elders in the group were 18!! It was so cool to see. As part of the jeopardy game there is a section on concerns and what we do is role play these concerns and they have to try and resolve what they may be. It was so awesome to see these brand new missionaries teach. As they were teaching, I was brought back to when the prophet said that they were being prepared now more then ever and that these missionaries will be ready. They are so ready and they teach with power and authority! I am so excited to see what they have to bring to the table. I know that this work is real. It’s so amazing to see how the Lord’s hand is in every single detail of our lives. No matter where you look, He is always there.

So this week my thoughts have been on The Book of Mormon and its role in our lives. We have been working with a family here for a quite some time now. They have been meeting with missionaries for quite some time now and they have so many questions. Elder Hatch and I have been trying to see what we can do to help them with the most. The wife of the family goes 2 times a week to a Book of Mormon study group with a bunch of her member friends and they read and discuss things form the Book of Mormon and she reads quite a bit from it. We keep telling her that her answer will come as she reads, ponders the words that she reads and then apply them to her life. I have learned that in order to gain a stronger testimony of anything you need to really live whatever principle it might be. She needs to now apply what she reads and she will see if this is really bringing blessings to her life. That is when she will come to know that this is all real and true. We need to live the teachings of the prophets every day in order to really know and see if this is all true. Likening the scriptures unto ourselves will bring countless experiences with revelation.

We had the opportunity to go to a youth fireside with some people we are slowly introducing to the gospel. It was taught by a seminary teacher who is my favorite person ever. He lives in the Pasco 9th ward and so I knew him before I came to this area. He taught the kids about how we need to hold on the the word of God because that is what is going to help us reach our end goal. He put into perspective our excitement and eagerness as we planned and entered into this life and how we need to always keep that in mind as we go throughout our day. He said we came to this earth to amount to something much greater then what the world portrays us to be. We came down here to become like our Father in Heaven and that is what we need to be doing in this life. Not sitting around doing nothing . We all have a divine purpose in this life and we have the plan laid out for us. Hold tight to the scriptures and let them carry you through the rough times of life and let them lead you to HIM. Our savior Jesus Christ. This life is all about Him. We are to become like him in all that we do and say. We need to become true followers of Jesus Christ.

So Elder Hatch is my new companion. He is from Logan Utah. He has been out 13 mouths and has 2 older brothers and an older sister. He is going to Utah State when he gets back and he has already done 1 year there. He is awesome. He is an amazing teacher and is an awesome leader. I am so impressed by all the things that he does for each and every one of the people that he comes in contact with. He has got an amazing spirit about him and he knows where he is going and what he is doing.

We had a cool service opportunity the other day. We were helping some members with some yard work and as we were doing that I looked down the street and saw an old man pulling weeds out of his yard. They were getting ready to do some yard work to their vacant back yard. As I saw him doing that I had the idea that when we were done here we could walk down and offer some help. So that is what we did. We offered help and he looked up and saw that we were wearing name tags! He said, “Oh hey elders yes of course you can help”. So we then helped for the next hour or so pulling weeds and getting to know him. We talked about the church and he said that he had a lot of Mormon friends and what not.  It was so cool to see this service opportunity turn into such an amazing time with a complete stranger and helping him come closer to our Savior. I know that when we truly serve others we will see our Savior in them and love them all the more. We are going back later this week and going to teach them about the gospel. Well, my time is up. I love you all.  Until next time. Remember who we are and our purpose in this life. Look for our Savior in everything that we do. I know that he lives and loves each and every one of us on earth. Draw near unto him with full purpose of heart!

Elder Hansen WKM

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Here are a couple pictures sent to us by a family in the ward where Spencer was serving (he has since been transferred). We are so grateful for this family and that they took these pictures to send to us!



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Week 50

Well it’s nice to hear form the Family again! I am glad to see that all is well at home.

Here are some things that I have learned this week. I was studying the other day in the New Testament in the book of John. I was looking up scriptures to help me teach about our life on earth, our purpose and God’s purpose for us. I looked at John 17:3, “And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.” This scripture really stood out to me more than any other that day and actually all week. I had been really thinking about this scripture and its true meaning. I thought about what it takes to truly know someone. It takes time effort and work. I thought about if you were to gain a full knowledge of our Savior Jesus Christ what that would mean and do for you. I thought about when you come to know our Savior more fully in your life what that would lead you to do. Well then I was impressed with the idea of how the spirit is going to then testify of Him and cause everyone and anyone to then follow Him. I thought that was so interesting. I then thought about all the things that he taught us and what he asks of us to do. He taught His gospel. We then, if we truly come to know Him, would live that gospel to the best of our abilities what blessings would follow from that. Eternal Life and Exaltation. This Scripture then blew my mind. Its simple, We truly come to know Heavenly Father and Our Savior Jesus Christ and we will inevitably follow his teachings and then endure to the end and be saved. What an amazing blessing that truly his. This scripture then put a whole new spin on our purpose as missionaries. “Our Purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and his Atonement, Repentance, Baptism, receiving the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end.” (PMG) So what we do is guide people to come to know our savior for themselves and then they will inevitably accept his restored gospel. So we need to get them to that point. Knowing Our Savior Jesus Christ.

So this week we went to a baptism of a 18 year old that we interviewed for baptism. She is so cool. She had been investigating the Church for over a year and a half and would not get permission from her parents because she was not old enough yet. She turned 18 on friday and that was the day she was baptized! What an amazing example of faith and love for our Savior right there. While I was sitting in the congregation as the meeting was taking place I was once again pondering on John 17:3. Then another thought came into my head. I was brought back to a zone conference that we had while I was in Pasco. The zone conference was titled “Its all about HIM”. The Greers at the time had just come back form there mission president seminar and they talked about how Elder Holland, a member of the quorum of the 12 apostles, attended that seminar that they taught us about the training that he gave them on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Greers then pulled out a chalk board and asked us what the Gospel of Jesus Christ was. We all obviously said a huge list of things. The Greers then added there testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and then said what the Gospel of Jesus Christ really truly is. Elder Holland then said that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is all about Him because the gospel is Him. As the Greers taught this I knew it was true, but it didn’t really hit me too deeply then. But while I was at that baptism I had the spirit teach me a thing or two about how it is Him, and it truly is. The Scriptures are all about Him, They are nothing but his teachings and how when people follow them they are blessed and when people don’t follow they are not blessed. Its simple. When we come to know him, We will be living the his way, and all of his teachings.

So that is one of the big takeaways from this week. So some other news. We just received our transfer calls this week. I will be staying obviously because elder Paxman flies home tomorrow, its way sad I hate having to kill people. I will be receiving a new companion and his name is elder Hatch. I think he is from logan utah, I have never met him before but I know that he is an amazing missionary. We also found out that our area is getting split. So now we will only be covering 1 ward, the meadow springs ward! I am so excited. I we finally get to really work with the ward on a deeper level and really help them with there missionary work. We are very exciting. Elder Tays will be in the Willowbrook ward working with a missionary who I don’t know at all. I know they will do an awesome job.

Thanks so much for all the letters from the family. Its nice to hear from yeah once and a while. Looks like JMD3 is growing up real fast and is having a blast in California. I hope the dogs are doing well also. That I do miss a lot. The dogs. I meet quite a few dogs, but must of them just bark at you all day long and try and bite your leg off any time they get the chance so its not as fun. Well that is all I have from you this week I guess.

Love Elder Hansen WKM

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Week 49

This week has been rough, but it’s been an amazing growing period.

I don’t think I have ever gone through a hard time and have not been thankful for the things that I have learned and the things that I have grown from. I love the Atonement for that very reason. It gives you the opportunity to grow and progress and be better than what you were the next day. It is such a blessing that we have to be able to have someone who has been right there with us wherever we go that knows exactly where we are, where we are going and what we have been through. Our Savior Jesus Christ is real. He lives. He loves each and every one of us on this earth. We also have a loving Heavenly Father! We are His spirit children and we were sent to this earth to become just like Him. He gives us so many things in this life that will help us through the rough times and to get through this life in general. We have been given our families to grow and to gain experience with. The home, when centered on the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Faith, Repentance, Baptism, the gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the end), will then become a place of protection and peace. It will become a place where the spirit resides and it becomes a place where we can truly learn and grow. I know that the home is a place where I learned more than anywhere else. I learned what it means to be a true and faithful husband and father who serves his family and lives this gospel every single day! My Dad is a perfect example of this. I have learned so much form just watching his example. I know that he lives this gospel and always wants to do the right thing. I also have learned what a mother truly is and how a wife treats her husband while watching what my mom does for our family. She teaches this very gospel and helps us stay on the straight and narrow path. I know that families can be together forever when they truly live this gospel and strive each day to become more like our Savior in all that we do and say. I know how important service is in our lives and without it we are nothing.

These are always the thoughts that run through my head when I read emails each week. I know that this gospel is real. Let me tell you of some interesting experiences I had this week that touched me and helped be better understand this gospel and helped me grow an even better love for this gospel.

This week was really amazing because we had the opportunity of being part of the tri-city mini mission experience. Each companionship in the zone had a mini missionary assigned to come out with us for 2 days and do missionary work with us. I was looking forward to this because I know how powerful this experience can be because of the things that happened to me while I was on a mini mission with Elder Johnson and Elder Elliot. We did anything and everything with our mini missionary and the best part was he kept asking us tons of questions about being a missionary and also questions that he was dealing with. We were able to help him a lot and were able to help him see that missionary work is fun and that you don’t have to be apostate to do it. I prayed the whole time that he would have an awesome experience and that we would be able to help him see the blessings of missionary service and what it does for you. We are so blessed to be in this exciting time. (I have been thinking about writing or emailing Elliot and Johnson so if you could somehow get their contact information that would be awesome.)

The next awesome experience I was blessed with was when I gave a baptismal interview to an investigator by the name of Dante. We talked about life and his experience with investigating the church. The spirit is always so strong in those interviews and that’s what I love most about them. You can really feel the spirit building both of our faith in Jesus Christ. We read and discussed Mosiah 18:8-10 (in the Book of Mormon). We talked about the qualifications of baptism and how when we have these feelings why not be baptized. I love pointing out the reactions of the congregation as Alma testifies of these things. It’s amazing. After every interview I always feel like I want to be just like those people “clapping and cheering for joy” as the scriptures describe it. They understood the blessing it was for them to be baptized and I could only imagine these people had been looking for the solace and peace and it could only be found through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is what everyone is looking for, most people just don’t know how to find it. Even members of the church don’t truly understand this and how much it can truly bless their life.

We have been preparing for our zone meeting tomorrow and talking about how we can help the zone with our goals. One of President’s focuses and the thing that he constantly reminds us of is how the Lord is always out in front in the work and that there are more people out there then we are finding that have been prepared. He is telling us that we need to double and triple our efforts always to find these people. We have been praying and asking how we can help the zone see the vision and how we can help them get out there and serve. One thing I have been pondering on a lot about is how we can truly lose ourselves in this work. What it means to become an ever greater disciple of our Savior then ever before. I feel like sometimes in our missionary work we get caught up in things that hold us back. Whether it be the numbers, hitting our goals, self filled thoughts, disobedience or what have you and we forget that the best things we can be doing are getting out there and serving. I love in 4th Nephi in the Book of Mormon. This is such an example of these things. The people have been truly converted to the gospel. They are serving and there is continual peace in the land. Then slowly over time they lose that conversion due to pride or what have you and they forget the Savior’s teachings and they all fall apart. It’s the same with our mission at this moment. I feel like since we are trying to make two different cultures come to be one, we have lost the focus of just getting out and working. We had MCL a few days ago and we spent an hour and a half on a policy that one mission lived one way and the other mission another way. It took way to long and a lot of people felt upset by what the end goal was. I sat at that meeting and thought to myself, I don’t care which way this policy goes, I will sustain either way, it’s only going to bless us when we finally make a decision. I just hope we can after this meeting, get back to work, because the work is what is really going to get us through any and all disagreements on any policy. I know that when we are lost in the Lord’s work, all problems will fix themselves. That was one of my biggest take aways from that amazing meeting. I love this mission. I am so excited to see what will happen next.

Elder Hansen WKM

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