Week 51

20 Aug

What a crazy week we have just had. As you know we had transfers this week and let me tell you we were running all over the place helping out behind the scenes for the assistants as they tried to keep under control the 38 new missionaries we received on Tuesday. We were moving boxes and all around and getting cars where they needed to be as well as supplies for the new areas that the cars were going in. On Tuesday night we were in charge of entertainment for these new missionaries as President interviewed each of them to decide what area they were going to serve in and who their trainer was going to be. We played Preach My Gospel Jeopardy and it was so funny to see these new missionaries get out of the quiet lost shell that they were in and see their true self. They were very competitive it was really funny. We asked the question of how many of you were 18 and almost every single one of the elders in the group were 18!! It was so cool to see. As part of the jeopardy game there is a section on concerns and what we do is role play these concerns and they have to try and resolve what they may be. It was so awesome to see these brand new missionaries teach. As they were teaching, I was brought back to when the prophet said that they were being prepared now more then ever and that these missionaries will be ready. They are so ready and they teach with power and authority! I am so excited to see what they have to bring to the table. I know that this work is real. It’s so amazing to see how the Lord’s hand is in every single detail of our lives. No matter where you look, He is always there.

So this week my thoughts have been on The Book of Mormon and its role in our lives. We have been working with a family here for a quite some time now. They have been meeting with missionaries for quite some time now and they have so many questions. Elder Hatch and I have been trying to see what we can do to help them with the most. The wife of the family goes 2 times a week to a Book of Mormon study group with a bunch of her member friends and they read and discuss things form the Book of Mormon and she reads quite a bit from it. We keep telling her that her answer will come as she reads, ponders the words that she reads and then apply them to her life. I have learned that in order to gain a stronger testimony of anything you need to really live whatever principle it might be. She needs to now apply what she reads and she will see if this is really bringing blessings to her life. That is when she will come to know that this is all real and true. We need to live the teachings of the prophets every day in order to really know and see if this is all true. Likening the scriptures unto ourselves will bring countless experiences with revelation.

We had the opportunity to go to a youth fireside with some people we are slowly introducing to the gospel. It was taught by a seminary teacher who is my favorite person ever. He lives in the Pasco 9th ward and so I knew him before I came to this area. He taught the kids about how we need to hold on the the word of God because that is what is going to help us reach our end goal. He put into perspective our excitement and eagerness as we planned and entered into this life and how we need to always keep that in mind as we go throughout our day. He said we came to this earth to amount to something much greater then what the world portrays us to be. We came down here to become like our Father in Heaven and that is what we need to be doing in this life. Not sitting around doing nothing . We all have a divine purpose in this life and we have the plan laid out for us. Hold tight to the scriptures and let them carry you through the rough times of life and let them lead you to HIM. Our savior Jesus Christ. This life is all about Him. We are to become like him in all that we do and say. We need to become true followers of Jesus Christ.

So Elder Hatch is my new companion. He is from Logan Utah. He has been out 13 mouths and has 2 older brothers and an older sister. He is going to Utah State when he gets back and he has already done 1 year there. He is awesome. He is an amazing teacher and is an awesome leader. I am so impressed by all the things that he does for each and every one of the people that he comes in contact with. He has got an amazing spirit about him and he knows where he is going and what he is doing.

We had a cool service opportunity the other day. We were helping some members with some yard work and as we were doing that I looked down the street and saw an old man pulling weeds out of his yard. They were getting ready to do some yard work to their vacant back yard. As I saw him doing that I had the idea that when we were done here we could walk down and offer some help. So that is what we did. We offered help and he looked up and saw that we were wearing name tags! He said, “Oh hey elders yes of course you can help”. So we then helped for the next hour or so pulling weeds and getting to know him. We talked about the church and he said that he had a lot of Mormon friends and what not.  It was so cool to see this service opportunity turn into such an amazing time with a complete stranger and helping him come closer to our Savior. I know that when we truly serve others we will see our Savior in them and love them all the more. We are going back later this week and going to teach them about the gospel. Well, my time is up. I love you all.  Until next time. Remember who we are and our purpose in this life. Look for our Savior in everything that we do. I know that he lives and loves each and every one of us on earth. Draw near unto him with full purpose of heart!

Elder Hansen WKM

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