Week 52

27 Aug

A week in review of all the things that I have learned this week!

So I think it was on Wednesday we swung by the apartment to grab something this week and found the Assistants watching something on their computer that President asked them to watch for an upcoming training they had. It was a session with Elder Bednar about his new book that has just been published. He and his wife were interviewed by some lady from Deseret Book about the things that were contained inside obviously. The Assistants were just ranting and raving about how amazing it was and how later that night when we all get home we need to watch it because its was “changing their mission”. So none the less we were excited. The day went on and we got home and finished planning and things along that line and sat down and watched the interview and they were not kidding, changed everything about how I am going about doing missionary work. Elder Bednar talked about the way the Apostles teach and show the way. He broke down the formula of how each of us need to learn by the spirit. There is a quote in Preach My Gospel that states that the understanding of true doctrine changes behavior faster then a study of behavior can change behavior. He tied that all back in to teaching and learning. This is what he said. He taught us that when anyone breaks a commandment or has any question about the gospel that they don’t quite understand or anything along that line there is always a way that we can find an answer. We first need to understand what doctrine we, or the people we are helping, don’t understand, then understand the principles that follow that they need to understand that will help them and then show them the application. Then at that point the ball is in their court. It’s up to them at that point whether or not they will act on the thing that we share. Elder Bednar says that we know the answer to a lot of questions, we just need to be reminded of an answer by the spirit. It’s hard at this point to talk about all the things he shared but what is most important to understand is that formula of Doctrine, Principle, Application that the Brethren use in each and every thing they do. The said they get questions all the time from people that say how can I understand the Atonement of Jesus Christ in my life. This is the answer they always give which I thought was awesome. They always say that if they want to understand and truly understand the atonement in any way shape or form you need to read the Book of Mormon as many times as you possibly can looking for all the times it talked about the atonement in 6 months and then at the end of that six months try to write what you learned about the atonement on a single piece of paper and then you will have a better understanding of the atonement in your life. They understand the doctrine of seeking personal revelation from the Book of Mormon, searching and studying the scriptures to find greater knowledge of things and also answers to questions and that is also part of the application.

It’s kind of confusing to put into words so sorry if that didn’t really make sense

Anyways this week flew by. It feels like just yesterday we were having P-Day. I don’t know were the week went. It was full of trainings, teachings, baptism interviews and baptisms and teaching people. Elder Hatch is an amazing missionary. I am learning a lot from him. He just loves everyone and everyone loves him back. He is an amazing addition to the Kennewick Zone. We are seeing so many miracles here. I love this work so much I can’t even tell you in words how much this work means to me. I also know this work is real and that we all need to remember to get out there and share this gospel with those around. Well I am having a hard time getting any of this out. Got a lot on my mind. Well got to go.

Love Elder Hansen

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