Week 53

05 Sep

So the other day we were walking in an apartment complex looking for a man by the name of Steve. We had discovered Steve from a potential investigators sheet and he was interested in the addiction recovery program because apparently he was trying to get over some addictions and really needed help. So a few weeks ago we had finally made contact with him and he expressed some interest and told us to stop by another time when he had a little more time. So we had tried by quite a bit looking for him and he was no where to be found. So anyways we were walking through this apartment complex heading up to his house and this little 6 year old girl comes right up to us from out of no where and asks “what you looking for” we both paused because it was kind of random and said that we were looking for Steve. She then said “oh I know where Steve is you can just follow me!” We were a little skeptical about following her because she was like 6 and we thought that she would have no idea who we were talking about. She then insisted on us following her and so we both looked at each other and then at the girl and just started following her. She led us around a lot of buildings and then around another corner and low and behold there was Steve sitting outside of his friend’s house. We were able to talk to him for a little bit and he said that we can stop by on Sunday. It was so cool. If we just would have gone up to his house and he would have not been home and we would have not been able to see him. Heavenly Father provided a way, a very interesting way, but none the less a way to get his work done. What a cool experience that was.

This week has been a good one that is for sure. Elder Hatch and I are having a lot of fun together and are doing a lot of good work done as well. We are constantly seeing miracles all of the time. We are really trying to focus on working with the members of the church to find people to teach. We are striving to help them in anyway to have stronger testimonies of this gospel so that they are more willing and able to be better missionaries to their friends. We are seeing the fruits of our labors — it is awesome.

So here is a story about how I will go and do the things the Lord commands for Abby.

We had arranged to do a church tour with one of our investigators. We went about showing the church building to her and what not and we had arranged to show her the baptismal font last. We show her the font and talk to her about the different things it represents and what not. Elder Hatch and I had not planned on putting her on date for baptism, but I had a prompting that we needed to do so. I got the prompting and was a little caught of guard because we didn’t plan for it, but I had the faith that Heavenly Father would provide the way for me to do that. We kept talking and then I saw the moment that I needed to and I committed her to baptism. She accepted with an open heart and a willingness to do the things that she needed to do. It was a good experience. One I will never forget because I followed the sprit without question. I know it was the right thing to do.

One last thing I have learned this week is that when seeking revelation we need to have a few different plans of how to accomplish something or even make a decision about how or what we need to do and then take them or that decision to the Lord. I learned that we can’t just be faced with little decisions and ask Heavenly Father to always point us the right way. He wants us to use our agency and act and always look for his guiding hand. I love this gospel so much. Our Savior lives and I know that to be true. Keep looking for direction from Heavenly Father with the trials that he puts in our path. He will always lead in the right way no matter how big the mountain might be.

Love Elder Hansen

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