Week 54

12 Sep

Meetings, Meetings, and more meetings this week but is sure has been fun. We have had lots of things to do this last week and we are trying to get it all done and teach all the people we have to see it was quite an adventure to say the least. We had MLC this week which happens on the first weekend of every month. It’s always nice to see what the mission is doing well on and what are the ways that we can improve as a mission as we set goals and make plans to help each person receive the restored gospel.

Today I was searching and studying about Charity and Service. Something that I learned from the spirit is from the scripture in Matthew Chapter 22:36-40. Jesus was asked what is the greatest commandment that we need to follow. He then answers that we must first love the Lord thy God with all of thy heart. Then we must love our neighbor as thyself. Most people stop quoting this scripture after that, but what I love is in verse 40. He teaches that upon these two laws all the laws and teachings of Him, or the prophets, hang in the balance. I was thinking a lot about this scripture. I learned that any and all of these laws were made out of charity and love from our Heavenly Father to help His children come unto him and become just like him. If anyone teaches or does these things after vain ambition or for the wrong reason, the law, and the teachings formed, will eventually crumble and fall. They are not meant for the salvation of man, but for the greed of wicked men. This helped me better understand the scripture that states that charity is the first thing that we need. We need it to teach by the spirit and to be able to get His work done. We need charity, I know that to be true.

We had a very funny experience yesterday. We were going around to different members homes to set up church tours with members of the congregation. We stopped by a family who had been on my mind since we had woken up this morning. So after Stake Conference we went and stopped by their house. They let us right in and we started to get to know the family a little more and we told them about these church tours we were doing. They got really excited! They were wanting to know about all of the people that we were teaching and they wanted us to get a hold of them right then and there and invite them over for dinner that night!! We were really caught of guard. We then told them that the investigator that we were planning on bringing to dinner was sick and so they would not be able to come. The family set up another time for them to have dinner with them and asked about the church tour again. We told them what it was all about and they were so excited they wanted to do it right then and there. We were so dumbfounded by how excited they were to do missionary work. They all started running upstairs to get their church clothes on and started pushing out the door to get the church tour set up! It was so funny and yet an amazing experience because we had been praying to find the members ready to do missionary work… I guess we found our answer.

Well that all I have time for today! I love you all. Thanks for all that you do and the support and prayers that you send my way.

Love Elder Hansen

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