Week 55

16 Sep

Hello from Washington!

This week Elder Hatch and I have been discussing the productivity of our area that we are serving in. We have decided that everyone on our teaching pool except for one family needs to be dropped and we need to have more faith to find the people that are really ready to accept this gospel. We are really trying to use the ward members in everything that we do so that we can find the people that are ready and already have a friend to help them through the process of accepting the gospel.

We had the coolest opportunity this week to attend a meeting with the Kennewick East Stake. It was a meeting with the Stake President, his counselors and also all of the bishops in the stake. Our role in this meeting was to take them all on a tour of the church building. This is something we have really been focused on as a mission. Our goal is to take all the members on these tours so that when we have investigators come, the members will come and they will be ready. It’s really awesome. So here Elder Hatch and I are, sitting in a room with Priesthood Keys flying everywhere, then showing them around the church. It was kind of intimidating and really awesome at the same time. After the tours the Stake President the committed each of the Bishops in that meeting to find someone that the missionaries can then take on these tours and set up an appointment with them within two weeks! It was awesome. We are excited to see the blessings and miracles that we see as we keep doing what the Lord directs. We will have the same meeting this week with the Kennewick Stake.

If there is one thing that I love about being a missionary is the opportunity we get in serving at any and all hours of the day. We are so blessed to see all the things that come from that as well. We are striving to find new and different ways to serve here. I see the joy that follows and I have gained a testimony that we are truly serving God when we serve our fellow men. I know that to be true. I have always drawn strength from the Mormon Message “Hope You Know We are Having a Hard Time.” This message always pops into my head when we hit a roadblock along the way in our missionary life. It’s always something to think about when life gets hard. Serve others and we will see the amazing things happen. The Lord will pick us up and help us achieve everything He wants us to accomplish, not what we think we need to accomplish.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is real. I know that to be true. I also know that everything in this life was made possible by the Atonement. I love in the scriptures how Jesus teaches his apostles this simple but powerful doctrine. “Without Me, ye can do nothing.” I know that this is true. I also know that it’s something that we all need to internalize. We need to learn and rely on the things that He teaches and understand that He made it possible for us to receive all that the Father has. That is what this life is all about. I have learned that when we keep in mind His plan everything else that might get in the way of living his gospel vanish in an instant.

Mom, thanks for the jam. It was really good. I am grateful for the things that you do for me each day. I feel the prayers and see the blessings that come to our family each and every day as I serve the Lord.

Love Elder Hansen W.K.M

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