Week 56

25 Sep

Sounds like everyone is having a good time at home. I am glad to see that Emma and Grandma are enjoying their time in the Golden State of California. I bet the weather is awesome. I sure do miss it. We had a crazy storm about a week ago! It was nice and warm here and the sun shined everywhere, but now after the storm blew over it has been getting a lot colder. I don’t like it one bit. I want it to stay summer all year round. This storm was the craziest storm I have ever seen. Our area is at the base of a “mountain”. The storm came over the “mountain” and blew dust everywhere to start so that it was almost pitch black outside. I kind of related it to when the Nephites had darkness for three days after the death of Jesus Christ. And then came the rain and the most lightning and thunder I have ever seen. It was out of control and it was striking everywhere. We still pressed forward hoping not to get killed as we continued with our missionary work. We received our transfer called on Saturday. We are both staying which we are really happy about, but we are going to be receiving a visa waiter. So it will be interesting to see how all of this goes down with all of our responsibilities as well as making sure we are good parents to our new child. We are excited none the less and really have no idea when he will get his visa to head off to his mission. Anyways, we are seeing a lot of good things come about for the big influx of missionaries.

So funny story for you mom. We had a meeting with President Ware and the whole Kennewick Stake Presidency and High Council. It was similar to the other stake meeting we had last week. So we did our things — it was an awesome meeting. Then Elder Hatch and I went to do something after the meeting at the church and then we are walking back to our car. We then see President Ware on the phone calling his wife for something. We then hear him say “oh wait they are still here maybe I can get a ride with them.” He asked if he could get a ride to the hospital where Sister Ware was visiting a missionary who was really sick. He only has one car and his wife had it at the hospital. We laughed and said we would love to give you a ride. So here Elder Hatch and I were driving down the road and in our 12 passenger van that we drive everywhere with President Ware, who insisted on sitting in the back, on our way to the hospital. We pull out of the parking lot of the church and head down the road. We then see a few blocks ahead a DQ sign. President loves DQ and insisted on us stopping for a quick treat. So we pick up some Blizzards and head on our way. We are just joking and laughing and having a good old time over to the hospital. The story would be funnier if you knew the kind of person President is. He is like a big lovable kid. You just feel the love that he has for us. It was awesome. Well that is all the time I have today. We gots to get running.

Elder Hansen WKM

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