Week 58

08 Oct

Where to begin…. What a blessing it was to be able to be instructed by the Lord’s chosen servants. I am still overwhelmed by all that was shared at General Conference. I am still digesting all that was said, but a few that stick out to me at the moment that I really liked was Elder Maynes of the 70. I don’t know if I was a little biased because I have been able to hear from him in person and how he works very closely with us in this area or if his talk really spoke to me. I really like how he touched on how conversion is a process and how we need to understand that it is in the daily process of building up our spiritual stamina that we truly gain conversion. That was something that I really needed to hear.  I struggle at times with the growing. I get impatient and continually beat myself up over that. So it was something I needed to hear.  I loved every minute of conference. I was sad when it was over. We watched 3 of the 4 sessions at the church and one with a member family. It was good to have it at members homes, but Elder Hatch and I both agreed that we like it better at the church. The spirit feels so much stronger and there are way less distractions. I also really liked Elder Christofferson’s address. He did an awesome job yet they were all really good. I can’t quite decide yet which I like the most. I know that these men are truly inspired of God. They have been chosen and set apart by His priesthood authority. There is no other organization like it. This is Christ’s Church and I invite everyone who does not know this for themselves to find that out. I know where we came from, why we are here on the earth and where we are going after we die. We can gain all of this knowledge by reading the Book of Mormon and studying it out in our minds and then praying and asking God if this is real. I know you can receive an answer for yourself.

We have seen so many awesome things happen this week. We had a really cool experience to be part of a fireside for the Meadow Springs Ward. The ward mission in the ward organized this thing called the teaching experience. They found 6 or so non member families that were willing, for the sake of helping the youth, be taught the restoration by full time missionaries as the youth sit and observe the lesson be taught so that the youth could learn and see how it was done to better prepare themselves for their missions. It was so cool to be a part of that. The spirit was so strong and we truly got to see the spirit really work with the non member families we taught. We commited them to really read the Book of Mormon and ask God if it was true and they all accepted. We hope they really do. We are planning on going back sometime next week to see if they have had a chance to do so. We heard that it was a good experience for all that were involved with the fireside and the youth really loved it. One of the priests we take out with us sometimes came up to us after and said it was way better then tracting hahah. He loved tracting with us, but now he has seen a good lesson and wants to have more of those instead.

We also had MLC (Mission Leadership Council) on Friday. This meeting was a big step in the right direction.  As part of MLC we have a time where we set some goals for the mission. I did not really like this part all that much to be honest. It was full of contention and too many of the “I think” instead of what the Lord wants for us. As a mission we have had a hard time hitting our goals since the formation of the new mission. We have been spending a lot of time over what is keeping us from our goals. What we learned on Friday was that we needed to be more unified as a mission. In the throws of discussion one of the Sisters in the meeting said some things that we all needed to hear. She said that in order to hit our goal we need to be so much more unified with the what we set as a goal. She said there was so much contention in this room it is impossible for us to get anywhere without the proper spirit. We then all decieded that we needed to stop and say a prayer. After the prayer we all sat quietly and then from companionship to companionship something amazing happened. Almost every single one of us said they felt the same number for our baptismal goal for the month of October. It is 45. We all realized that we need to stop doing what we thought was going to help the mission, but what the Lord needs us to accomplish and will help us provide a way. One of my thoughts was of course leave it to the sisters to set us where we need to be.

We have also seen some awesome things latley. We have had three awesome experences with some of our investigators this week. We have had different members come up to us and say hey, I have a friend who is ready to be baptized. It was so cool to go over and start teaching these children of God. We are so excited to be members of the church and to be missionaries at this time. We pray each day for the ablility to see the miracles that happen each day and I testify that they do. He is out in front leading the way.

Love Elder Hansen. WKM

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