Week 59

16 Oct

So —  this week has been nothing short of out of control in so many different ways. So about 2 Sundays ago we had a lady come up to us in church and say that she wanted us to come and teach and baptize her 8 year old granddaughter. We said that we gladly would teach her. At the time we just thought that she wanted us to teach her the lessons before she got baptized so that she would be ready. We do that with a lot of child of record baptism because the parents want them to understand a little better what they are committing to and things along those lines. So later that week we went over and started teaching her the lessons. Well come to find out that when she was born she was never blessed and her dad was not a member and her mom had been removed from the church long before that so she would be considered a convert baptism! We were really surprised ha. So we taught her all about the church and went through the lessons. It was fun to teach her, she was really shy, but loved it when we came over. When we first started teaching her she said that she wanted to be baptized on the 12th of October. We laughed and yet were ready for the challenge. So we found her, taught her and baptized her in a week and a half. What an entrance we made into the new ward we are covering ha ha. Good times were had by all. So yesterday at the conformation we were asked to take part as her uncle performed the blessing. After it was all over she stood up in front of the ward and gave Elder Hatch and I a huge hug. Ha the ward started to laugh and a few awwws were heard from the crowd. It was an awesome experience.

So later that day, we were sitting in a sacrament meeting and one of the teachers form the other ward came and sat down next to Elder Hatch and just started talking with him. We have made a fun friendship with this teacher and his twin brother. They are a little on the crazy side, but they are good kids none the less. So it was funny when he came in and just sat down by us towards the end of the meeting. He was talking to Elder Hatch about some things. Something about teacher stuff. They had just turned 14 a few days before and were getting ordained. So the teacher was talking to Elder Hatch and then all of a sudden a light bulb clicked in Elder Hatch’s mind as he pieced together what he was asking. He was asking if we could come and ordain him and his brother to the office of a teacher. Ha so next thing we know we are in the bishop’s office ordaining them to the office of a teacher. They are funny kids and we felt really special doing that. The reason that we did it is because their dad is not a member of the church. So that was a funny story.

So our investigator is getting closer to baptism. We are working with him to quit smoking and he is doing an awesome job. We have a program that the mission has that the church has put together to help people kick the habit. It’s meant for everyone so I should send a copy of it so that dad can take a look at it. It’s good. The missionaries who have used it and the person that does the program each day for 7 days has been able to quit smoking all together. We are seeing that happen with Luis as well. We are so blessed.  He is doing so many amazing things and we are so happy to be a part of something so special to him. He is still on date for the 26th of this month so we are praying all the time that he will be able to make it to that date. We know he can do it. We feel so much love for him and his family. He came to church yesterday as well. We were so happy to see him there feeling the strength that the spirit gives him for going to church.

So speaking of the 26th of October. We found out on Saturday who is coming to speak to us. It will be Elder M. Russell Ballard!!! We are very excited. Elder Hatch and I have a grand plan of getting him to come to our baptism later that night. I hope he can come. hahah How awesome would that be. We are all preparing to be taught by an apostle of the Lord.

We had a cool experience of teaching the youth at mutual last week how to teach the restoration to the family they are going to be having dinner with for their “missionary experience”.  I love teaching the youth. They actually like to answer the questions and participate and never take the lesson into some sketchy deep doctrine stuff like teaching adults. It was a lot of fun for me. It just reconfirmed the desire I have to be a seminary teacher. That would be the best job ever. Working with the youth is the best.

Well it sounds like everything is going well at home. Happy Birthday to Ella. You will be one year older and wiser too! Have fun at Disneyland for me. Maddy, you have no need to worry. God truly has a plan for you. You may not see it now, but you will as you follow the promptings. There is no need to worry because either one of those schools are going to be good for you and help you grow more spiritually.


Spencer and his companion with Alora

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