Week 60

26 Oct

What a week it has been. We have had quite a busy week. We are in full swing preparing for Zone Conference, Elder Ballard Conference and two stake coordination meetings. We are very excited to have an Apostle of the Lord come to our mission. It will be quite an awesome experience.

To answer your question:  Yes! I got the package. It was really funny. The kids are enjoying the Halloween toys and other things inside.

So a little update on our investigator on date for baptism for the 26th. We have seen so many miracles from this awesome man. He has quit smoking and has been building his faith every day. So the other day we were calling and getting the program all ready for his baptism and we go to schedule the building and low and behold it is booked all weekend because of the Elder Ballard Conference. He is going to be in meetings all day. So we had to push the date back to the 29th because that was the next available day. He was okay with that so we are still planning on a baptism. Elder Hatch, Miles and I are having a grand old time. We are working hard and trying to work with members the best that we can. We are seeing so many members step up to the plate and inviting their neighbors to do things. Whether it be on a church tour, or a lesson or just to go to the different harvest parties that are going on here in the wards, members are doing an awesome job with that.

Sounds like Ella had an awesome birthday. Disneyland is always a good choice. I bet it was all decked out for the halloween season.

So we have a funny baptismal story to tell you. So I think I told you about the kid in our ward that finally got permission from his dad to get baptized. Well the baptism was last night. We were asked to give the prayer and also to help with the confirmation. So we get there and everyone is waiting for the meeting to start. The meeting finally starts and the program gets to the talk about baptism. Well, the person who was going to be giving the talk was not there yet. They were running late. So the first counselor in the bishopric looks around and then decides that he will give an impromptu talk on baptism. So it ended up being really good. But everyone was calling under their breath for the missionaries to come up and give the talk. We started looking at each other and then the counselor got up instead. That was a sigh of relief. Then came the baptism. It took a while for the grandpa who was doing the baptism to say his name right. He had been named after his father who is Muslim so he had a different name. It was funny. Then the conformation went well. The whole experience to me was just really funny. Everyone was scrambling around frantically trying to get everything right at the last minute. Over all it was a good baptism.

So to end off today we have a good story. So a few weeks ago we were trying by some potential investigators in an apartment complex. We decided that if they didn’t answer we would knock on the door to the left and to the right so that we could talk to more people. So a door didn’t open so we walked over and knocked on a door to the right. A guy answered the door and said that he knew who we were. His wife was a member of our church and he felt bad that he had not supported her in her church. He said that we could come back another time when she was home. So a few days ago we stopped by. They were both home, the let us in and we started to get to know them. She talked about how she is a member but when she got to college she went less active and then never really came back. We talked about that and then showed them a Mormon message on the restoration of the gospel by L. Tom Perry. After the message, the spirit was really strong. We asked what they thought and felt as they watched it. With tears in her eyes, she said that she wanted to go back to church. She was feeling the spirit so strong. Her husbanded then to be funny said that it made him want to go to his church. We knew he was looking for a response, but Elder Miles talked about how we can be unified in the gospel no matter what church we go to. He was a little surprised about that. We then invited them to come on a church tour so that they could take one step closer to going to church. We kept talking about the book of Mormon and other things like that. The thing that topped it all off was at the very end we realized something. When we first walked in, they were sitting on opposite sides of the couch. By the end of the lesson they were sitting together in the middle of the couch holding hands. I saw that and the thought came into my mind of when President Monson, while he was a bishop, got a call later at night for a fighting couple. He then felt impressed the next day to take that couple to a sealing session. By the end they had put their differences aside and remembered what brought them together in the first place. Then the thought came to my mind that I needed to point out the unity the gospel just brought to their family.  So I said, “I hope this isn’t weird, but when we came in you were both sitting on the other side of the couch, but now look how you are sitting. I know that the gospel brings family closer together and will bring happiness into your life.” The spirit was there. It was awesome. She came to church yesterday. I was so happy to see her there. She also came to the church tour a few days prier to that. What a Miracle.

Love Elder Hansen



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