Week 61

01 Nov

Well…. this has been a crazy week to say the least. We had a zone conference, 2 stake correlation meetings, and a huge mission conference oh and to top it all off 2 primary programs — my favorite. Things could not have been better though.

So here are some of my take aways from the meeting with Elder M. Russell Ballard, Richard J. Maynes and Elder Rissinmay our area 70.

So Elder Rissinmay started and he talked about our purpose as missionaries and told a really cool story about how he and his companion were in a blizzard and knocked on one more door. They met a man who did not believe in God at all. He was a survivor at Auschwitz concentration camp. He could not believe in a God after the things that he saw and went through. They taught about how he is real and invited him to read the Book of Mormon. He said he would and told them to come back 2 weeks later. He did, and he knew that it was true and wanted to be baptized. Many years later when he was on an assignment they made an arrangement to meet this man. He was still active, ever grateful for what they had done for him and was currently working in a temple in Germany. He talked about how we always need to just talk to that one last person or knock on that last door. It was awesome — the spirit was there.

We then heard from Elder Maynes. He was so funny. They all were really. They were cracking jokes left and right. So he also talked about some of the experiences he had on his mission and the importance of setting goals — goals that are high that will make us stretch. Then plan effectively and efficiently to achieve those goals. He talked about the importance of planning. It was a good reminder of the things that we all can improve on. What I loved about Elder Maynes is how real he was. He just got up there and was himself. It’s always good to hear these men speak without a teleprompter. They are a lot more lively. So as Elder Maynes was speaking he drops mention of a topic which he spoke on in general conference. He said something along the lines of building your faith is important as you study the scriptures each day. Remember I talked to you about it a few weeks ago…. I started to laugh because he acted like it wasn’t a big deal one bit. It was funny.

So Elder Ballard. Where do I begin with him. So right when he came into the room there was such a power to it. It was really cool. You could feel his priesthood keys, it was really cool. Right when he came in he said, “Wow this is a good looking group of missionaries. Okay, lets shake some hands alright.” We all got to shake his hand. It was awesome. After he then went on to tell us that we need to work on our introductions. We need to be bold with who we are and make sure people understand who we represent. He then later spoke on a number of topics. The thing that stuck out to me the most, was before he closed, he started reading 3 Nephi Chapter 11. He just started from the beginning. The way he read the scriptures, it was like hearing it for the first time all over again. He read all the way up to when the Lord calls up Nephi and teaches him about baptism and gives him the priesthood to be able to do that. Elder Ballard them paused, and said while wiping tears out of his eyes, of all the things the Lord knows about the cosmos, the first thing he teaches this people is about baptism. It was so important for him that he then teaches it later on the following chapters 13 times. Christ knew the importance. He knew that none of these people — none of the God’s children could return to live with him again without baptism. He then went on to teach us that we need to find, teach and baptize and that is what we always need to focus on. He also reminded us that we need to talk with everyone. He talked about we can’t just rely solely on the members of the church to find people for us to teach. We need to get out and know that last door and talk with everyone no matter where we are and what we are doing. Elder Maynes said a little earlier in the meeting how he has been travailing with Elder Ballard for a while and apparently when they were over in Europe just a few days ago, Elder Ballard talked with as many people as he felt and was spreading the gospel, and a lot of the people he had a chance to talk to were now taking the missionary lessons. So it can be done. We just need to talk with everyone we can. Help them any way we can. We might be sending a lot of people to different areas, but you will receive a referral from others as well. Just get out there and find, teach and baptize. The spirit was so strong. No one could deny the calling that he had and who he was sent from. I know that he truly is an Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ. I know that he holds keys that we all need to receive all the blessings the Father has. I know that to be true.

So that was the meeting in a very small nut shell. So we have a baptism tomorrow. We are very excited for it. Luis is good to go and is very excited to receive all of these promised blessings. We are getting the program done and will be ready to see all the awesome things that will happen to this family.

So, the only thing I have thought of for Birthday-Christmas. Are some nice warm moccasins. That is all I got so far. I don’t really know what else yet. I will let you know if anything else comes to mind.

WELL, Thats all I got this week.

Love Elder Hansen WKM.

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