Week 62

07 Nov

What a week. We have had a lot of things happen.

So the baptism. It was a wonderful baptism and the spirit was strong. Very Strong. If there was one thing I have gained a testimony of it has been how there is truly power in the ordinances because it was there for sure. Luis was very excited to get baptized. He and his wife came and also his wive’s dad showed up as well. We were really happy to see him. We just casually asked if he wanted to come with Luis to church on Sunday. He responded and said that he didn’t have any nice clothing to wear, we told him you can wear whatever you want no one cares what you come in. It was cool to see him there. It was the first time in 40 years since he stepped into any church. It was cool to see him enjoy the services. So anyways Luis asked if I would be the one to baptize him and also to confirm him as a member of the church. So I felt very special that he asked me. It was an awesome service as well. So after the baptism as we were changing I asked him how he felt. At first he said he felt warm, then after thinking about it for a while, he said, I feel very refreshed. It was awesome. He then decided that he wanted to share his testimony with everyone at the baptism.  He gets up and he starts talking about how his whole life he was looking for something. He was looking for that thing that would bring him the things that he was looking for. He then bore testimony of how he has finally found what he was looking for. That thing that could change his heart and help him be at peace with himself and God. He was on the verge of tears the whole time. I knew he was feeling the spirit testify to him as well as to all of us in the room how important that decision was. It was so awesome — something I pray I will never forget.

We also had a really good lesson on Monday with another investigator. She has been taught by missionaries for a while, but has not been able to get baptized because of a Word of Wisdom issue. She has tried to quit but it has not worked simply because she did not truly understand the Word of Wisdom. We retaught her the Word of Wisdom and come to find out the missionaries had not really done a good job truly explaining what it was. When we retaught it she was ready to give it a try. We walked over to her house and she gave us all her coffee. That is one of my favorite parts of my mission is when investigators give us things so that it does not become an issue. She came to church on Sunday and told us that she was going strong still and had not had coffee since. She is going to be baptized on the 9th of this month. Hopefully that all will go great.

We were able to go to a really awesome meeting. We were invited to go to a Bishopric meeting in the Kennewick East Stake. We were asked to teach them the message of the Restoration out of the pamphlets. It was really intimidating to be honest. We did a role play with one of the bishops and he took on the role of one of his friends. We taught. The spirit was there. We all then discussed how we need to have each family in the stake have the missionaries teach this lesson doing the same thing. When Elder Ballard came he talked about how we need to be teaching the members as well as investigators this amazing message to help them with their missionary effort. It’s going to be a good chance to find more people to teach through the members. The Kennewick East Stake president is really on fire with this missionary work we are really excited to see the good things that come from it.

So I guess to wrap this all up I am getting transferred. I am going over to Richland. Very bitter sweet moment when I found out on Saturday. I love this area a lot and the members are really awesome. I am sad to leave but am excited to get moved to a new area where I can help other people. I know I am needed there and will do my best to help out anyway that I can. I know that this is the Lord’s work. He is at the head and we really cannot do this without him. I know that to be true. This is the work of salvation.

Love Elder Hansen WKM

Here are some pictures from the baptism. It was so awesome. Oh so funny story. We were talking to Luis and he said that he worked for Disney for a while. He was the Mickey Mouse for 4 years at Disney World. He also said that any picture you see of Mickey Mouse on top of the Epcot center, that is him. He also was the Mickey Mouse that cut the ribbon to open up Disneyland China. Then he was pummeled by a ton of little Asian kids. What a funny story.



Oh and I forget to tell you about our Halloween experience. We were taken out to dinner at 5 by some members in the Meadow Springs ward. It was awesome. We were asked to be in by 6pm. So when we got home we did some weekly planning and then watched “The Testaments.”  A classic for sure. We only got 2 trick or treaters. We gave them candy, but other then that it was a really mellow night. We even got to go to bed early. That was nice to get some extra sleep. We also went to the Meadow Springs Harvest Party where we were asked to be the judges for all of the corn bread. I don’t want any more corn bread the rest of my life. It was so much food. What I have learned is that I don’t like really dry corn bread. I don’t like it when they put sun dried tomato in it as well. It’s good if it’s moist and normal. We all decided on the one that we liked and sent it in. We were so full we didn’t even want any chilli because we had no more room. It was a good Halloween

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