Week 63

21 Nov

Hello from Richland.

It’s good over here so far. I am serving with Elder Heldt. He is from SLC. He is the biggest Utes fan I have ever met in my life, but it doesn’t bother me. I don’t really care all that much about that to be honest. We live with members and they are really cool. I think she is going to be sending a picture to you because she took one of us this morning. We are working with a lot of cool investigators so the more I get to know the area the more detailed the emails will come.

I can’t believe that dad got released. I thought it was going to be later in the month. Sounds like there are a lot tears flowing at home right now in many different ways. So many changes going on it’s crazy. Keep on following the commandments and I know everything will work out just fine.

So the moccasins are just for around the house. To keep my feet warm as I study and what not. I think I should be good for warm clothing.

Its been tough not being able to see Luis and the gang, but I know they are under good care with Elder Hatch. He was Micky mouse for like 4 years apparently. He loved the job. Disney loved him as well because he fit the mold so well.

Our mission does go all the way up to the border. It’s crazy big now. Yet the farthest  north I have been is Pasco…. So yeah I don’t really know what it is like up north.

So the first day I got here to my new area, Elder Heldt asked if I sang. I told him that I do a little bit but I am not very good. He then went on to tell me that we were singing in sacrament meeting for a going away talk for a missionary leaving later this week. Talk about getting thrown into that one. It ended up being really good. I like the song that we sang and the message was good as well. Everyone in the ward really liked it as well. So it was a good introduction to the ward. The bishops here are really ready to get the work going in their wards. We are really excited to see how we can assist them in that desire. I know we will be able to get the work done as we all become unified and work together.

Elder Heldt is an awesome missionary. He works so hard and he has the biggest heart I have every seen. I am going to learn so much form him. More then he thinks I will. He and I had a really good lesson the other day with an investigator named Me-el. He is awesome — he has a lot of deep rooted concerns, but we are praying each day that he will be able to understand how prayer will bless his life. I know that if he truly does this, he will see the Lord’s hand in his life. I am sorry this email isn’t very long. I am still getting to know the place and get my feet wet so next week will be better for sure.

If there is one thing I have come to learn this week, is that prayer really does work. I already knew this, but I have learned it on such a deeper level. I  am so grateful for the blessing of prayer.

So to wrap this all up I would like share one more thought. I am so grateful for my dad and all that he has done for me. I am grateful for the many sacrifices that he has made and the example that he has set for me. I always think to myself that if I could in some way shape or form be like my dad in the way that he serves and loves the people he is around, I would be able to help everyone accept this gospel. So I love dad. Thanks for all the things you have done for me. The many hours of patience and love you have spent raising me in the gospel.

Love Elder Hansen WKM


Message from Delene:

Your son lives in our home with his companion, Elder Heldt. They were trying to find computers to email you today. Since it’s a holiday of course the libraries are closed. If they could use mine, I’d gladly let them, but it’s against mission rule, and these two are not rule breakers!

So as they left I snapped this picture. You might not hear from them today, but they’re doing great. They’re trying to get into the family history library to use those computers. I hope they succeed.

Delene Ostler


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