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Week 70

This week was really good. I feel like I still don’t have much to say because I just talked to you. I will try and find something to say. We have been so blessed this week. We have been spoiled that is for sure. We have gotten so much food its out of control. Elder Heldt and I have decided that we are going to eat much better starting on the new year. We will see how that goes. We just get fed so much by the members that it is hard not to each a ton of food.  The rest of Christmas was awesome. Had a really good dinner. Visited a few members after that. Then went home to finish up our day. It was good. There have been a few things that my mind has been pondering on the past few days. I have been thinking about God’s plan for each and every one of us. It’s such an amazing plan. I love it so much. I don’t think any man can really comprehend the vastness of the plan, but we can understand that it is real, and that when we have our lives in the right perspective then it becomes so much easier. I have thought about the past trials that I have been through and kept thinking to myself, if I had just had the right perspective, it really would not have been that bad. So always remember, when you are going through a hard time, just remember that in the eternal perspective, this is just but a small moment that is going to help you learn and grow and become more like Him.

Oh before I forget to tell you, there is a why behind the book that I got you as well. SO the anther is obviously our Prophet Thomas S. Monson. Who I am named after. I have really grown to love the words of all the prophets on my mission. I have also grown to love how President Monson has lived his life. Always looking to help other people and always following the promptings of the spirit. This is who I have tired to model my life after here as a missionary. This all started by a name I was given by my faithful parents who decided to name me after him. This is what I thought about. SO you can remember him, and also your son who was named after him and who is trying to develop the same qualities that he has. A faithful servant of our savior Jesus Christ.

The other thing that I have been pondering on is of course our savior Jesus Christ. We are so blessed to have a knowledge of Him, he has done so much for us. I know that he lives and loves us so very much. What an amazing opportunity I have had to spend these last two Christmas times spreading the Good news. What truly brings Joy to everyone’s lives. I pray that we can all understand the atonement more in our lives. That way we will all have a better desire to share this gospel with everyone.

This past week I have really been trying to apply what we have learned for the past few general authority visits. I mean I have been ever since we have started learning about this, but I have made a more concerted effort because I really want to say and do, what my father in Heaven wants me to say and do. I have been struggling to get the teaching simply by the spirit down while talking to everyone we can. Elder Hedlt and I were invited to go to a meeting where they have all of the trainers and the new missionaries get together to get them oriented on the training program. We were doing some roll plays with the new missionaries on how to talk to people out on the street or on a doorstep. I was the one being approached and my job was to be make sure they are teaching as simply as they can and trying to ask inspired questions all by the spirit. Elder Snow came by to see how everything was going. He listened to one of the new missionaries asking a question. It was quite a complex question leaving me as the investigator confused. Elder snow then asked the new missionaries to re-work the question. He did it a few times. Elder snow then pointed out something between the two questions. He said that the difference between a questions and an inspired question is that inspired question are simple, not jumbled and flow smooth as you ask them. The light bulb clicked in my mind and I now understood what was holding me back from better understand what I needed to do. SO since then I have been focused on that point and have seen some awesome things come from it. We are talking to people longer on the doorstep, lessons have become shorter and more purposeful and successful. The joy that I have felt by this simple knowledge is amazing. I feel like I am going in the right direction with all of this. This has been an awesome week with spiritual growth and memories that have been made.

Last this. The ostler family had one of their older sons and his wife come into town this last week. He goes to BYU and actually teaches at the MTC. I have been picking his brain on what its like. That would be an amazing Job that would be. He taught the 5th Sunday lesson to the youth and we were invited to attend. He talked about how to start preparing now for a mission. He told his experience on his mission and then talking about how he can really see the difference between missionaries who have and who have not prepared to serve a mission. So start preparing now! Start reading Preach my gospel and gain a strong testimony of our savior, The book of Mormon, the priesthood, and that Joseph smith really saw God. I now these things are real. I love what I have been taught for all of this.

Elder Hansen WKM

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Week 69

Well this week leading up to Christmas has been an awesome one to say the least. Elder Heldt and I are so blessed to be here at this time. We love sharing this amazing message with everyone that we can. We have put together this thing where members have pick a few friends us elder and the member family could go and sing a few chorals to and then share a message about the true meaning of Christmas. Its has been so rewarding to see the ward band together to find people for us to share this message to. One this that I have learned form this holiday season is that Christmas is obviously about Christs birth, but I have also realized that Christmas is also about celebrating his entire life. I have been thinking a lot about the atonement and what that truly means for us all. I know that the atonement is real. This is what brings peace on earth. I know that is why there were a choir of angels singing and praising God. They knew what this work was all about. They knew that salvation could only be brought in and through Him. That the sacrifice needed to be made, to help each and every one of us here on this earth overcome the 2 obstacles that we face in this life. Physical and Spiritual Death. I am so thankful for this amazing gift that we have been given. I think that being on a mission has helped me learn that. Its really not about the gifts that we receive, its not about all the Holiday traditions, it is about Him. This life is all about Him. It is my hope that this Christmas we can all gain an even better understanding, Knowledge and testimony of Him. I know that when we do, we will find what we are looking for in life. Salvation. Happiness. Love. Joy. And most of all Peace.

Well I had an awesome birthday this last week. Thank you all for everything that you did for me. The gifts were awesome. I am so grateful for them. Also for all the cards that I received. It made my birthday awesome. We got some snow the other day. . . I don’t know how I felt about that but it was okay. I got to drive in it. First time I have ever driven in snow. It was good. We had our ward Christmas parties and Christmas programs as well. They were fun. One was a breakfast and the other was a dinner. We got fed some good food. Oh speaking of food, We got fed the best ribs yesterday as well. Must of been inspired. They tasted like ribs from Disneyland. They were good.

Elder Heldt and I are thinking about face timing in the late afternoon to early eavning. We will let you know tomorrow. We will call at some point when our scheduled gets a little more solid. We are excited. So here is what I need you to do to make the time most effective. Make a list of things that you want to talk about so that we don’t end up just looking at each other with nothing to say okay? I dont have much more to say because I want to save it all for chirstmas time okay.

Love you all

Elder Hansen WKM

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Week 68

Well, this week has been very exciting. Last Tuesday we had our Christmas zone conference. It was a really good meeting. We had the first hour just pure musical performances. We have some really talented missionaries in this mission. The Spirit was very strong. It was awesome to see how the spirit can always be felt through the music that is played and sung. I know that as we truly ponder on the words as we sing the song gains so much more meaning. That is one thing that I have learned on my mission. We then heard a wonderful talk by Elder Snow on the true meaning of Christmas, then Elder Barham talked about the living Christ and then Sister Ware talked on Christmas and most of the same things. Then President Ware talked on the atonement. It was powerful. We then got to watch the new Christmas slide show which was really good. After that we had some lunch. Baked potato, ham and all the works in between. We then sang a song for the people who made the lunch for us. We are so blessed and spoiled to be missionaries here. We get taken care of. The members are so good to us. So after lunch we got to see a movie. We got to watch Monsters University! It was a really good movie I was laughing the whole time. I think Pixar did a really good job putting that movie together. There were a lot of good one liners. I think Pixar does a really good job at every thing they do. So after that we went back and heard the testimony of the departing missionaries. More and more of the missionaries that I know are heading home. It’s weird when you come on a mission you don’t know anyone. Then you hit about 8 months or so and you feel like you know everyone in the mission. Then you start to see everyone go home and then more missionaries come and once again you hardly know anyone. It’s an interesting experience. But none the less life is good.

On Thursday we had a zone training meeting. We talked about our goals and then talked about how we can teach more by the spirit. It was a good meeting.  We all felt the spirit. Elder Heldt and I have been seeing a lot of good things come from teaching more by the spirit. We were in a lesson with an investigator last night and most of the time the lessons get really deep and we talk about doctrine that is really not that important because we are still working on the basics. We were talking about the atonement of Jesus Christ last night and how that will sweep all the guilt and sorrow that he might be feeling. We taught simply, with powerful statements, and the spirit was felt. We are making small baby steps closer to helping him accepts our Savior Jesus Christ. I am so grateful for all the help that we receive for doing all we can to be obedient and striving to do the right thing. We are being blessed with the spirit. We see the spirit more in our lives and we see how it blesses the lives of the people that we work with.

We were blessed a little bit ago to go golfing! It was awesome. I haven’t been in a very long time and it was good to get back on the course. I am a little rusty but every once and a while I was able to see what my swing used to be like. It felt good. I just wish it wasn’t so expensive so that when I get home I could do it a little more. But none the less a member took us and we are once again so blessed to be here as a missionary.

We recieved transfer calls last night and Elder Heldt and I are staying together. We are happy about that. The family we live with are happy for that as well. They have a fun Christmas Eve tradition where they have a giant marshmallow gun fight.  Elder Heldt and I are really excited to see how that is all going to play out. It will be good.

So I hope your Christmas present gets to you on time. I am sorry if you don’t get it on time. I hope you like it. I think you will like it. It’s just something simple. It will be good.

So the family we live with had a dance at their house this last Saturday. It was really interesting. It was a dance for all of the high school kids who don’t want to go to the school because the dance was so bad. So they had it at their house. It was interesting because it was in the basement where we stay. So we had to stay upstairs until it was done. It was funny to see how church dances never change. Same music, dances and semi awkwardness. It was funny.

Well that is all the exciting news that we have this week. I love you. See you in a few days.

Love Elder Hansen



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Week 67

Hello from Richland Washington,

This week has been an interesting one to say the least. So I guess I will start from the beginning. We had interviews with President Ware this last week. It was good, I just realized that I need to be so much better from it. It was one of those lovingly rebuking type. The best part is that President Ware didn’t really even rebuke me. Just a lot of inspired questions that got me thinking about where I am and where I need to be. So now it’s time to grow more and try my best to become like my Savior in every possible way. It’s been tough, but I know with my Savior’s help anything is possible.

It sounds like there is a lot of things going on at home.  We had MLC on Friday. It was a very spiritual experience for me as always. We talked about the 4 Essential Truths and how these 4 things resolve any and all concerns that we as children of God face in this life. I am grateful for the opportunity we had to then practice with each other on how to teach simply and to teach by the spirit. It was a really good learning opportunity for me. I am slowly learning what it’s going to take to always have that spirit with me. It’s going to take more time really working at it to get it down. We have been able to put it to the test more.

We received a call on Thursday I think and were asked if we could give a talk in sacrament meeting this Sunday. We accepted of course. I was sad that my streak of not speaking in a Sacrament Meeting was put to rest. I have gone my whole mission without being asked to speak in church. It’s now come and gone at this point. We were asked to just talk on what we feel the spirit wanted us to speak on. So I just started to think about what that might be. We were really busy the rest of the week so I didn’t get much time to prepare. I decided Saturday night that I needed to spend some time pondering on what I needed to speak on. I decided to turn to the power of the Book of Mormon to lead me in the direction that I needed to go. I started reading in 2 Nephi. It was Lehi talking to his son Jacob and also prophesying of Joseph. It was interesting because I only got a few verses in and my mind started to think about the topic of pray — specifically how God still answers prayers. I then felt that that was what I needed to speak on. So I knew from what we have been taught by Elder Richards that I needed to just teach simple truths by the spirit. So that is what I did. It was an awesome experience. It takes a lot of faith, and the reward is much bigger then ever before. I have learned that when we rely on the Spirit, we teach with so much power and authority. I knew that I needed to teach on one of the essentials that Joseph Smith really did see God and Jesus Christ. I felt prompted to tell that story, then to talk about how we can recognize the spirit. I felt that I needed to share Galatians 5:22-23 and also 3 Nephi 11:3. It was an awesome experience. I then bore simple testimony and then closed. I then sat down. For the first time I felt like I didn’t need to say any more. Most times when I give a talk, I would always sit down and think that I should have said this or I should have said that. I felt peace in what I had said.  I felt like I said all that God would have me say.

We are so blessed as missionaries. I am so grateful for the opportunity we have to have this calling. I feel the prayers and know that we are truly being helped. We are watched over by angels. I have felt them in my life here as a missionary. I know that while we may go through hard times, some set backs, God is always with us.

Elder Heldt and have our Christmas cards ready! They will be sent in no time. I hope I can get them to everyone. If anyone wants one, just email me your address and I can get them to you. Thanks Mom for sending me those addresses. I am excited to get them out.

So we have been working with a few families. Elder Heldt and I are always trying to find more people to teach. We have been inviting members to invite their friends on a church tour. We are seeing some good things come from that. We have a family here in the wards we work in seeing some really awesome things come from the invite. The friend is now asking a lot of questions and is asked for a copy of the Book of Mormon. They are working to set up a time for a building tour. We are excited to see the good things that will come from the spirit of the building.

We were able to hold a Zone Leadership Council this week. It was really good. We talked about the needs of the zone, as well as set our goals for the months. We all felt that we needed to focus on teaching simply and helping all of God’s children come to church and feel the spirit in His home. We are really excited to see the miracles that will come forth because of this. We are all seeing some many amazing things coming from this work.

So we were blessed in an awesome way this week. David King (Elder King) came to visit this last week. It was good to see him again. I was really happy that we were able to talk over a nice sub sandwich a few days ago. It was good to here how everyone was doing at home. Elder King was an amazing missionary. One of the best in my books.

Well my time is running out. I hope all goes well this week. Its was good to see some pictures as well. I will send you some as well.

Elder Hansen

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Week 66

Happy Thanksgiving everyone,

My Thanksgiving was good. Full of stopping by members and sharing a Thanksgiving message. I am thankful for so many things. Most of all for my Savior Jesus Christ. He is everything to me and I am so grateful for all of the many blessing that come from the very thing that he has done for us. We had Thanksgiving dinner with 2 families in the Candy Mt ward. It was a lot of food, but I was very strategic on the way that I ate dinner. I came home that night feeling very good. I was proud to say that I did not overeat. I just got food and ate it really slow. When I was full I told myself that I am done. I have actually picked up that ability on my mission. I think that is why I haven’t gained any weight . . . yet. We had a good time with the families that we spent dinner with. They had a cool Thanksgiving tradition that I will have to show you next year. It was a cool way to bring in the spirit of gratitude into the day.

So Elder Heldt and I are planning on making Christmas cards to send to everyone. So I was wondering if I could get some address of the family so that I could send them to them. Get ready, they are going to be good. We are having the members we live with help us with some ideas to make a nice cheesey Christmas card. We are excited.

So it sounds like the actor Paul Walker died! That is too bad. He is actually a member of the church believe it or not. I feel like every actor has to die in some sudden dramatic way. I just can’t believe it happened a few streets away from Valencia High School. Weird.

Okay so we were able to get a lot of things done this week. Elder Heldt and I are trying find more people to teach. We are working hard and praying for the Lord to elevate our vision. That is one thing that we have been focusing on the past few weeks. I was able to go on a few exchanges this past week. It was good to get out and help other missionaries with their area and to help answer a lot of the questions they might have. It’s weird to think that missionaries think that I am a seasoned veteran. The mission is just so young its crazy. We have new missionaries training new missionaries. It’s crazy to think that. We have all of these 18 year olds and they are just running around talking to people. They are full of energy and are doing the work as hard as they can.  It’s always funny to see them out and about. Somethings they just need a little direction on what to do. They are seeing a lot of success. I am so blessed to be here at this time to see the work progress in this part of the world.

We got paid a visit from a missionary who went home about 5 mouths ago or so. Bret Palmer — formally Elder Palmer. It was so good to see him. He served in the same area that I am currently serving in now. We talked to him for a little while and reminisced on the old WKM and all of the funny things that went on at that time. It was good to see him. Brought a lot of memories back for me ha.

We are now ramping up for the Christmas season. We are starting what we like to call the Living Christmas Card with the missionaries. We are going to be going around with the members of the ward visiting people, singing carols, and leaving a message on Christ. We are excited, it’s going to help build member trust and also try to spread the true meaning of Christmas. There is one thing that I am not looking forward to, it’s all the food that we get during Christmas.  Remember the picture I showed you last year of all the food we got — well it’s already starting. We got tons of cookies, brownies, and banana bread given to us yesterday. Let the feeding frenzy begin.

Oh, so for the new house. I know you were thinking about getting a pool table, or foosball or something like that. If I could suggest one thing — get a ping pong table. It’s the best. I have found a new thing that I like to do. It’s playing ping pong. Don’t worry — I don’t waist my time on it. Just one game right before we go to bed each night. It’s just the best thing around.

Oh so I got your package. Thanks so much. I also got a package from Alison. It’s good to finally truly see what JMD3 looks like. The pictures you send me from email are good — but it’s hard to see them sometimes. So yeah it is weird that I have never met him. A lot has changed since I have been gone I can tell you that.

So I have realized that every email I send is very similar. It’s hard to email at times because I am doing the same things every day. So it’s very repetitive at times. So I wish I could say more sometimes there is not a lot to say. I will tell you one thing though — the people that we are working with are really trying my intellectual skills. A lot of them are very smart and look into things on a deeper level and have deep questions. I’m always leaving the appointments with my head full and overflowing with things to think about and try and help. I am learning a lot though. I love being able to study the scriptures each day. I know that when we feast upon the words of Christ each day, we will be able to receive all that the Father has.

Well, I think thats all.

Love Elder Hansen WKM

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Week 65

Well, it has been a week of learning that is for sure. Elder Richards of the Second Quorum of the Seventy came to visit the mission. It was an amazing experience. On Tuesday night we were invited to a meeting where he spoke to bishops, ward mission leaders, ward missionaries. He opened it up to a question and answer session and he was able to answer some questions. They were good questions, things I think a lot of people wanted answers to. The best part was how simple his answers were. Just right to the point. It was good. Then the next morning we went to a leadership meeting with him. He had all the District and Zone leaders with him from the zones that were meeting him that day. He taught us about the 3 main things leaders must understand. They were, Teach simple truths, Invite, and Minister. It was good to see it broken up in such a way and how the spirit helps make it better for us to understand. We then went to the big meeting just following that. He talked about a lot of things and I loved every minute of it. He talked about how as missionaries we need to be like young lions referring to 3 Nephi 27:12; 20-29. He talked about how we need to have humble boldness when we do our work. He then talked about how we can elevate our faith in our Savior and how to align our vision with His. He talked about how we need to have faith in the Holy Ghost and to let it do its job. He said that when he was serving as a mission president he would see missionaries try and teach people with analogies, gimmicks, and examples to try and help people to understand. He told us that when we do that we are cheating ourselves of teaching by the spirit and letting the spirit do its job of truly teaching everyone to their understanding. He told us that as much as we try, we will never be as successful at helping people understand as the spirit will. Because as the scriptures teach us the spirit brings all things to our understanding, not the missionaries. So he said in order to do that we need to first have the Holy Ghost in our lives. The way that we do that is through sanctification. He talked about how acting in faith leads to happiness and true happiness. We need to help people act in faith to obey the commandments and they will find the happiness they are looking for. His wife then spoke with us on how we truly sanctify ourselves. It was very enlightening for me. I always look for ways of how we can do that. They then taught us about the 4 things everyone must understand to be truly converted. It’s Jesus Christ and the Atonement, God speaks (Joseph Smith), The Book of Mormon is true, and the priesthood authority is on the earth. Once we understand those things, everything else comes off of that. It was awesome to see it laid out the way that it was. He then taught us about how we need to just teach simply and have the faith that the Spirit will do its job. Simple true statements. Teaching by the spirit. It was awesome. We then had lunch and after that we had a mission leadership council meeting with Elder and Sister Richards as well as President and Sister Wear. They taught us more about leadership and how we can apply and be examples to the people we serve in applying the teaching we have received today. By the time we were done I felt like I needed to sit and digest all that we had been taught. It was an awesome learning experience, one that I will never forget. Elder Heldt and I were both trying to get our teaching to be the way the Lord wants us to teach.

It sounds like you are going to have an awesome vacation in Utah. I am glad to see all is well at home. I bet its nice to have Dad home from church more often.

We are trying really hard to find more people to teach. We are really tying to help the members with their missionary efforts. A lot of members only really have member friends in this area. Apparently only 18 present of member’s friends are not members of the church. So go and make some friends and help then receive the restored gospel.

So Elder Heldt and I made a decision. So all of the new 18 year old missionaries are either:  A the best missionaries ever and do all they can to help others or B they are the most squirrely missionaries we have ever seen. There seems to be no middle ground really ha. But over all we are impressed with the 18 year old missionaries. They are doing a fine job finding, teaching and baptizing. They are trying the best they can and are not letting a minute pass them by.  We are just trying to take all the excess energy they have and put it to the most productive things. It’s quite an interesting task to say the least. Elder Heldt and I are ramping up for Thanksgiving. It will be a normal day, yet we have a feeling we will be getting a lot of food anywhere we go. Let’s hope we survive.

Well, I don’t know much else to talk about ….

Elder Hansen

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