Week 66

04 Dec

Happy Thanksgiving everyone,

My Thanksgiving was good. Full of stopping by members and sharing a Thanksgiving message. I am thankful for so many things. Most of all for my Savior Jesus Christ. He is everything to me and I am so grateful for all of the many blessing that come from the very thing that he has done for us. We had Thanksgiving dinner with 2 families in the Candy Mt ward. It was a lot of food, but I was very strategic on the way that I ate dinner. I came home that night feeling very good. I was proud to say that I did not overeat. I just got food and ate it really slow. When I was full I told myself that I am done. I have actually picked up that ability on my mission. I think that is why I haven’t gained any weight . . . yet. We had a good time with the families that we spent dinner with. They had a cool Thanksgiving tradition that I will have to show you next year. It was a cool way to bring in the spirit of gratitude into the day.

So Elder Heldt and I are planning on making Christmas cards to send to everyone. So I was wondering if I could get some address of the family so that I could send them to them. Get ready, they are going to be good. We are having the members we live with help us with some ideas to make a nice cheesey Christmas card. We are excited.

So it sounds like the actor Paul Walker died! That is too bad. He is actually a member of the church believe it or not. I feel like every actor has to die in some sudden dramatic way. I just can’t believe it happened a few streets away from Valencia High School. Weird.

Okay so we were able to get a lot of things done this week. Elder Heldt and I are trying find more people to teach. We are working hard and praying for the Lord to elevate our vision. That is one thing that we have been focusing on the past few weeks. I was able to go on a few exchanges this past week. It was good to get out and help other missionaries with their area and to help answer a lot of the questions they might have. It’s weird to think that missionaries think that I am a seasoned veteran. The mission is just so young its crazy. We have new missionaries training new missionaries. It’s crazy to think that. We have all of these 18 year olds and they are just running around talking to people. They are full of energy and are doing the work as hard as they can.  It’s always funny to see them out and about. Somethings they just need a little direction on what to do. They are seeing a lot of success. I am so blessed to be here at this time to see the work progress in this part of the world.

We got paid a visit from a missionary who went home about 5 mouths ago or so. Bret Palmer — formally Elder Palmer. It was so good to see him. He served in the same area that I am currently serving in now. We talked to him for a little while and reminisced on the old WKM and all of the funny things that went on at that time. It was good to see him. Brought a lot of memories back for me ha.

We are now ramping up for the Christmas season. We are starting what we like to call the Living Christmas Card with the missionaries. We are going to be going around with the members of the ward visiting people, singing carols, and leaving a message on Christ. We are excited, it’s going to help build member trust and also try to spread the true meaning of Christmas. There is one thing that I am not looking forward to, it’s all the food that we get during Christmas.  Remember the picture I showed you last year of all the food we got — well it’s already starting. We got tons of cookies, brownies, and banana bread given to us yesterday. Let the feeding frenzy begin.

Oh, so for the new house. I know you were thinking about getting a pool table, or foosball or something like that. If I could suggest one thing — get a ping pong table. It’s the best. I have found a new thing that I like to do. It’s playing ping pong. Don’t worry — I don’t waist my time on it. Just one game right before we go to bed each night. It’s just the best thing around.

Oh so I got your package. Thanks so much. I also got a package from Alison. It’s good to finally truly see what JMD3 looks like. The pictures you send me from email are good — but it’s hard to see them sometimes. So yeah it is weird that I have never met him. A lot has changed since I have been gone I can tell you that.

So I have realized that every email I send is very similar. It’s hard to email at times because I am doing the same things every day. So it’s very repetitive at times. So I wish I could say more sometimes there is not a lot to say. I will tell you one thing though — the people that we are working with are really trying my intellectual skills. A lot of them are very smart and look into things on a deeper level and have deep questions. I’m always leaving the appointments with my head full and overflowing with things to think about and try and help. I am learning a lot though. I love being able to study the scriptures each day. I know that when we feast upon the words of Christ each day, we will be able to receive all that the Father has.

Well, I think thats all.

Love Elder Hansen WKM

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