Week 68

16 Dec

Well, this week has been very exciting. Last Tuesday we had our Christmas zone conference. It was a really good meeting. We had the first hour just pure musical performances. We have some really talented missionaries in this mission. The Spirit was very strong. It was awesome to see how the spirit can always be felt through the music that is played and sung. I know that as we truly ponder on the words as we sing the song gains so much more meaning. That is one thing that I have learned on my mission. We then heard a wonderful talk by Elder Snow on the true meaning of Christmas, then Elder Barham talked about the living Christ and then Sister Ware talked on Christmas and most of the same things. Then President Ware talked on the atonement. It was powerful. We then got to watch the new Christmas slide show which was really good. After that we had some lunch. Baked potato, ham and all the works in between. We then sang a song for the people who made the lunch for us. We are so blessed and spoiled to be missionaries here. We get taken care of. The members are so good to us. So after lunch we got to see a movie. We got to watch Monsters University! It was a really good movie I was laughing the whole time. I think Pixar did a really good job putting that movie together. There were a lot of good one liners. I think Pixar does a really good job at every thing they do. So after that we went back and heard the testimony of the departing missionaries. More and more of the missionaries that I know are heading home. It’s weird when you come on a mission you don’t know anyone. Then you hit about 8 months or so and you feel like you know everyone in the mission. Then you start to see everyone go home and then more missionaries come and once again you hardly know anyone. It’s an interesting experience. But none the less life is good.

On Thursday we had a zone training meeting. We talked about our goals and then talked about how we can teach more by the spirit. It was a good meeting.  We all felt the spirit. Elder Heldt and I have been seeing a lot of good things come from teaching more by the spirit. We were in a lesson with an investigator last night and most of the time the lessons get really deep and we talk about doctrine that is really not that important because we are still working on the basics. We were talking about the atonement of Jesus Christ last night and how that will sweep all the guilt and sorrow that he might be feeling. We taught simply, with powerful statements, and the spirit was felt. We are making small baby steps closer to helping him accepts our Savior Jesus Christ. I am so grateful for all the help that we receive for doing all we can to be obedient and striving to do the right thing. We are being blessed with the spirit. We see the spirit more in our lives and we see how it blesses the lives of the people that we work with.

We were blessed a little bit ago to go golfing! It was awesome. I haven’t been in a very long time and it was good to get back on the course. I am a little rusty but every once and a while I was able to see what my swing used to be like. It felt good. I just wish it wasn’t so expensive so that when I get home I could do it a little more. But none the less a member took us and we are once again so blessed to be here as a missionary.

We recieved transfer calls last night and Elder Heldt and I are staying together. We are happy about that. The family we live with are happy for that as well. They have a fun Christmas Eve tradition where they have a giant marshmallow gun fight.  Elder Heldt and I are really excited to see how that is all going to play out. It will be good.

So I hope your Christmas present gets to you on time. I am sorry if you don’t get it on time. I hope you like it. I think you will like it. It’s just something simple. It will be good.

So the family we live with had a dance at their house this last Saturday. It was really interesting. It was a dance for all of the high school kids who don’t want to go to the school because the dance was so bad. So they had it at their house. It was interesting because it was in the basement where we stay. So we had to stay upstairs until it was done. It was funny to see how church dances never change. Same music, dances and semi awkwardness. It was funny.

Well that is all the exciting news that we have this week. I love you. See you in a few days.

Love Elder Hansen



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