Week 70

30 Dec

This week was really good. I feel like I still don’t have much to say because I just talked to you. I will try and find something to say. We have been so blessed this week. We have been spoiled that is for sure. We have gotten so much food its out of control. Elder Heldt and I have decided that we are going to eat much better starting on the new year. We will see how that goes. We just get fed so much by the members that it is hard not to each a ton of food.  The rest of Christmas was awesome. Had a really good dinner. Visited a few members after that. Then went home to finish up our day. It was good. There have been a few things that my mind has been pondering on the past few days. I have been thinking about God’s plan for each and every one of us. It’s such an amazing plan. I love it so much. I don’t think any man can really comprehend the vastness of the plan, but we can understand that it is real, and that when we have our lives in the right perspective then it becomes so much easier. I have thought about the past trials that I have been through and kept thinking to myself, if I had just had the right perspective, it really would not have been that bad. So always remember, when you are going through a hard time, just remember that in the eternal perspective, this is just but a small moment that is going to help you learn and grow and become more like Him.

Oh before I forget to tell you, there is a why behind the book that I got you as well. SO the anther is obviously our Prophet Thomas S. Monson. Who I am named after. I have really grown to love the words of all the prophets on my mission. I have also grown to love how President Monson has lived his life. Always looking to help other people and always following the promptings of the spirit. This is who I have tired to model my life after here as a missionary. This all started by a name I was given by my faithful parents who decided to name me after him. This is what I thought about. SO you can remember him, and also your son who was named after him and who is trying to develop the same qualities that he has. A faithful servant of our savior Jesus Christ.

The other thing that I have been pondering on is of course our savior Jesus Christ. We are so blessed to have a knowledge of Him, he has done so much for us. I know that he lives and loves us so very much. What an amazing opportunity I have had to spend these last two Christmas times spreading the Good news. What truly brings Joy to everyone’s lives. I pray that we can all understand the atonement more in our lives. That way we will all have a better desire to share this gospel with everyone.

This past week I have really been trying to apply what we have learned for the past few general authority visits. I mean I have been ever since we have started learning about this, but I have made a more concerted effort because I really want to say and do, what my father in Heaven wants me to say and do. I have been struggling to get the teaching simply by the spirit down while talking to everyone we can. Elder Hedlt and I were invited to go to a meeting where they have all of the trainers and the new missionaries get together to get them oriented on the training program. We were doing some roll plays with the new missionaries on how to talk to people out on the street or on a doorstep. I was the one being approached and my job was to be make sure they are teaching as simply as they can and trying to ask inspired questions all by the spirit. Elder Snow came by to see how everything was going. He listened to one of the new missionaries asking a question. It was quite a complex question leaving me as the investigator confused. Elder snow then asked the new missionaries to re-work the question. He did it a few times. Elder snow then pointed out something between the two questions. He said that the difference between a questions and an inspired question is that inspired question are simple, not jumbled and flow smooth as you ask them. The light bulb clicked in my mind and I now understood what was holding me back from better understand what I needed to do. SO since then I have been focused on that point and have seen some awesome things come from it. We are talking to people longer on the doorstep, lessons have become shorter and more purposeful and successful. The joy that I have felt by this simple knowledge is amazing. I feel like I am going in the right direction with all of this. This has been an awesome week with spiritual growth and memories that have been made.

Last this. The ostler family had one of their older sons and his wife come into town this last week. He goes to BYU and actually teaches at the MTC. I have been picking his brain on what its like. That would be an amazing Job that would be. He taught the 5th Sunday lesson to the youth and we were invited to attend. He talked about how to start preparing now for a mission. He told his experience on his mission and then talking about how he can really see the difference between missionaries who have and who have not prepared to serve a mission. So start preparing now! Start reading Preach my gospel and gain a strong testimony of our savior, The book of Mormon, the priesthood, and that Joseph smith really saw God. I now these things are real. I love what I have been taught for all of this.

Elder Hansen WKM

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